Sports Betting Casino Sites & Guide

Sports betting has always been an integral part of online gambling. With the right knowledge, you can place bets on national and international leagues across a variety of sports, there is potential to maximise your chances of walking away with a won bet.

If you’re new to sports betting or looking to discover betting strategies, you’ve definitely come to the right place because on this page, you’ll find in-depth knowledge covering a range of topics, including the different types of bets to place in an array of different sports, sports bonuses, detailed betting guides, and bankroll management, to name a few.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in 2023

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How Do Sports Betting Odds Work?

There’s a lot of work that’s done to determine what odds to offer, from looking at what odds are being offered by other bookmakers to previous match results, and real-time factors such as injuries, substitutions and weather. With these odds, you will be able to get an idea of how likely a team/individual will perform and what the potential payout based on a successful bet would be.

There are 3 different ways in which betting odds may be presented:

1. American Odds

Most popular in the US online casinos, these odds are known as ‘Moneyline Odds' and work differently for favourites and underdogs. For favourites, the odds work by showing the amount of money required to bet to win $100. Whereas, for underdogs, the positive number indicates the potential winning amount if you risk $100.

2. Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are mostly used in the UK and were traditionally used in horse racing. These fractional odds showcase the amount to be won compared with the amount wagered.

3. Decimal Odds

Mostly used in Europe, Australia and Canada, the decimal odds indicate the actual amount which will be paid out on a won bet. Decimal values are commonly used to represent the margins for over/under bets and are set at 0.5 intervals. They can be changed according to the situation to more than 1.5 goals, 3.5 goals, 0.5 goals, and others according to the situation.

Nowadays, more online sportsbooks will provide you with the option to change between American, Fractional and Decimal odds.

Here are the best sports to bet online

Best Sports to Bet On

Knowing which sport to bet on is half the job since it requires you to have prior knowledge about the rules and regulations and the general workings of the sport. If you bet on a sport you've been following for a long time, chances are you'll make more correct predictions about the said sport as compared to a sport that you don't know much about. That being said, here is a list of the best sports which you can bet on:

American Football Betting

American Football is just known as Football in the US and Canada, and this beloved sport is one of the most popular in North America. Players aim to bring the football past the opposite team’s defence into the end zone with hundreds of pro and amateur teams. It’s a high-octane sport that is often considered similar to Rugby.

American Football Bets
Onside Kick Specials
Kick/Punt Return TD
1st Touchdown Method
Half Time Show/Novelty Markets
Both Players to Score a TD and Win
Double Result
Handicap Betting
Highest/Lowest Scoring Markets
Match Result
Quarter Result
Half Result
Position to Score 1st
Total Points
To Score and Cover
To Score a Touchdown and Cover
Total Team Points
Total Team Sacks
Total Team Touchdowns
Total Team Field Goals
To Record the First Sack
Win in Normal Time
Winning Margin
Each Team to score X Points
Points Scored in Every Quarter

Baseball Betting

Baseball is known among the sports betting community as a market for sharp bettors. Many bettors utilise the thousands of fixtures played around the year by creating a large sample size and taking it through an analytical approach to making successful bets. To get to that level though, first, you need to know about the different ways to bet in baseball:

Baseball Bets
Run Lines Spread
Prop Bets
Extra Innings

Basketball Betting

From the age of Michael Jordan to the times of LeBron James, the sport of basketball has seen some fantastic legends run, play, dunk, block, and win at the game, and as exciting as watching basketball is in itself, it's even more exciting when you've got money on the line. Here are the different kinds of bets that can be placed on basketball:

Basketball Bets
Total Points
Player Total Points
Player Rebounds Props
Player Assists Props
Player 3-Pointers Props
Player Double-Double Props
Player Triple-Double Props
Player Blocks Props
Player Steals Props
Player Turnovers Props
Player Props

Boxing Betting

Betting on Boxing is perhaps more personal than any other sport. It is simple, quick, raw, and decisive, precisely what most bettors are looking for. But as quick and straightforward as it is, it does offer some exciting kinds of bets for punters:

Boxing Bets
Bout Betting
Round Betting
Method of Result
Alternate Grouped Round Betting
Alternate Grouped Round Betting 2
Fight to go the Distance

Cricket Betting

This tense game is hugely popular worldwide. Bowlers aim to knock the wicket out of play, while the other team must protect their wicket, hit the ball away, and score runs. Played across the UK, India, Pakistan, Australia, and more, this game draws in millions of fans and punters who love to see the outcome of the matches.

Cricket Bets
Match Betting
Top Bowler
Top Run Scorer
Team to Win
Highest 1st 15 Overs Total
1st Innings Score
Team of Top Run Scorer
1st Dismissal Method

Cycling Betting

Maybe a pastime for many, cycling has become a very competitive international sport, with some of the most famous sporting events in the world belonging to it. From a triathlon up to the competitive Tour de France, this widely-watched sport is one of the most popular for a good reason.

Cycling Bets
Outright Betting
Winning Margin
Over Betting in Cycling
Under Betting in Cycling

Darts Betting

This tense, skilful game shows how two or more players will aim to reach a certain number of points by accurately throwing darts at specific points on a dartboard. Both a traditional pub game and a professional sport, players generally aim to reduce their fixed score to zero by hitting the exact right points on the board.

Darts Betting
Match Betting
Correct Score
Total Match 180s
180s Match Bet
Highest Checkout Match Bet
Match to Finish on Bull

eSports Betting

Betting on eSports is one of the most popular ways for young people to bet. You can bet on many eSports like CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite and so on. eSports betting is set to grow exponentially in the next few years.

eSports Bets
Match Winner
Maps Handicap
Maps Total
Correct Score
Team A to Win at Least 1 Map
Team B to Win at Least 1 Map
Team A Number of Maps Won
Team B Number of Maps Won

Football Betting

Football is one of the most popularly played and watched sports on the planet, so it is no surprise that it is at the top of our list. But to understand more about what football betting is, people need to be aware of the different kinds of bets that can be placed on different aspects of the game:

Football Bets
90 Minutes Result
To Qualify
To Win in Extra Time
To Win on Penalties
Match Result and Both Teams to Score
Both Teams to Score
Total Match Goals Over/Under 0.5 Goals
Total Match Goals Over/Under 1.5 Goals
Total Match Goals Over/Under 2.5 Goals
Total Match Goals Over/Under 3.5 Goals
Total Match Goals Over/Under 4.5 Goals
First Goalscorer
Anytime Goalscorer
Last Goalscorer
Player to Score 2 or More
To Score First and Last Goal
To Score First or Last Goal
Score/Win Casts (90 Minutes)
Correct Score
Double Result
Both Score No Draw
Double Chance
Match to Go to Penalties
Total Player Shots on Target
Match Result and 2 or More Goals in the Match
Match Result and 3 or More Goals in the Match
Match Result and 4 or More Goals in the Match
Match Result and 5 or More Goals in the Match
Boreham Wood to Score Both Halves
Everton to Score Both Halves
Draw No Bet
1st Goal
2nd Goal
2nd Half First Goal
3rd Goal
4th Goal
5th Goal
Last Goal
Match Handicap +1
Match Handicap -1
Match Handicap -2
Match Handicap -3
Match Handicap -4
Match Handicap -5
15 Minutes Betting
30 Minutes Betting
60 Minutes Betting
75 Minutes Betting

GAA Football Betting

Gaelic football is an Irish team sport played between two teams, where players aim to get the ball into the other team’s goals or above a crossbar. Known for being one of the last remaining strictly amateur sports globally, it has a heated fanbase that has a great passion for this sport. Mostly played in Ireland, some international teams and leagues participate in this game.

GAA Football Bets
Match Result
Handicap Betting
Draw no Bet

GAA Hurling Betting

This intense game has players compete using a hurley stick to hit a small ball between the other team’s goalposts or under the crossbar into a net. Players can charge each other to get possession of the ball, and it’s known for its rough but rule-following play. As one of the fastest sports globally, however, it’s vastly popular with thousands of players.

GAA Hurling Bets
Match Result
Handicap Betting

Golf Betting

This sport will have players use various sizes and weights of clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes along the course. In a game full of anticipation and skill, tiny factors like the wind or even the type of grass can affect the outcome of the whole game. Competing to knock the ball into the hole in the fewest possible strokes becomes a high-stakes game with huge prizes resting on each golfer’s skill.

Golf Bets
Tournament Winner
1st Round Leader
Top-5 Finish
Top-10 Finish
Top-20 Finish
Make the Cut

Greyhounds Betting

Dog racing has a long history, with the greyhounds being originally used for coursing in hunting. By putting them on a track with an artificial lure, bettors try to guess which of these lightning-quick dogs will make it to the finish line first. Although waning in popularity, this sport still finds fans both in its live version and artificial computer-run models.

Greyhounds Betting
Reverse Forecast
Combination Tricast

Handball Betting

One of Handball's biggest sports worldwide has over 27 million registered players. Teams must pass a ball using their hands, aiming to throw it into the other team's goal. There are many international competitions, mostly in Europe, and as a result, there are many tournaments and individual games that bettors will be interested in.

Handball Bets
Match Betting
Match Total Goals Over/Under 60.5
Match Total Goals Over/Under 61.5
Match Total Goals Over/Under 62.5
Match Total Goals Over/Under 64.5
Half Time/Full Time
Match Handicap +0.0
Match Handicap +0.5
Match Handicap -0.5
Match Handicap -1.5
Match Handicap -2.5
1st Half Betting

Horse Racing Betting

There are a few different horse sports and competitions, but horse racing is the one that gets bettors excited! Jockeys take these highly-bred horses through a racecourse, aiming to complete the course with its obstacles in the quickest possible time. It’s one of the oldest sports people bet on and remains popular today after hundreds of years. Also, virtual horse racing is on the rise!

Horse Racing Bets
Race Winner
Match Bets
Place Markets
Betting Without

Ice Hockey Betting

Despite being on the ice, this contact sport heats up - players aim to knock the puck into the opposing team’s goal. This sport is quick and full of action with similarities to hurley and lacrosse. Players shoot around on the ice, scrambling for the puck to launch it in lightning-fast scuffles that keep the viewers and the bettors on edge.

Ice Hockey Bets
Money Line
60 Minutes Betting
Total Match Goals
Competition Winner
First Goalscorer
Last Goalscorer
Next Goalscorer
Easy as 1-2-3
Correct Score
Both Teams to Score
Winning Margin

Motor Racing Betting

Some of the biggest events in the sports betting world are the motor races or auto races that everyone is familiar with. Formula One is perhaps the best-known race, with the various Grand Prix races coming a close second. The game aims to complete the track as fast as possible, with the best-engineered vehicles and teams taking the prizes home.

Motor Racing Bets
Drivers Championship Winner
Manufacturers Championship Winner
Race Winner
Fastest Lap in the Race
Podium Finish
Pole Position
Pit Stops
Points Finish
Safety Car
First Retirement in a Race
Fastest Driver in Practice

Padel Betting

Padel is a rising star in the world of sports. Padel began as an alternative to tennis in Spain and has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Few betting sites are offering bettings on this sport in the past few years.

Padel Bets
Match Betting
Set Betting
Game Handicap Betting
Total Games
1st Set Winner
Both Players to Win a Set
Lose 1st Set Win The Match

Snooker Betting

This cue sport first played in the British Army has now become a hugely popular game across society as a leisure game. The sport is a professional sport governed by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, and the World Snooker Championship has been running since 1927. It’s no surprise that with such a long history, many bettors are keen to follow the action.

Snooker Bets
Match Betting
Correct Score
Total Match Century Breaks.
1st Frame Betting
Alternative Handicap Betting +2.5 Frames
Alternative Handicap Betting +3.5 Frames
Handicap Betting +1.5 Frames
Handicap Betting -1.5 Frames
Player Won 2 or More
Player Won 3 or More
Race to 2 Frames
Race To 3 Frames
Total Match Frames
Over/Under 4.5 Total Match Frames
Over/Under 5.5 Total Match Frames
Over/Under 6.5 Total Match Frames
Highest Match Break
1st Frame - 1st Red Potted
1st Frame - Total Points
1st Frame - Total Points Odd/Even

Table Tennis Betting

Perhaps also known by many by its lighthearted name Ping-Pong, in this game, two to four players hit a small ball across a table with a small net in the middle, using paddles. Played since the 1800s, this sport has only grown in popularity over the last near-250 years, with the international competition including in the Olympics bringing it to the masses.

Table Tennis Bets
Match Correct Score
Total Points
Total Games
Match Points Odd/Even
Total Games Handicap 1
Total Games Handicap 2
Total Games Handicap 3
Total Games Handicap 4

Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting is prevalent because of the different things that punters can bet on and because the random factor is minimised in the sport. For example, football and basketball have many different variables that are contributed by over 20 players on a field that can drastically change a seemingly accurate prediction. 

Tennis has only two players and no variable factors like red cards and injuries, thus making the prediction easier and more accurate. The different kinds of betting in tennis include:

Tennis Bets
Match Betting
Set Betting
Game Handicap Betting
Total Games
1st Set Winner
Both Players to Win a Set
Lose 1st Set Win The Match

Volleyball Betting

Although not that popular, volleyball betting has undoubtedly been on the rise since it provides punters with a unique and equally rewarding alternative. But since it is such a niche market, there is value in learning about the different kinds of betting which are possible in volleyball:

Volleyball Bets
Match Betting
Match Correct Score
1st Set Winner
1st Set Points Odd/Even
Points Handicap -14.5
Points Handicap -15.5
Points Handicap -16.5
Set Handicap -2.5
Total Points 166.5

UFC Betting

The UFC is one of the biggest MMA tournaments worldwide, being run by an American company of the same name. As one of the roughest and toughest sports out there, competitors take each other in intense MMA bouts, with the winner taking home the prize. The combination of martial arts makes for surprising twists and turns, making it exciting for sports fans.

UFC Bets
Bout Betting
Alternative MEthod of Result
Fight to go the Distance
Total Rounds 2.5

Water Polo Betting

Two teams of seven players compete in this exciting sport to score goals by throwing the ball into the other team’s goal. Originally considered a sort of “water rugby”, this sport has developed into a highly competitive game that favours skill over force, having players play as fast and as effectively at what many consider to be one of the most difficult sports to play.

Waterpolo Bets
Total Score
First Team to Score
Last Team to Score
Number of Goals

Our hand picked sports betting sites for beginners

Recommended Sites to Bet on Sports

Although many online sites will allow you to be on different sports, here are our top favourites, especially hand-picked for you! Rest assured you will get an best online casino welcome bonus once you open a casino account on these sites.

How we review sportsbook sites

Sportsbook Sites

Online sports betting has taken the gambling world by storm. Giving you everything you need to support your favourite players and teams at your fingertips. The market is saturated with sportsbooks these days, so how do you decide which one is best for you? Our sports betting experts carefully review these platforms based on a range of factors.

Wide Selection of Sports Events

A good chunk of our overall rating is based on selecting sports and events available. We check to see if all the major sports are offered, and then we delve deeper to examine the rest. We also evaluate the events that are on offer, such as the UEFA Champions League for football, and the variety of all underlying betting markets. We also check if these are available to all players worldwide. 

Promos Dedicated to Sport

With the increase in online casinos offering sportsbook verticals, we like to see plenty of promos offered to sports punters too. We’ll always be honest with you on this, and we’ll always let you know if the promos are fair and worth your time and money. 

Customer Support Available 24/7

We always prefer an online sportsbook to offer optimum opening times for support. We all gamble at different times of the day or night, especially if we live betting on a particular sport being played on the other side of the world. Our reviews clearly highlight the opening hours of customer support as well as the different channels through which you can get some help.

Good Odds on Sport

We base our opinions of a sportsbook site on the quality of odds offered to players. We take time sifting through each sport and event to get a good feel for this. As well as checking the site at different times of the day for odds changes, especially when it comes to live to bet. We’ll also let you know if cash-out offers are available and if these are fair deals.

Mobile App Available

Mobile sports betting is the most popular way for punters to place bets these days. This is why we review a sportsbook site based on its mobile capabilities. Whether this is via mobile apps or mobile web browsers. You’ll also find that we test out a site using various of our own mobile devices and report back our findings.

Betting Types

Different sports work best with different bet types, and we like to see a range of these offered at sportsbook sites. Whether it's money line bets, future bets or handicap bets. We base our evaluations on these and also on the ease of use of bet slips for both beginners and experienced sports bettors.

Sports Betting FAQ

Looking to find out more information about betting on sports online? Check the frequently asked questions below to find the answers!

Which sports can I bet on now?

You can place bets on matches in local and international leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, NBA, National Hockey League (NHL) and Indian Premier League amongst others.

Can I bet on sports online?

Yes. A lot of online casinos and betting sites provide safe and secure options for betting on sports online.

How do sports bets work?

Sports betting is simple – you put a bet on the sporting event of your choice and set an amount that you can either win or lose, depending on the bet's nature.

In which states can you bet on sports?

Recently legalized sports betting states include Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, along with previously legalized Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

Which is the sport with the best odds?

Usually, horse racing is considered the sport with the best betting odds, but it can generally vary from punter to punter on what they like to bet on, how they bet, and what they're interested in.

Can you sports bet online legally?

Yes, in most of the countries. Keep in mind rules are different across the world. We encourage you to search for your country's laws when it comes to online sports betting.

How do I place a bet online?

You must first create a gaming account to place an online sports bet. Once you have done so, select the sport you wish to bet on and set the value of your bet.

How do I get started in online sports betting?

Create a player account at one of the bookmakers at the top of the page. Once created, make a deposit and go to the sportsbook section. From here, you can choose which team to bet on and what type of bet you want to make.

What are the best/most reputable sites for online sports betting?

Some of the most reputable sites for online sports betting are DraftKings casino, Unibet Casino, 888 Casino and William Hill Casino.

Can a guy make a living through sports betting? Is it possible?

Technically it is possible, although sports betting is not a method of earning money based on skills. Certainly, knowledge of the sport will help win bets, but luck plays a very big role.

Do you believe online sports betting is skill-based?

No, sports betting is not based on skills. There are so many variables to keep in mind. These include the players' physical condition, the weather factor (for some sports), and the location of the sporting competition.

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