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Not every individual is familiar with the game of sweepstakes, as it is not played globally. However, residents of Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States might be familiar with it, as sweepstakes are common there. The question then arises: what are they? A sweepstake is a contest where a prize or prizes are given to the winner. It might seem simple enough, but there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Every country has its own set of rules for sweepstakes. The entire concept began with prizes, which could be exchanged for money, awarded to the winner through a lottery system.

The main idea of the contest is that the winner takes the rewards based on sheer luck, and there is no dependency or need for skills to win. Let’s talk about sweepstakes in different countries of the world. We have listed down only a few countries where it is played, but we are sure that other countries have sweepstakes of all kinds.



Sweepstakes casinos USThe United States brought a few changes to the policy of the contest, and anti-lottery laws were created by FC and FTC, which resulted in refined US broadcasting laws. The laws stated that the participants do not need to make any sort of purchase or payment to enter the contest. It was emphasized that making any sort of purchase would not increase the participant's chances of winning. Many companies that started online sweepstakes used to forgo the law and would only state that no purchase is necessary to enter the contest, without mentioning the rest of the law. All of these laws were strict, and there were no loopholes in them.

If you are a resident in the United Statesyou might be familiar with office traditions surrounding sweepstakes. They are often referred to as 'pools' and are generally based on some huge sporting events like the Grand National or the World Cup. To enter the contest, the individual needs to pay a stake that is equal for each of the horses or teams before they can draw out of the balloting tool well before the event itself. If the individual wins, they can take the pot. As for horse racing events, the whole sum can be split between the winner horse and runner-ups until horse number 3. If you want to play for real money instead, check our best US online casinos on CasinoTopsOnline.


Sweepstakes casinos UKAccording to the Gambling Act of 2005, free-to-enter contests come under the category of lotteries. Upon research, we can say that most sweepstakes in the UK are conducted on a small scale. There are different sub-categories to the lotteries, which consist of work lotteries, residents' lotteries, or private society lotteries. Under the law, there is no license necessary to hold such a lottery, but all the money staked should be given out in the form of a prize or prize money.

The term 'sweepstakes' became popular and was derived from the Irish sweepstakes that were rampant back in the 1930s to 1980s. While Americans term it a sweepstake, the residents of the United Kingdom prefer to call it a prize draw or competition. The concept is the same, a random prize draw done to promote a commercial product. Want to play for real? The top UK online casinos are waiting for you.


Sweepstakes casinos AustraliaWhat is a sweepstake called in Australia? They have kept it simple in Australia and mostly just call it a competition, but since it is a consumer competition, it is technically called a trade promotion lottery. Again, it is a free entry lottery and is done to promote a particular business and its products. Unlike in the United States, participants need to purchase an item to enter the lottery to be a part of sweepstakes in Australia. Find out which are the very best casinos in Australia this month.


Sweepstakes are often used together with gambling, and in many countries, the laws of it fall under gambling law. It is not surprising that many casinos hold online sweepstakes of different kinds. Since we are in the digital age, there are online casinos where you can enjoy the contest without ever leaving your home.

If we were to pick and choose some of the quality casinos that offer sweepstakes, our list would be quite lengthy. To make matters easier for you, we have listed all of them down below, so you do not waste your time researching about them.

  • Chumba Casino;
  • Funz Points Casino;
  • Lucky Land Slots Casino;
  • Fend Off Sports Casino;
  • River Sweeps Platinum Casino;
  • Play River Slots;
  • Vegas X Casino;
  • B Spot;
  • Zitobox Slots.


At Sweepstakes Casinos, it is not possible to play with real money directly. Thus, players would have to purchase Gold Coin packages which will include Sweepstakes Cash. The difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins is that only Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real money. Gold Coins can only be used to play for fun.Most casinos will award players some free Gold Coins upon registering however players will not be able to win any real money prizes unless they use Sweeps Coins. Some Sweepstakes Casinos such as Chumba Casino, award their players Sweeps Coins for opening an account and taking part in contests.

Let us talk about games that you can play to participate in sweepstakes. When it comes to playing games for online sweepstakes, you need to be smart about choosing the right ones. It is all about the prizes, so make sure that you go for ones that offer marvelous rewards so that you can enjoy the contest thoroughly. There are quite a few options on the digital market, but the trick is to choose the right ones. If you have ever played such a contest, you might be familiar with the offerings of the casinos.

We handpicked a few games for all the newbies at sweepstakes that we are sure every gambler will enjoy. Our list has a lot of options as we tried picking out games of different themes so that every player can find a match that resonates with them perfectly, and we dare say that we have managed to achieve just that. Scroll down below to look at our selection of games for sweepstakes and understand why our list is comprehensive and complete.

Sweepstakes casino games


Fireball Keno is our first choice for sweepstakes. If you have any doubts about the “sweepiness" of the game, you need not worry because it was made by the famous Riversweeps Platinum—a name that every sweepstake lover knows and admires. Why do players around the globe love it? The reasons for its popularity are the exceptional numbers and enticing prizes, the likes of which you have never seen before. If you are an avid player of sweepstakes, you will know how important numbers are for the game, which is why there is a whole range of them in Fireball Keno. The range of the numbers goes from 1 to 80, and the lowest number that you can choose is 2. All in all, it is a game that every sweepstake lover would become a fan of if they just gave it a try.


Do you love Mardi Gras? If so, you will go cuckoo over this game called Mardi Gras Money. True to its name, the game offers numerous fun bonuses and prizes! If we talk about the paylines, there are a total of 50 of them featured in this game, and there are even mystery stacks that you can explore for exciting bonuses. Players love this game, and we must say it's one of the best slots we ever seen, due to the unknown surprises and mysterious prizes that they have a chance of winning. The feeling of not knowing what the rewards are adds an absolute thrill to the game. Find a casino that offers this game and download it so that you can play it whenever possible. If you do not wish to download the app, you can play it online at a casino as long as you have access to the internet.


We will now delve into the exciting game of Tiki Island. As fun as the name is, the game itself is full of life, and players never feel bored playing it. Why is that? Tiki Island allows you to interact with people around the world. It is the perfect game for those who wish to talk to people from other regions of the world and compete against them for the best of prizes. The game offers international sweeps like never before. The reward for each sweepstake can be won by anyone and is not dependent upon their race, country, religion, or any other characteristic.

It is based on pure luck, and if you are feeling lucky today, give Tiki Island a go! We do not doubt that you will fall in love with the intricate and detailed graphics of the game. The producers of the game have made sure to put forward their best in terms of graphics and sounds. Since the game can be played online at any online casino, you do not even need to get off from your couch and go to a brick and mortar casino. Enjoy the wonders and prizes of Tiki Island while competing with foreigners in a contest to win the most exciting of awards!


Wolf Reels is a game that we feel we must talk about. The name attracts a lot of players as there is something nocturnal and mysterious about it. If you have got a taste for adventure, Wolf Reels is your type of game. With big prizes at the end and exciting adventures throughout, it is one game that will keep you engaged for hours! For players that look for the game to be authentic enough, Wolf Reels has all sorts of special effects audio that accompany every part of the game. If you are concerned about the prizes, Wolf Reels will surprise you because of its considerate stakes, and you can have fun with the unique layout of the game. Wolf Reels will keep you hooked with its massive prizes and many chances for entries, so give it a whirl!


Bilyonaire is a game with not just a peculiar name, but end prizes that are so huge that any player can become a billionaire! It is a game of classic features and a timeless look. Even if luck is not with you and you do not become a billionaire via this game, you can win a lot of big online sweepstakes cash prizes that will certainly get you somewhere in life. Any player that has tried this game has made it a permanent in their collection of sweepstakes games. Again, as this is an online game, you will not need to risk your life in this pandemic and go out to a casino just to play it—you can relax at home and play it on your device.

The only thing we will recommend is that you first read the manual for the game to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations, as this will help you play it right and increase your chances of winning big rewards!


Anybody up for another sweepstake game related to wolves? We can never get enough of wolves due to their allure of mystery and danger. This game's name is Wolf Moon, and it is yet another online sweepstake. The fun thing about this game is that you do not necessarily need to stick to a wolf—the game is full of wild animals of all sorts. All you need to do is follow one of the animals of your choice, and it will lead you to a prize. Every animal leads to a different prize, which is what makes the game so exciting because all players love variety and change. Do not worry too much about the name of the game; you will not need to wait for a full moon to claim your prizes!


We are at the last of the games on our list today, and the name of the online sweepstake game that we have chosen is Rich Life. The name is apt as everyone playing the game is trying to become rich and lead a good life. Most reviews comment that the name of the game is perfect because it allows the players to get such amazing prizes that they can live the life of their dreams! Entry into this game is not difficult at all, and any player can handle it. An enticing point of Rich Life is that you are not alone in playing the game—you will be playing alongside other players who, just like you, will be looking to win big prizes.

Consequently, you will be playing with people who have a mind and ambition just like yours, and what is better than that? We know the answer: winning a fabulous grand prize at the end of the game! That feeling of triumph and fulfillment you get when you win massive rewards is better than anything, and that is what you stand to gain if you play this game!


The countries that we mentioned above have made sweepstakes of all sorts legal, but it should be said that in the United States, there are some states which have not legalized sweepstakes. As with poker at most casinos, the prize needs to be something of value that should be distributed to the winners via balloting, and the winner should win solely on chance. Unlike real poker where you have to spend real money to enter, and the chances of winning are all dependent upon your skills, sweepstakes games are risk-free because you can gain entry with sweepstake gold coins that can be acquired for free and you can win the game based on sheer dumb luck and nothing more. Perhaps, this is the reason why sweepstakes games are legal in so many countries.


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Before we get to the where of the question, we first need to ask whether it is even possible to find sweepstakes games for free or not. Some casinos offer you the chance to play sweepstakes games for free! You just need to know which casinos those are, and you are in luck! The one best online casino that comes to mind immediately is Chumba Casino, where you can get two sweepstake gold coins for free just for signing up. Once you sign up and your email is verified, you will receive the gold coins online. Two might seem to be a low amount, but remember that, with luck, you can make a lot more with just these gold coins.

There is always a chance of winning sweepstake cash for free if you just become a little social. Some casinos put up the easiest questions on their social media platforms, and participants are required to answer them. Chumba Casino picks out 10 participants via a lot, and an online sweepstake cash prize of 5,000 is distributed amongst those ten winners. Other casinos might have a different cash prize number and number of winners that they pick, so do your research and prepare to win big!

The other standard option for getting free sweepstake money of different kinds is to mail the casino yourself and ask for sweepstake cash or gold. With Chumba Casino, you can send them a mail, but you will need to make sure that your handwriting is perfectly legible, or else they will not know where to send the sweep coins. The casino has offered this option to Canadian and American players, made possible because Chumba Casino is a legitimate sweepstake casino that offers its customers a no-purchase participation option. Now the number of gold sweepstake coins might not be much, but it will be enough to get you started and on your way to winning big bucks with a hot streak. 

You should remember that you cannot immediately cash out if you are using free cash or free gold coins. You will need to make big wagers, at least 20, and then be able to cash out.


Strictly speaking, you do not need to make any sort of purchase to get the prize, but the rules are a bit different for casinos. If you want to win real cash, you cannot have it with free gold coins. You will need to possess a certain amount of real money that you wager so that you can win an actual cash prize. However, you can only play with online sweepstake cash, which cannot be bought directly, so how do you do it? You can get sweepstake gold coins through two different methods: credit cards or Skrill.

Every casino may ask you to deposit the money through various payment methods, but most of them accept credit cards. In the United States, you will need to present certain documents before you can make a cash withdrawal.

The casinos will require your ID verification, and you can submit any government-issued ID like your passport or driver's license. Secondly, you will need to give your proof of residence, and for this, you can submit a utility bill, bank statement, or notarized agreement lease form. You do not need to send a copy of any of the documents above, just scan them and upload them wherever the casino asks you to. Once you submit these documents and your identification is verified, you will be able to convert your sweepstake cash into actual US dollars that you can get in your bank account.

We would like you to remember that the rules and regulations might be a bit different in other casinos or different countries, but the basic process will be similar, so you need not worry. It is best to first read up on the rules and regulations of the casino, sports, or poker site you are playing at to familiarize yourself with the cash out policies and requirements.


Especially in the United States, many people are talking about the sweepstakes parlor. This place is an establishment that works in the same way of the online sweepstakes casinos, but offline. There are many places offering this kind of "service" in the US, even if are not legal in every state. With the new scenario of the new sweeps online casinos, these establishments are slowly disappearing. 


The laws of sweepstake games might seem easy enough to understand. The rules and regulations of the contests held at different venues are not difficult to comprehend, but the language of online sweepstake games at casinos is different. You need to learn the definitions of a few terms like gold coins and sweepstake cash if you are to play an online sweepstake game at any legitimate sweepstake casino, poker, or sports site. All in all, playing any sweepstake game is not hard at all and gives you a lot of rewards. So, what are you waiting for?

Is it legal to play online sweepstakes?

The countries that we mentioned (United States, Ireland, UK and Australia) above have made sweepstakes of all sorts legal. Although, in the United States, there are some states which have not legalized sweepstakes.

What is a sweepstakes or free sweeps casinos?

Sweepstakes are often used together with gambling, and in many countries, sweepstakes fall under gambling law. It is not surprising that many casinos hold sweepstakes of different kinds. Since we are in the digital age, there are online casinos where you can enjoy the contest without ever leaving your home. Sweepstakes are like casinos, but with contests and prizes involved, instead of merely cash money.

Can I play free sweeps casinos with real money?

No, real money is not involved into the Sweepstakes casinos, and you won't be able to withdraw or play with real money.

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