Online gambling is illegal in the state of Minnesota. Though it is not clearly defined under the law (because the law was written before the invention of the internet), the statutes of Minnesota are very clear: “If it is not specifically mentioned as being legal under our laws, then it is not.”

Aside from this, there are clearly defined laws on a federal level that outlaw online gambling. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Federal Wire Act make it virtually impossible to gamble without penalty of some sort if caught. Where state law does not specifically legalise online gambling, then the federal laws must preside.



There are land-based casinos in Minnesota, but these are all hosted on Tribal land. High stakes bingo parlours were introduced in the early 1980s. These games then graduated onto video slots and card table games.

Outside of the tribal regions, the only forms of casino-like betting can be carried out at racetracks, which have some video games and non-banked table games, such as poker.

Social gambling is allowed, so long as the prizes are under $200 and no one is profiting from hosting the games. Texas Hold’em is specifically mentioned as being allowed for social gameplay.



Online poker is prohibited under current online gambling laws in the state, however, live poker rooms can be found at tribal casinos as well as some of the country’s racetracks. Social poker is allowed if the prizes are kept to under $200 and if the game host is not profiting from the game in any way.


     IS SPORTSBOOK LEGAL IN MINNESOTA? sports betting icon

Only horserace betting is allowed in the state. Both pari-mutuel betting at the track and simulcast betting on races at other tracks around the country are tolerated. 

Certain challenges have been made to Senate to push for Sport betting rites, but these have all fallen flat. Even if the bill was in contention, the state would have to fight the federal law for leniency in this regard, a plight which New Jersey failed at, despite legalising other forms of online casino betting.



Surprisingly, Fantasy Sports are not legal in Minnesota. A bill lodged to recognise fantasy sports as games of skill and not games of chance was not accepted and met with defeat in 2018. Similar bills have been passed in far more conservative states based on the premise. What seemed like a done deal, turned out to be a real let down for lobbyists. 



Lotteries and other charitable games are openly accepted in the state of Minnesota. All profits go towards good social causes. Residents of the state can partake in both the state lottery and other state’s lotteries, too.


           MINIMUM LEGAL AGE TO GAMBLE IN MINNESOTA legal gambling age icon

The minimum gambling age for lottery, horse betting and casino play is 18 years of age or older in Minnesota. Should casinos offer alcohol to their players, then the age limit may be increased to 21 years or older.


               WHO REGULATES CASINOS IN MINNESOTA? regulatory body icon

All gambling practices in the state of Minnesota are governed and regulated strictly by the ‘Minnesota Gambling Control Board’. This board ensures that gamblers are protected and that operators abide within the laws.

All licenses are issued by this regulator. Bear in mind that only registered non-profit organisations may apply for and receive charitable gaming licenses to hold bingo competitions and raffles, etc.



For confidential help with problem gambling and similar conditions, you can contact the Northstar Problem Gambling Alliance on 1-800-333-HOPE (4673), or text HOPE to 61222 and chat with an experienced professional counsellor. For more information visit their website on www.get

You can also seek help from the nationally accredited National Council for Problem Gambling (NCPG) on 1-800-522-4700 (call or text) or via chat at There is a 24-hour helpline, where professionals will be able to give guidance and referrals, if necessary.


              A FINAL WORD FOR GAMBLING IN MINNESOTA Minnesota State Emblem

While casino gambling outside of the tribal regions is non-existent, liberals seem positive for a turnaround in the gambling climate in the state, despite the rough ride with the Senate. As more precedent is set by more and more states legalising online gambling, it may only be a few years before a bill for online gaming tolerance is accepted.

We recommend that you abide by the laws set out in this article. Do not partake in illegal gambling practices. Online gambling in the USA is punted by many casinos as a grey area. This is done to lure players to their sites. For this reason, residents take a chance online at unregulated casinos. This is highly discouraged by Casino Tops.