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Land-Based Gambling in Montana

Whether it’s poker, bingo, games of chance or video line gambling machines, players from the state of Montana are free to engage in gambling activity, however, video line gambling machines have imposed limits of $2 maximum bet with a maximum payout of $800. Sports betting is prohibited but fantasy leagues are permitted in the state, with the latter proving to be far more than complicated than the regular sports bet. However, the law states that gambling on Sports Fantasy leagues are prohibited if bets are placed via the telephone or internet. Horse racing is a huge part of the Montana betting culture but any wagers are strictly limited to the racetrack. 

Montana has strict laws when it comes down to gambling, which is why you’re not going to find any lavish land-based casinos. Most ‘casinos’ fall under the category of bars and taverns, with the exception of Indian casinos which resemble to more traditional casinos players are familiar with. Table games, such as blackjack, craps, and roulette are only legal in the four Indian casinos throughout the state of Montana and the other 100 state-licensed, electronic gaming casinos are only allowed to stock video line gambling machines. 

Poker in Montana

There are a total of 17 poker rooms players can choose from and even though the majority are small operation poker rooms, there still is enough variety in the state to keep the love of the game going. Home games are not regulated because of the fact that the hosts won’t take a cut for organizing the game or profit off food and beverages. There is enough variety within the Montana poker rooms to have different game types available and even though no major tournaments take place, most poker rooms are available seven days a week. 

Online poker is still illegal in Montana, despite being legalized in many American states. The same games that are available to play at a land-based casino or poker room are illegal to play online and negotiations change are not looking promising. 

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Lotteries and Raffles in Montana

There are a number of lotteries that can be played within the state of Montana. Apart from the lotteries held by the state, there are other inter-state lotteries where players are able to get tickets legally, such as the Montana Millionaire, the Powerball, Montana Cash and Lotto America, to name a few. Lottery tickets cannot be purchased online and lottery sites will direct you to the closest retailer to get your numbers. People who hold a social security number will have winnings taxed up to 25% for lotteries with prizes of $5000 and for non–residents of the U.S., the government taxes 30% on any prize greater than $599.

Online Sports Betting in Montana

The state of Montana has made very little changes to the online gambling laws and all forms of online gambling are still deemed illegal. The state does not issue licences or authorize online gambling in any shape or form, with online sports betting being no exception. Fantasy leagues have been classified as games of skill because of the meticulous detail of the sports they require, however, it’s still illegal to wager on fantasy leagues in Montana. Montana is one of the only states in America where betting on fantasy leagues remains illegal, even though over 57 million people are attuned to the game. 

All other sports betting is illegal too, whether online or otherwise. The state imposed penalties for those who bet on sports illegally with the fines increasing if it’s a repeated offence. The only ‘sports’ betting which is allowed in the state of Montana are horse and greyhound racing. 

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Betting on International Sites

While it’s difficult for the state to control illegal online gambling, it’s never advisable to join international sites. Not because they’re unsafe and unreliable, as these sites are controlled and audited by reputable bodies of the highest calibre, but because it’s deemed illegal in the state. Breaching the law in this regard is considered a misdemeanor with an imposed fine of a maximum of $500. However, the second offence will be treated more seriously, with a minimum fine of $1000 and up to six months in a county jail. 


Montana is not the most betting friendly state in America, with almost all betting activity heavily voted against in the state’s jurisdiction. No online betting in any shape or form is either tolerated or allowed, with fines being imposed to those who breach the law. The duty falls on the individual and even though it’s hard to track every individual’s gaming activity, betting online on international betting sites comes with a risk.