Venmo Casinos


fees: 3% on deposit
deposit: Instant
Cashout: Instant

Online casinos are continuously adopting new methods of payment to accommodate the needs of wider audiences. Since Venmo is such an attractive method of payment amongst millennials, there is a strong likelihood that a vast majority of online gambling sites are about to implement this payment method for its players. It is exciting to think about what the future of gaming holds in terms of this socially acceptable way of transacting.

Online Casinos that Accept Venmo

Casinos that Accept Venmo Deposits

While there are not currently many casinos that offer Venmo deposits, the future is looking bright for this payment method. Owned by PayPal and loved by its users, it is quickly being adopted by many vendors that have special agreements in place with the company. In the meantime, the many online casinos that accept PayPal will probably be amongst the first to implement Venmo. We will have a look at these casinos and the finer details of Venmo below.

The Story Behind Venmo

Venmo is an online payment application that was established in 2009 and acquired by PayPal in 2013. While PayPal and Venmo are both digital wallets, PayPal can be used for business transactions whereas Venmo is for personal use. What makes Venmo different to other digital wallets is that it adds a component of social media to making transactions. Users can make comments on transactions if they choose to, adding an element of social interaction.

The payment method was originally used as a means for friends to split payments or pay each other back, however Venmo has evolved since then. Today Venmo can be used to send money and make purchases at approved merchants. Users can transfer money to and from their Venmo account in a matter of seconds using a mobile device.

Using Venmo in Online Casinos

The practical aspects of using Venmo as a payment method are that all the user needs is a phone number, a mobile app, and a linked account. The drawback is that there are not currently many online casinos that accept Venmo. Many merchants are adopting the Venmo payment method, which will probably lead to many Venmo online casinos in the near future. In the meantime, there are many online casinos that accept PayPal. Given that Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal, these casinos will most likely be amongst the first to adopt Venmo as a formal payment method.

Advantages of Venmo Casinos

Players who use Venmo as a method of payment at online casinos may enjoy the social aspect of using it. The settings can be changed if players prefer to keep their transactions private. In addition to the social benefits, there are a number of advantages to Venmo:

Secure Transactions

Venmo uses encryption to protect players’ account information and prevent unauthorized transactions. Players that have lost their phone can log into their Venmo account on the website and sign out of the application to remove a session associated with that phone. Users that have a pin or ID attached to the phone have an added layer of security against threats.

Optimized for Mobile

The payment method is optimized for mobile users, which makes it extremely functional on a mobile device. It can also be used on a website, so players that prefer not to use their mobile for payments can still use Venmo.

Low Fees

Players that use Venmo can enjoy very low fees as the company does not charge monthly fees or transaction fees. Any fees incurred when using this payment method will be a fee imposed by the online casino or a credit card company.

Disadvantages of Venmo Casinos

As with any payment method, there are also a few drawbacks to be considered:

Country Restrictions

Venmo is currently only available to players that reside in the United States. This inhibits players from other countries from using this payment method.

Transaction Limits

Venmo has daily and monthly limits in place on transactions. This means that casinos that adopt the payment method will have to limit players using it unless the protocols change before then.

Why Choose an Online Casino Offering Venmo

Online casinos that offer Venmo will be very practical and they might add a social element to making deposits or withdrawing wins. The Venmo payment method allows users to comment on each transaction. Of course, people are able to select their preferred privacy settings, so they will be able to transact anonymously if they choose to.

In addition to being a socially entertaining payment method, Venmo also allows players to make fast and efficient transfers that clear almost immediately.

Best Venmo Online Casinos

While the number of online casinos that accept Venmo are few, we can list a few fantastic online gambling hubs that offer players some phenomenal benefits as well as plenty of alternative, reliable payment methods:

Bet365 Casino Accepts Venmo

Bet365 Casino is a respected online operator that hosts a diverse range of betting markets. The casino offers players a constant selection of generous bonus offers and a user-friendly interface. Bet365 is also well known for being one of the most trustworthy and fair online casinos in the industry.

  • Dedicated sportsbook for sports betting.
  • Mobile casino with fingerprint recognition.
  • Regulated by UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

Play now at Bet365 Casino.

BetMGM Casino Accepts Venmo

BetMGM Casino offers players a variety of fantastic welcome bonuses and secure payment methods. Existing players also receive loads of deposit bonus offers on a regular basis. The casino is also known for achieving fast withdrawal timeframes that are above the industry standard for online casinos.

  • iRewards loyalty system.
  • User-friendly casino website.
  • Numerous withdrawal methods including PayPal.

Play now at BetMGM Casino.

Sugarhouse Casino Accepts Venmo

Sugarhouse Casino is a world-class online gambling destination that offers players some of the best customer support available in the industry. The casino boasts a variety of reliable payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, PayPal, and bank transfers. It works with a number of the best game providers to bring players a great selection of exciting games that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

  • Impressive Sportsbook with most major sports.
  • Elaborate FAQ area.
  • Over 300 casino games.

Play now at Sugarhouse Casino.

Golden Nugget Casino Accepts Venmo

Golden Nugget online casino is an extension of the land based Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel. Much like its brick-and-mortar namesake, the Golden Nugget website is clean and exciting. New players can sign up for some great welcome bonuses with wagering requirements that are much lower than the industry standard.

  • Golden Nugget Rewards Program.
  • Over 500 casino games.
  • More than 10 payment methods available.

Play now at Golden Nugget Casino.

Caesars Casino Accepts Venmo

Caesars Casino is one of the most famous casinos in the world, and playing at the online casino is rewarding and exciting. The online casino offers great welcome bonuses, as well as daily, weekly and monthly promotions. The wagering requirements on the bonuses are reasonable, and the casino is open to players from the US.

  • Live casino games.
  • Safe and secure payment methods.
  • Fast withdrawal speeds of 24 hours.

Play today at Caesars Casino.

How to Deposit at Venmo Casino Sites

Depositing at online casinos that accept Venmo will follow the same process as most digital methods that allow players to make deposits online. There might be slight differences in the process from casino to casino but generally the steps to follow are:

  1. Download the Venmo application to your mobile device
  2. Open a Venmo account and verify your identity
  3. Link a debit or credit card to your Venmo account by following the instructions
  4. Navigate to the deposit area at your favorite casino
  5. Select Venmo and follow the instructions given by the online casino

Players who are playing at a casino that does not offer Venmo as a payment method will not see it as a deposit option in the banking or cashier area. If this is the case, players can choose a different method of payment or search for an online casino that offers Venmo.

Fees to Use Venmo to Play Online

Venmo does not impose monthly fees or transfer fees when players send money using the Venmo balance, debit card, prepaid card or their bank balance. However, there is a 3% surcharge that applies to credit cards. This fee is imposed by card companies. When sending or receiving money with the Venmo app on a mobile device, the transactions are free.

Venmo Withdrawal Speed

Venmo online casinos will each have their own withdrawal timeframes depending on the casino’s processing times. The average time it should take to receive a withdrawal after a payment has been cleared and released by the casino ranges between one and three business days.

Special Casino Bonuses Using Venmo

As with any payment method, the bonuses offered will be specific to the online casino. There are many fantastic bonuses that players can take advantage of whether they are using Venmo or a different payment method. Casinos that offer bonuses for using Venmo as a payment method will be doing so to promote the payment method and the brand. In general, bonuses can be taken up regardless of which payment method a player is using.

Players must read the terms of a bonus or promotion to ensure that Venmo or any other payment method that they choose is not excluded from receiving the promotion. Players who have opted in for a deposit bonus should always check their balances to ensure that any bonus funds or spins have been added correctly. If there is a problem with the addition of the bonus, players should contact the support team immediately. This needs to be done before any bets are made.

Trustworthiness of Venmo Online Casinos

Venmo is a subsidiary of PayPal, one of the most reliable online payment methods available. Casinos that use Venmo are considered trustworthy due to the resources they invest in adopting the payment method. The transactions are safe and secure and the withdrawals are usually transferred speedily. In addition, all transactions are encrypted. Players can view their history of Venmo transactions by logging into their Venmo accounts.

License and Address of Venmo

Venmo has its main headquarters in New York, and has additional offices in Chicago and San Francisco. The company is a subsidiary of PayPal and falls under the same license. It is actually licensed through PayPal’s licenses in all 50 states. The address of the head office in New York can be found at 95 Morton Street Floor 5 New York, NY 10014 United States:

Using Venmo to Gamble

While using Venmo to play at online casinos is still in its early stages, the number of online casinos that accept Venmo is set to surge in the near future. Venmo has made a concerted effort to increase the number of merchants that accept the payment method. Using Venmo to gamble will likely add a social element to the process of gaming online which many players will enjoy. Friends in a player’s social networks will be able to view any deposits and withdrawals made at an online casino, and will be able to comment on the transactions.

Receiving a congratulatory message on a withdrawal might appeal to some players, while others might value their privacy and choose not to use the service. However, the privacy settings can be set to suit each player’s preference.

Venmo Casinos FAQs

Can I use Venmo at online casinos?

Yes. There are online casinos that already accept Venmo. Many online casinos already accept PayPal as a payment method, which is similar to Venmo.

Is Venmo free to use to gamble?

Yes. All Venmo transactions are free when using the mobile application, provided that a credit card balance is not being used to make a deposit. In this case a 3% fee may be imposed by the credit card company. There are no monthly charges for Venmo users.

Which countries accept Venmo?

Venmo is accepted in the USA and is currently only offered to US residents.