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The subject of gambling in the United States of America is a very mixed bag.

There are no straightforward blanket laws adhered to from state to state. Many states are considered to have grey or unclear legislation with regards to gambling practices, etc. The federal government will usually layout overall legislation on certain gambling practices. 

It is then up to the individual states to apply to have their own state laws regarding gambling – in this case, the Federal law will always trump the state law, however.

Iowa is quite lenient when it comes to gambling, with Iowans having quite a few opportunities to gamble, as long as they stay within the parameters that are strictly marked out in the state’s legislation.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Iowa?

Unfortunately, online gambling is not legal in the majority of states in America

Iowa only allows in-person gambling at certain locations, such as on riverboats or racetracks. Iowa may eventually make changes around the legislation but currently are bound by the Federal level Gambling Enforcement Act and the Federal Wire Act, which makes depositing and withdrawing funds from an online gambling institution completely illegal.

We do not advise that gamblers living in the state of Iowa partake in any online or mobile gambling practices with any online casino vendors, despite their acceptance of your involvement in playing their games on their sites.

The minimum legal age for gambling in Iowa is 21 years of age. This age is shared by many of the states in America, where gambling is permitted. Anyone caught gambling under this legal age can be liable for prosecution and can be arrested and detained.

Who Regulates Casinos in Iowa?

In Iowa, all forms of gambling are monitored and regulated by the state-run Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC). Any complaints regarding operators in the country can be lodged here, should you not receive suitable recourse from the establishment itself.

It is to the IRGC that operators must apply for the various gambling licenses needed to practice their businesses. The strict protocol must be adhered to in order to receive and maintain gambling licenses.

The Iowa Gaming Association also works in the state to educate the public about the impact of gaming, helps the industry commit to responsible gaming practices, and helps to promote gaming as a driver of the Iowan economy. 

It isn't affiliated with the Racing and Gaming Commission, however, it is a large nonprofit in the state related to the industry. Being involved in the local industry, they are a great resource for news and updates on the local gaming economy.

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