Which are the best online USA casinos that accept US players? As per our ranking guidelines, we only feature safe and secure, tested, reviewed online casino gambling sites. 

On this page, you will have access to information about gambling regulations, restrictions, and laws of each state within the united states.

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US Casinos by State

On and on, we get to witness how much the US gambling market is growing. More states are passing the bill and becoming legal online as time passes. Online safety is growing and allowing gamers to trust the system. 

It's pretty exciting for both newcomers and all-time classic players to get all these new options that allow you to either play in a land-based casino in their state or any of the US online casino options they offer. Another cool thing is that casinos are creating apps you can play directly from your mobile device with all the features and casino bonuses that an online casino would offer you.

All these advances are quickly changing the gaming industry and delivering an experience as real as the "real thing" gets to the palm of your hand. Surely new online casinos across the states are evolving; you can find as many types of casinos as you can imagine. The most popular casinos by the state you can find include Sweepstake and Social casinos, Racinos, Indian/Native Casinos, and many more.

If you are looking for the minimum gambling age in the different states, please check out this page.

Here are the most popular US casino games to play

We could spend hours writing about the best casino games in the US and all the details, but in this case, we want to highlight the TOP 8, so bear with us on this short journey! This is our take on the most popular casino games in the US!

Online Slots in the USA

Did you think we would leave out the most important and popular game in the US? Slots have been an all-time favourite since their first appearance. You can easily find a spin machine in every bar in the world; it's fun, it's easy, and there are probably more top slots games like the Little Shop of Horrors casino game than all other categories combined. 

It's well known they are the most popular game across the United States, being the most profitable in real money gambling sites.

Although it's the easiest game to play online, you have to keep in mind there are no guarantees you will make a large profit out of this style of "real money online casino games". Usually, the house has a larger opportunity to profit from slot games. That being said, there are plenty of slots for all types of players, and you can have a fun, responsible experience.

We love sweepstakes and social casino slots; you don't play for real money, so there's not the same type of pressure; you play with the casino's virtual currency for cool prizes, free spins, and tournaments.

slot background image slot background image

Little Shop of Horrors

RTP: 96.1%

slot background image slot background image

Gold Fish

RTP: 95%

slot background image slot background image


RTP: 95.4%

slot background image slot background image

Triple Play Draw Poker

RTP: 93.4%

slot background image slot background image

Cash Machine

RTP: 96%

slot background image slot background image

Couch Potato

RTP: 97.43%

slot background image slot background image

Bubble Craze

RTP: 94%

slot background image slot background image

Lady Robin Hood

RTP: 95.83%


USA Lotteries

Lotteries in the United States are definitely a huge part of the gambling community. Finding it possible to gamble in this form in almost all states (45 to be precise), state lotteries are a big thing. Thanks to this variety, many states make more revenue from state lottery than from state corporate income tax. Another cool feature about state lotteries is that most states help with this revenue to fund public education.

You can find lotteries in the all-time American favorite form: Scratch cards. Ever since these forms of tickets were introduced to the system, people found it a great convenient and easy form of playing with low amounts of money and the opportunity of winning really big jackpots.

In some scratch cards, you have to collect symbols, others numbers, but the goal is always the same, to achieve the whole jackpot.

US Indian Casinos

Indian casinos, also known as Tribal casinos, have been a huge part of the US gambling community since the beginning. In 1988, Native American Tribes were authorised to build and operate casinos in their original reservations by Federal Law. Ever since the IGRA (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) became law, Indian casinos have impacted gaming by massively growing their revenue.

You can find these casinos all over the United States. There are at least 33 states that have more than 500 Indian casinos within their state lines, pretty crazy, right? Every year Tribal casinos report the highest revenues. You can find all sorts of games, even Vegas-style casinos, 

Tribal casinos aim to become all online legal, which could be interesting due to their laws dictated by the IGRA. This could change how states can do legal online gambling.

Check out our dedicated Indian Casinos and Native American Gaming page.

Find the best slots in the United States

US Casino Payment Methods

When you are thinking about playing, especially online gaming, you have to consider the importance of your deposit methods and their security; these can be crucial throughout your withdrawal experience. Although finding the best casinos in your state may seem to be the most important thing, you have to keep in mind speed and feeling secure in your payouts and deposits are key factors that will for sure complete your experience. 

A good USA online casino will always have great customer service and a display of all their available banking methods on their website for you to take your time, read them through, and ensure you are selecting the best one for you. You may find that some casinos have their specific payment options while others allow you to use whichever is your favorite method.

Some of our favorite methods are Paypal, and Revolut, you can have a look at our top Revolut casinos and top Paypal casinos and get a bit of info on how they work and what benefits do they have.

Sometimes having so many options to choose from can be a bit complex; we have taken the liberty to highlight our favorite ones for you to take a look at.

Best American Express Casino Sites in 2024


American Express (Amex) is a widely-accepted card that lets you deposit and withdraw using a card.

Best Venmo Casino Sites in 2024


Venmo is a US social payment method that lets users deposit money and send it to their friends.

Best Netspend Casino Sites in 2024


Netspend offers convenience, freedom, and security – factors that many players value online.

Best Play+ Casino Sites in 2024


Play+ (Play Plus), is a prepaid debit card that can be used at many online casinos in the USA.

Best Skrill Casino Sites in 2024


Skrill is a convenient eWallet to transfer funds online, with instant payments and high security.

Best eCheck Casino Sites in 2024


eCheck is a solution for making deposits at some online casinos from your bank account.

Best Revolut Casino Sites in 2024


Revolut allows users to deposit with no fees, and receive a debit card from VISA or Mastercard.

USA Gambling Laws and Regulations

Nowadays, gambling is legal under federal law across some states, but we have to keep in mind that the laws of each state differ one from another. Each state is free to regulate its gambling laws. The online gambling industry is flying sky high, and it doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon. So it wouldn't be a surprise to see new states passing the bill anytime soon and getting an online casino license

There are only a few states with legal gambling and a bit more where the sportsbook is. In the rest of the states, gambling is prohibited. But on the other hand, new trends related to gaming, such as Social Casinos and Sweepstakes, are becoming bigger and are legal in most states; we always advise you to read your state gambling laws before entering any contest or gambling site.

Prevention of Gambling Addiction

We are going to get a bit serious now. Remember, responsible gaming is a must for everyone. We understand the excitement of the game and how fun it can be for gamblers and gamers, but relying on too much of our free time or money can result in a really dangerous addiction. We recommend some healthy tips such as: 

  • Balance your gaming activities with other ambitions or hobbies. Don't let gaming be a priority in your schedule.

  • Destin a small part of your money to your recreational gaming, and don't use any of your life savings.

  • Don't ask for money from your family or friends.

  • If you or your loved ones show any addiction, please don't hesitate to ask for help. Call: 1-800-522-4700 and seek help.

Responsible gaming is no joke. Seek help if necessary.

Top US Casinos FAQs

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