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Gambling in the United States has always been a huge part of the entertainment culture, but it has been heavily focused on land-based options.

A handful of states have recently introduced online gambling. Still, because of the lengthy process of obtaining licences, coupled with the intense lobbying from stakeholders, other states find it problematic to follow suit. 

South Dakota gambling laws are pretty relaxed, especially compared to many states across America, which prohibit gambling in any shape or form.

Deadwood is a city in South Dakota with a rich history of gambling, dating back to the gold rush era and has since been reformed into a gambling destination for people across the nation.

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Last Updated • February 2024

Overview of Gambling in South Dakota

The US has its historical roots in gambling with legendary casinos of the Wild West, right up to modern-day sprawling Vegas gaming resorts. For the past few years, the passion that Europe has felt for online gambling has now hit the shores of the US.

And more and more states are now legalising sports betting and the United States online casinos. But where does South Dakota stand on this? It is a state with a very strong brick and mortar casino industry, with the legendary Deadwood resort at its very heart. Here is the definitive guide to all the regulations and gambling laws in Mount Rushmore state.

Guide to gamble in the state of south dakota

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Dakota? 

No, the closest residents can get by playing at social/sweepstake casinos. DFS operators advertise within South Dakota, but this isn’t legal, and under current laws, there are strict penalties for these sites.

The city of Deadwood is a hotspot for all other types of gambling. There are over 20 licensed casinos with multiple live poker rooms available. Slot games are not very popular in the casinos here, though they are legal. There are also several approved tribally owned casinos. Live horse race betting using the parimutuel system has always been legal in this state. The lottery has been around for decades, and bingo is permitted too.

In November 2020, the state voted to legalise in-person sports betting. This is limited to casinos within Deadwood and some tribal facilities, though. Policymakers are hopeful that mobile statewide sports betting will soon be approved.

Minimum Legal age to Gamble in South Dakota

Sports betting at any casino carries a minimum legal age requirement of 21. Gambling at a horse race track is available to 18-year-olds, as is bingo and playing the state lottery. Playing at any casino has a minimum age requirement of 21 due to liquor being sold on-premises.

Who Regulates Casinos in South Dakota?

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming regulates all of the casinos in Deadwood and the state lottery and charitable bingo. Whilst the Tribal Gaming Commission governs the tribally owned casinos.

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