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Is Online Gambling Legal in Wyoming?

Wyoming is considered to be one of the strictest state in the US when it comes to anti-gambling laws. For many years there have been battles against the authorities in order to get some legal forms of gambling allowed in the state. 

Progress has been slow and because of this online gambling is still considered an illegal activity within the state. There are no laws specifically outlawing online gambling activities but the current statutes prohibit online gambling. It’s therefore best to avoid online casino sites and try your luck at the few land based casinos available. 

Land-based Casinos in Wyoming

If it wasn’t for the Federal Judges gambling would have been completely illegal within this state. Thankfully they over-ruled the ban on casino gaming and forced the Wyoming authorities to negotiate compacts with tribes in the State. You’ll notice that most states that are strict anti-gambling still allow gambling on tribal lands. Wyoming has kicked against this for a very long time but was fought in the courts by the Northern Arapaho Tribe. The tribe won and after 10 years of legal dispute Indian tribes were allowed to offer top class 3 casino games since 2005. 

At the current time there are a few tribal casinos where you can find class 3 casino games and poker. Apart from these limited land based casinos on tribal lands Wyoming is a casino free zone. Slowly but surely more Native American tribes are creating gambling opportunities on their reserves. 

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Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Wyoming

Poker has been one of the most popular card games dating back to the 17th Century. That being said, Wyoming is one of the states where you won’t find many poker rooms. The only places you’ll be able to enjoy playing a hand of poker I at the tribal casinos. The good news is that home poker games are permitted within the state if you can prove a ‘bona-fide’ relationship with your fellow players. This means that no one taking part in the home game is allowed to take a rake or charges fees for hosting the game. 

Like online casinos there is no explicit ban against online poker sites but it is still covered by the general gambling laws. There is also no reason to believe that the state will attempt to legalize or regulate online poker games within the near future. To access poker games and play for real money you will need to visit one of the tribal casinos in the state. 

Is Sportsbook Legal In Wyoming?

Wyoming like Wisconsin allow betting on horse races in pari-mutuel format but also had no racing events to bet on for a long time. It was only after some struggle that one of the racetracks were re-opened allowing players to enjoy 16 days of racing throughout the year. There is also the opportunity to bet on past races using electronic terminals, the names of the horses remain hidden in these types of betting situations. 

All other forms of sports betting both online and off are considered illegal within the state of Wyoming. Currently there is also no plans on legalizing sports betting within Wyoming.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Most restrictive states with strong anti-gambling laws normally attempt to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports betting. Wyoming on the other hand has shown no interest in addressing any type of DFS legislation. It is still considered illegal under the broad definition of the laws pertaining to gambling. 

Lotteries in Wyoming

It was only in March 2013 that Wyoming made lottery betting legal within the state. The WyoLotto is run by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation. They offer players local and multi-state games to bet on. In the beginning residents in the state could only bet on the Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. They later on created a local lottery known as the Cowboy Draw for locals to enjoy alongside the national lotteries. 

Minimum Legal Age To Gamble In Wyoming

You are only allowed to take part in the limited forms of legal gambling from age 18 or older. The legal age can be pushed to 21 if playing in other states or online. 

Who Regulates Casinos in Wyoming?

At the current moment there is no casino regulatory body in Wyoming as most forms of gambling is deemed illegal. The Native American tribes are responsible for regulating gambling activities on their reserves. The lottery is run by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation that also attempts to regulate it. 

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Gambling a bit too much?

If you are developing a gambling problem you can seek help here: 

Wyoming Council on Problem Gambling

  • PO Box 307.
  • Beulah, WY 82712-0307.
  • Tel: 307.217.9107.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Helpline: 1-800-522-4700.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

  • Call: 1-800-522-4700.
  • Chat:

    A Final Word on Gambling in Wyoming

    Wyoming is one of the least welcoming states for those who love gambling activities. There are a few land based casinos in the area located on tribal lands. There’s also lottery and minimal bingo games to enjoy.  Most other forms of gambling especially online casino and online poker gambling are considered illegal. Wyoming is one of the states that are most resistant to change so more legal gambling options shouldn’t be expected in the near future.