On this page, you will have access to information about gambling regulations, restrictions and laws of each state within the united states. You can do so by clicking on the desired state on the map above. Likewise, you may also use the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the map to select your desired state. However, you will find that the states on the map are divided into two categories: “allowed” and “not allowed”.

Under the “allowed” states, you will find states that have passed a bill that makes online gambling legal. The remaining states in grey have yet to pass a bill to legalise online gambling, or have no intention of doing this at all.

The best casinos in the US

What’s the best online casino in usa?

Whilst the market is restricted, some of the Renowned land-based casinos Have opened their Own online casinos So that they can cater to players who prefer to play without visiting the casino in person.

Due to the fact that the gambling legislation differs from one state to another, it is very important to check whether the casino you would like to play at accepts players from the state you are in. for example, there are several casinos that allow us players to open an account however the players need to be within the state border of new jersey to place wagers.

Draft kings

The concept of fantasy sports has been around since the sixties and has evolved with technology advancements throughout the decades. While it originated in the us, fantasy sports is spreading on a global level. Draft kings allows players to pick a sport and participate in contests. Each contest comes with an entry fee from as little as $1 and could go up to $10,600 and its own prize pool. Draft kings also offers deposit bonuses including a $10 welcome bonus as well as daily rewards.

Read our Draft kings review.

Fan duel

Fan duel started back in 2009, and since then it has taken the world of fantasy sports by storm. In order to get started, all you have to do is choose a contest from the long list of contest types and game styles and build your own team. There are 9 ways to play including high-paying contests with guaranteed prizes, multipliers, one-on-one, beginners and private leagues.

At the moment, we do not have a review for fan duel.

Monkey knife fight

Monkey knife fight (mfk) entered the scene in late 2018 and its different take on traditional daily fantasy sports quickly put traction amongst players. Unlike picking a lineup of athletes whilst respecting the preset salary cap, the main point of mfk is to see whether a player will go over or under a predetermined benchmark. Monkey knife fight comes with an attractive welcome offer consisting of a $50 match deposit bonus.

At the moment, we do not have a review for fan duel.

United States gambling laws

Gambling regulations within the US

It is important to note that some states have Restrictions on online gambling. unlike europe, where gambling restrictions are fairly uncommon, many u.s. states have implemented legislation that prohibits online gambling.

Due to each state having its own state laws and is governed differently, you might find that it’s illegal to gamble in the state you live in, while your neighbouring state is free to do so. so it's important to determine if you're in a region that permits gambling online. Due to these restrictions, some online casinos have banned us players entirely.

According to the constitution, each state is able to create and enforce laws according to their own needs. When it comes down to Usa online gambling laws, we have seen states allowing a bill that makes gambling, sportsbook or online gambling completely legal in order to drive tax revenue back into the economy. Tax revenue is the biggest driving force behind passing bills that legalise all forms of gambling.

Because each state acts as a sovereign entity, it is entirely up to the state in question whether it wants to legalise online gambling or other online gambling activities. That being said, while states have control over their own regulations and legislation, the federal laws still reigns supreme over state laws, making it difficult to navigate the landscape for punters. Under the federal laws that restrict gambling you will find the three most talked-about topics:

  • The federal wire act of 1961;
  • The professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992 (paspa);
  • The unlawful internet gambling enforcement act of 2016.

These three federal laws do not strictly prohibit gambling and online gambling, but rather put major restrictions on the act. Every state within the us is free to pass their own laws on gambling practices And aside from utah and hawaii, every state does have some form of gambling. Land-based casinos are legal state-wide within nevada and louisiana, while other states must rely on native american casinos or racinos (a horse racing track with a slot parlour).

When it comes down to online gambling, there are far more severe restrictions in place, making it unattractive for state governments and courts to bend over backwards in order to pass a bill that allows people to gamble online.

Only recently several states have moved towards making online sports betting legal. With that in mind, here at casino tops online we only list Online casinos us That have been regulated within each respectable state by its legislative body in order to be compliant with each state's laws.

What is the federal wire act?

Originally, having the main objective of hindering fraudulent bookmakers and organised crime, the federal wire act was passed in 1961. the law prohibits the communication of sports betting-related information over wire communication (at that time mostly telephone and telegrams), but now also covers the internet. The wire act does not allow wagers or bets to be transferred through any kind of telecommunication, meaning that people back then had to own a regulated betting shop. The law also prevents businesses (legal or illegal) from receiving any funds or profits gained from sports betting services. This was effective against underground bookmakers and organised crime gangs, cutting off a major source of their income.

The law itself only concerned itself with sports betting until recently. In 2018, the us government issued an opinion to change the federal wire act to cover all betting and gambling solutions such as online poker, online lottery and online gambling. While nothing is set in stone, it does create upheaval within the i gaming industry.

What is the professional and amateur sports protection act?

The professional and amateur sports protection act of 1992 (paspa) is another bill that covers the prohibitions of online and offline sports betting. Paspa was created to stop the spread and popularity of sportsbooks throughout the united states. When the bill was signed by george w. bush, only four states were made exempt because the bill did not state that any existing sports betting regulations needed to be abolished.

Rather, the paspa bill prevented new laws from being made that could potentially legalise sports betting. The four states that were made exempt from the paspa are Delaware, montana, nevada and oregon, as they have already legalised some form of sports betting. 

In 2018 the paspa bill was struck down in the supreme court through the sheer effort made by the state of new jersey. The supreme court declared the bill unconstitutional on may 14th 2018, paving the way for other states to legalise sports betting.

What is the unlawful internet gambling enforcement act?

The unlawful internet gambling enforcement act (uigea) is an anti-gambling law that was passed in 2006. the law does not specifically state that online gambling itself is illegal, but rather the transactions made to deposit funds into one’s online casino account. Without funds, you cannot gamble, which effectively renders it impossible to play at any domestic or off-shore online casino.

The law is not limited to cover just a player’s online casino account, but it also prohibits the funding of accounts at any fantasy sports and skill-based games providers. This meant the complete obliteration of the Us poker scene And daily fantasy sports fanbase, much to the dismay of players. Currently, more states are looking into abolishing the uigea law in order to bring in tax revenue and allow punters to safely gamble under supervised regulations.

In states where the uigea still reigns supreme, more players are likely to end up at unlicensed and dodgy us online casinos because people who seek to gamble will do so anyways. It is better to establish a regulated market where players can be assured of a safe gaming environment while still being compliant with federal laws.

US states which allow online gambling

Which us states do allow online gambling? 

Currently, there are four states that allow online gambling within a regulated market and accept real-money bets and wagers. These states include Delaware, nevada, new jersey and pennsylvania. while online gambling within these states still comes with more restrictions and rules than what is common in europe, players are still able to enjoy a casino experience from their own home. In the past few years, there has been a massive breakthrough in giving us citizens the choice to gamble freely, which is a trend only likely to continue.

There are several states that are in the process of loosening the laws surrounding online gambling and sportsbook. This not only gives power back to the players but it will also create thousands of new jobs within the industry and millions, if not billions, of dollars in tax revenue. We've made a small list of what's allowed and where. Keep in mind that in some locations you may need to register at a physical casino. We'll update this as time goes on.

Us state Lotteries  Racetrack Casinos Sports betting
Alabama No No No No
Alaska No No No No
American samoa No No No No
Arizona Yes No No No
Arkansas Yes Yes No No
California Yes Yes Yes No
Colorado Yes Yes No Yes
Connecticut Yes No No No
Delaware Yes Yes Yes Yes
Washington, d.c. Yes No No Yes
Florida Yes Yes No No
Georgia Yes No No No
Guam Yes No No No
Hawaii No No No No
Idaho Yes No No No
Illinois Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indiana Yes Yes No Yes
Iowa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kansas Yes No No No
Kentucky Yes Yes No No
Louisiana Yes Yes No No
Maine Yes Yes No No
Maryland Yes Yes No No
Massachusetts Yes Yes No No
Michigan Yes Yes No Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes No No
Mississippi Yes No No Yes
Missouri Yes No No No
Montana Yes No No Yes
Nebraska Yes No No No
Nevada No No Yes Yes
New hampshire Yes No Yes Yes
New jersey Yes Yes Yes Yes
New mexico Yes Yes No Yes
New york Yes Yes No Yes
North carolina Yes No No Yes
North dakota Yes Yes No No
Northern mariana Yes No No No
Ohio Yes Yes No No
Oklahoma Yes Yes No No
Oregon Yes No No Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes Yes Yes
Puerto rico Yes Yes No Yes
Rhode island Yes Yes Yes Yes
South carolina Yes No No No
South dakota Yes No No No
Tennessee Yes No No Yes
Texas Yes No No No
Utah No No No No
Vermont Yes No No No
Virginia Yes Yes No Yes
Us virgin islands Yes Yes No No
Washington Yes No No Yes
West virginia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wisconsin Yes No No No
Wyoming Yes Yes No No

New jersey online gambling 

Online gambling in new jersey was legalized by gov. chris christie when the new jersey assembly bill 2578 was signed in 2013. anyone who is 21 years or older Can take part in online casinos, online poker, online sports betting and lottery activities within the state’s border. The nj gambling industry is regulated by the New jersey division of gaming environment (dge).

Check out our Nj online casino page For a detailed overview.

Pennsylvania online gambling

With the signing of hb 271 by gov tom wolf in 2019, residents in pennsylvania can partake in online casino gaming, poker play as well as sports betting. The pennsylvania gaming control board regulates and audits all state-wide casino operations. It is responsible for the licensing as well as assisting problematic gamblers.

For more information, check out our Pa online casinos page.

Delaware online gambling 

In 2012, online gambling in delaware was legalized and became fully regulated by the delaware division of gaming enforcement. Online casino games such as slots and table games, online poker, sports betting and fantasy sports betting are all legal within the state border. However, there are several restrictions in place especially for online casinos, thus the options are quite limited for some activities.

Check out our Delaware online casinos page For more information.

Nevada online gambling 

In nevada, while it is legal to visit a land-based casino to play games of chance such as slots, it is prohibited to do so online. Thus, online casino activities are allowed if they are categorized as games of skill such as poker and online betting. Formed in 1955, the nevada gaming control board is responsible for licensing and enforcing regulations as well as ensuring that all casino and gambling operators are paying their taxes.

To get a more in-depth overview, check out our Nevada online casinos page.

Minimum gambling age in the united states

Every state has its own regulations when it comes to gambling. The general consensus is that players cannot register and play at online casinos if they are under the age of 21. when it comes to poker, bingo and lotteries, the minimum gambling age varies from 18 to 21. check out our Us legal gambling age page For a more detailed overview.

Us online casino bonuses

When choosing an online casino, it is vital to check the bonuses and promotions that are currently running. Most casinos also offer bonuses specifically for slots casino games, table games and even sportsbook so make sure that the Casino bonuses are suited for your preferences.

Some casinos also offer bonuses for High rollers I.e. those people who don’t mind wagering larger amounts, and while such bonuses require a larger input, the payout is expectantly much bigger. It is always recommended that you stick to your budget and spend the amount that you can afford.

It is important to note that all bonuses and promotions have terms and conditions and any failure to comply will result in cancellation of the bonus and any winnings from the online casino bonus will be voided. Some casinos also require the players to input bonus codes for the bonuses to be activated.

There are two categories of bonuses that casinos may offer; bonuses that require a Deposit be made And bonuses that players can Opt-in for without making a deposit. Each category comes with different types of bonuses, which will all be explained in more detail below.

Deposit bonus

Deposit casino bonuses could be in the form of:

  1. Welcome package match up bonus - Top online casinos Offer such bonus to players who have just registered. The welcome bonus usually consists of a match up bonus and a certain amount of free spins.
  2. Reload bonuses - the type of bonus is connected to the welcome package, these types of bonuses regenerate after a deposit is made and the first bonus has been used up. if a player made use of the welcome bonus which included a match-up bonus, casinos would offer another option to make a deposit and receive another match-up bonus.
  3. Refer a friend bonuses - online casinos often rewards players which send their friends and family their way. when the referral opens an account and deposits a certain amount, the casino will reward the player who referred the new person.

No deposit bonus

A casino no deposit bonus does not require any deposits to be made by the players. They are a way for players to explore online casinos and play a few games without having to dip in their wallets. There are several types of top Casino no deposit bonuses Including:

  1. Free cash - new players are given a Small amount of free cash To get familiar with the casino.
  2. No deposit free spins - such free spins will not be subject to any wagering requirements however the online casinos will usually specify which games the free spins can be used on.
  3. Free spins/free play - very similar to no deposit free spins, however, this type of no deposit bonus would need to be redeemed within a Specific period of time.
  4. Cash backs. - some casinos offer the possibility to provide a small amount to players after they incurred a loss on the site.

No deposit bonuses are a major hit amongst players due to the act that almost all online casinos allow the players To withdraw the winnings. whilst the majority of Us online casinos Do not impose wagering requirements on free cash bonuses, we always recommend that you check the Terms and conditions As there may be other instructions that need to be followed to make you eligible for the bonus.

Usa mobile casinos

If you're a player in the united states, you've probably already discovered that there aren’t many online and Mobile casinos for us players. this is the result of the current gambling laws, which prohibit many casinos from allowing americans to play.

Fortunately, the number of Usa mobile casino sites AndForeign-based mobile casinos For us players is rapidly growing. Some of the renowned casinos have also made their own Mobile casino apps Available for download. This makes it even easier to play casinos on the go! The best us mobile casinos offer a wide range of games including mobile slots, mobile blackjack, roulette, video poker, bingo and mobile table games - all of which are available to players in the usa. the most popular Mobile casino games In the united states are created by Realtime gaming And Betsoft gaming.

Many mobile casinos also offer token play and real money play, along with no deposit play and Free mobile bonuses, which make it easy to sample an online mobile casino's offerings without risking any cash!

US casino games and promos

Us online casino games

There are two types of online casino games that are very popular with american players; Slot machines And Table games. all top online casinos offer such staple games and most also have dedicated sections on their online casino gambling site so that there is a full variety for all types of players.

Online slots Come in various types include the simple Classic slots Casino games that provide you with a trip down memory lane, to the vast and exciting multiple pay lines Video slots! For those who wish to try their luck in winning real money progressive jackpots, Fixed And Progressive jackpot slots Are found at all top online casinos. 

A leading casino online website would also offer the opportunity to play a variety of Table games Including the classic Blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker online. some casinos also offer the opportunity to experience playing at a land-based casino from the comfort of your home by providing Live dealer casino Games. Live casinos Are becoming more popular due to the fact that players can interact with the dealer as well as other players at the table.

One should note that some casinos have a significantly smaller section for table games as opposed to the slots game section. So if table games are your preference be sure to sign up to a casino that can tailor to your needs.

Top us online slots

There is a bunch of games that are popular amongst us players. Here's a list of the most played games in these past years:

For those who enjoy playing slots, there are plenty that can offer great wins, progressive jackpots online, fun features like wilds and free spins, and plenty of excitement.

Which games can i play at us online casinos? 

Basically, you are free to play All the games That european players are able to play and more. There is a big chance that a us-facing online casino will offer games that us players specifically prefer. Aside from Slot machines, american players seem to give a special preference to Live casino games, mostly because of the thrill they give. Other popular games include:

So if you find yourself at any of the available us casinos we have on offer here, you will most likely find a game that suits you. however, since Software providers Need to possess a licence that allows them to distribute their games to Us casinos, not all slot machines will be available as of yet. acquiring a licence that allows a software provider (or even an online casino) to be operational within the us jurisdiction is a lengthy and tedious process, and can take months up to years in order to acquire. This is a small setback for us players since the gaming market is just opening up here and is filled with bureaucracy and legal forms.

Getting started with a US online casino

U.s. players online casino guide

Gambling is a popular hobby worldwide and usa online casino sites have made it simple to enjoy all the fun of a casino, without ever leaving your home! When reviewing the web-based casinos accepting players from the us, it's important to look for certain qualities and features to ensure you're playing with one of the top us-friendly casino establishments. We recommend that you look for the following qualities:
  1. Look for reviews on usa online casinos right here at casino tops online! We have the top selections of casinos for you whether you're Looking to play on desktop or at a us mobile casino. you can learn a lot about the credibility of an establishment by reading these reviews. It's essential that you deal with a Reputable, secure and trustworthy Usa online gambling website.
  2. Popular software providers in the us market include wgs technology, rival gaming, pragmatic play and some proprietary game developers like slotland and 3 dice casino. In new jersey, players have the additional choice of incredibly popular casino software like igt, wms and net ent, but unfortunately, these games are restricted outside the state of new jersey.
  3. Seek out a us-friendly casino that offers fun special features such as vip programs, tournaments and so forth. Cash prize tournaments are quite popular at usa online casinos and most players opt to play because of the low investment to enter and big jackpots on offer.
  4. Look for a site that offers free spins, free cash and deposit casino bonuses – a bit of extra gambling credit provided to new players at an online casino. We feature the latest Casino bonuses for us players, so don’t forget to use the amazing bonus codes and win some real cash without risking your own funds!

The top us-friendly casino websites offer High payout percentages And 24-hour customer support. these are important features to look for, in addition to proper licensing, which is a standard industry-wide requirement.

Payment methods in the usa

When playing at a real money online casino, it is very important to check that the payment methods offered are secure. One of the main issues american players face is the fact that major credit card providers are not willing to process payments if they are for online gambling purposes. This is most problematic for those players living outside of the states that have been regulated very recently. Make sure to check exactly which deposit methods and withdrawal methods are accepted as not all banking methods can be used for both options.

A top real money casino would have several payments methods available. Popular payment methods offered by casinos for real money play that can be used by usa players include:

  1. Visa and mastercard: almost all top-quality Real money us casinos offer This banking method, mostly due to the fact that it is Convenient And shows that they are Legitimate. Withdrawal processing time may vary from one bank to another.
  2. Paypal: the ease of use and convenience of pay pal appeal to a lot of us players! Not only do you not have to set up an account, but Deposits and withdrawals Are also done In very little time. all you have to do is simply link your credit or debit card to a pay pal guest account. Most transactions are free however all of the fees are clearly explained on pay pal’s website.
  3. Skrill: players can either open a Skrill Account online or else get a prepaid skrill card. Skrill payments are usually instant, for both deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes, players are not allowed to benefit from some casinos’ welcome packages or match-up bonuses if skrill was used as a deposit method. It is very important to check the Terms and conditions To make sure that you are complying with them.
  4. Neteller: once us players link their account with the online casino account, they’re all set to start playing! One of the main advantages is that any Deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly And for anyone concerned on security features, neteller employs an Encrypted connection With the online casino thus every transaction as well as any sensitive data are secure.
  5. Pay near me: the concept of pay near me is very simple, sign up to a casino that accepts this payment method and select this option at the cashier section on the site. A pay code will be sent to your phone or else you can print it out. take the pay code to a participating retail outlet and make a deposit. Such an option is convenient when playing online casino for real money as the Pay code is reusable And will be linked to your online casino account.
  6. Bank transfer: this is one of the Safest options To deposit at a real money online casino. This is due to to the fact that you need to get your bank account verified through the casino and your bank can notify you if there is suspicious activity on your account. Make sure to be aware of any Service fees To avoid surprises later on.
  7. Bitcoin: an upcoming casino real money payment method is the use of cryptocurrency! With Instant deposits And Withdrawals And many Bitcoin withdrawals being uncapped, several casinos have started to offer bitcoin as a payment option due to its popularity amongst players. The withdrawal method has to be the same as the deposit method, thus make sure that if you would like to withdraw any potential future winnings in bitcoin, you would need to deposit in bitcoin as well. It is important to check that us players are accepted at the bitcoin casinos of your choice.

Final thoughts on us online casinos

What is the future of online gambling in the us? In one word: bright. The future for an online casino within the united states seems very promising. Although there are many different hurdles to overcome, and the federal government does not seem lenient towards paving the way on its own, we will have to rely on individual states to make a change. New jersey Has already set an example with fighting for the removal of the paspa bill in 2018. 

Within every single state, there is some form of talk about Loosening the restrictions On all forms of gambling. Some might argue that it would spark an epidemic of problem gambling, which is understandable. However, if the market becomes Regulated And casinos have to Apply for a licence In order to operate, it would create a much Safer environment for us players.

This means that us players will be shielded from unsavoury online casinos, can set deposit limits for themselves and can even self-exclude themselves for several months and up to 5 years. There are many different methods that allow the player to have control over how much they gamble and how to do this safely. For more information on how to gamble responsibly, you can read our comprehensive Responsible gambling guide.

Us online casinos faqs

Check out some of our readers' frequently asked questions on online casinos in the us below,

In which US states is online gambling legal?

Legislation on gambling varies from state to state. At the moment, online gambling is only legal in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Each state has its own legislation to deal with online gambling and different requirements for players. For example, in Nevada, you must register in the casino itself, and your online gambling options may be limited to certain games. Most US gambling sites are linked to a land-based casino.

Do US online casinos give out bonuses?

Yes! Many casinos which are online in the US offer bonuses to their players. These may be welcome bonuses, cashback, or free spins - it would depend on each casino and their preferences. Double check the terms and conditions before you register or claim a bonus, just so you're up to date with the information relevant to that promotion.

Can I play with real money in a US online casino?

Yes! However, you must be located in the state that the online casino is licensed in to be able to play with real money. If you are not located in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware for a casino licensed in one of those states specifically, then you can only play for free, without real money.

How do I start playing at a US online casino?

To get started at a US casino site, make sure you register by giving them your appropriate details while also being located in one of the accepted states. If you are in Nevada, you will need to physically go to the partner casino to register to play online. After that, log in, make a deposit, and you can start playing! When you make a win, you can withdraw this money to your accepted payment method of choice.

This page was written in 2019, and is now maintained by Sean Johnson. Should you have any questions or see any discrepancies on this page, feel free to reach out to him. The casino list at the beginning of the page is revised each month, to ensure we only offer the best casino sites to our readers. Let's have a look at some handpicked references you may find interesting.