Best DFS Casinos in Tennessee

Is Online Gambling Legal in Tennessee

Some states are very lenient towards most forms of gambling but unfortunately Tennessee is not one of them. The state has some of the most restrictive gambling laws within the United States. You will find that there is limited gambling activities that have been legalized within the state. 

For those who are eager to take their gambling online it isn’t possible. While there are no laws specifically focused on banning online gambling it is considered to be covered by the broad legislation. The legislation focuses on an ‘element of chance’ which makes online gambling like most other gambling activities illegal in the state. It would therefore be best to stay away from online gambling sites when residing in Tennessee. 

Land-based Casinos in Tennessee

While states like Oklahoma and North Dakota have a few land based casinos for players who wish to take part, Tennessee is against most forms of gambling. In this state there aren’t any land based casinos to play at. In fact most of the residents who wish to take part in gambling activities have to travel across state borders to find a casino to play at. Mississippi is one of the most popular states visited by residents of Tennessee wishing to enjoy a few casino games. 

Unlike other states Tennessee doesn’t even have a few tribal owned casinos eager players can visit. Both state and tribal casinos are illegal so there is no chance of stumbling across a land based casino in the area. Like online gambling, land based casinos are completely illegal under the current legislation. 

Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Tennessee

As there are no casinos or racetracks that are allowed to offer table games like poker it is highly unlikely that you’ll find any poker games that are legal in the state. You are not legally allowed to play cash games or even poker tournaments in the state of Tennessee. It should therefore also be taken into account that social poker games are considered illegal. 

Like online gambling there has been no progress in legalizing online poker games for residents in the state. It is also unlikely that legislators will consider legalizing these types of games in the near future. If you’re looking to enjoy a few hands of poker the best option would be to travel to another state where land based casinos are legal

Is Sportsbook Legal In Tennessee?

While there has been motions to legalize sports betting the authorities of Tennessee has not yet considered a sports betting bill. Early 2018 there were talks of legalizing sports betting but nothing has happened or been brought up again since mid-2018. Any sports betting apart from horse racing and limited pari-mutuel wagering is considered illegal in the state. 

Daily Fantasy Sports

There is some good news for those who wish to take part in gambling within Tennessee. The Daily Fantasy Sports has been legalized through the Fantasy Sports Act in 2016. While you may not be able to play any other gambling games you can legally take part in DFS. 

Lotteries In Tennessee

You’ll notice that the harsh anti-gambling laws in Tennessee makes no exceptions for any gaming. Most residents within the state get their gambling fix by taking part in the state lottery which was approved back in 2002. 
Currently residents of the state can enjoy different lottery games including Cash 3, Cash 4 and Tennessee Cash. The state has also allowed for players to take part in national lotteries including Hot Lotto, Powerball and Mega Millions. 

Minimum Legal Age To Gamble In Tennessee

While there aren’t many legal forms of gambling to take part in, Tennessee still has strict legal gambling age restrictions. Only those who are 18 years or older will be qualified to legally take part in the lottery. For those who which to take part in other forms of gambling the age restriction in 21. This age restriction is for all casinos based outside of the state. 

Who Regulates Casinos in Tennessee

As there are no legal forms of gambling apart from the state run lottery there is no need for a regulatory body in the state. 

Gambling a bit too much? Helpline for Tennessee

If you or anyone you love have developed a gambling addiction you can seek help here:

National Problem Gambling Helpline


A Final Word on Gambling in Tennessee

Tennessee is a lovely state in the US but can be very intimidating and restrictive for gamblers. The state currently only allow lottery and horse racing pari-mutuel betting. Any other forms of gambling ranging from land based casinos to online casino and poker sites are considered to be illegal. 

While there might be no specific laws for the different gambling activities it’s all considered to be covered by the broad definitions given in the current regulations.