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Is Online Gambling Legal in Indiana?

While online gambling topic is all the rage, lately, residents within the state of Indiana are in for a disappointment. Gambling online is completely illegal within the state and while there are sites that still make their services available to residents, the best and safest option is to avoid it altogether. 

Indiana specifically created legislation in 2005 that bans all forms of online gambling. Some other states have laws that barely mention online gambling but in Indiana, it's a whole different ballgame. Online gambling, regardless of whether they accept players from the state, remains illegal.

Land-based Casinos in Indiana

Much like Florida and Idaho, Indiana is very much against gambling, be it land-based or online. Fortunately, there are Native American reserves where gambling options are available. These reserves are free from the normal legislation and have power over which gambling activities are deemed legal and not within their lands. You will find some land-based casinos with a variety of gambling options available on these native lands. 

Another option for gambling legally within the state of Indiana is to hop on board one of the riverboat casinos. These have been around for quite some time, but were banned from offering games while at sea, which means that gambling activity can only take place when the riverboats are docked. These riverboat casinos are truly luxurious and have a wide variety of games to enjoy, ranging from over 1000 amazing slot machines to a full range of table games. 

Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Indiana

Online poker is illegal within the state of Indiana as per the online gambling legislation. The legislation doesn’t specifically mention online poker but focuses on banning all online gambling. Players should respect the law and should only gamble online when the market is fully regulated, otherwise, they risk running into fines and penalties and the possibility of unethical behaviour from gambling operators. 

On a more positive note, you will be able to enjoy poker games at any of the casinos situated on Native American reserves and on riverboat casinos. These all come with poker rooms where frequent tournaments and ca good number of table games too. 

Is Sportsbook Legal in Indiana?

As with many other states, sports betting isn’t completely banned but the options are limited. While in Indiana you can only take part in pari-mutuel betting at licensed horse racing tracks, some of these venues also offer electronic game machines. All sports betting, whether online or offline, is still illegal within the state.

Daily Fantasy Sports 

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Indiana legislature of 2016 made all daily fantasy sports betting legal. You might not be able to gamble online but you can take part in DFS betting weekly without fear of being prosecuted. Daily fantasy sports is considered a game of chance in many states and is enjoyed by millions of punters across the nation. There have been advances and improvements within the state regarding fantasy sports leagues, but it's still not enjoying all the freedom and liberty it deserves. 

Lotteries in Indiana

Lotteries are a huge part of American cultuire and the nation has some of the biggest lotteries jackpot prizes the world has ever witnessed. Indiana has its own state lottery, however, tickets can only be purchased from authorized retailers. The following are some lotteries that can enjoyed by players within the state:

  • Powerball.
  • MegaMillions.
  • Hoosier Lotto.
  • Black Pearl.
  • Cash 5.

Minimum Legal Age to Gamble in Indiana

Indiana is a very strict state especially when it comes to their laws and legislation pertaining to gambling. When it comes to age only those aged 18 or older can participate in bingo, lottery, horse and dog racing, online poker and online bingo.

Anyone aged 21 or older can take part in most forms of legal gambling within the state. This includes playing in land-based casinos, poker rooms, online casinos and sportsbooks.

If you’re thinking of trying to gambling while underage we’d strongly advise against it. Indiana authorities are extremely strict with these laws and will enforce it to the fullest extent. 

Who Regulates Casinos in Indiana?

The Indiana Gaming Commission oversees all gambling activities and enforces the laws. Should the online gambling market be fully regulated, there will be an increase in controls and regulators to ensure all players are safeguarded when gambling online.

The primary job of regulating bodies is to protect the players from any unlawful behaviour while monitoring the behaviour of gambling operators to ensrue they are operating transparently. 

Gambling a bit too much?

If you or anyone you love is struggling with problem gambling you can find help here.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

  • Call: 1-800-522-4700
  • Text: 1-800-522-4700
  • Chat:
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Helpline: 800.994.8448

A Final Word on Gambling in Indiana

Indiana is one of the strictest states that take the laws very seriously especially when it comes to gambling. The gambling options available to residents of the state is extremely limited and highly regulated.  Online gambling is illegal within the state and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. There are a few land-based options available such as casinos found on Native American Reserves and riverboat casinos. 

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Mike Lorente
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