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While there is no explicit wording in the gambling laws of North Dakota specifically banning internet gambling, there are none making it legal either. That being said, North Dakota’s laws have broad enough definitions to cover online gambling. 
If you’re residing in North Dakota you should know that online gambling is considered illegal. That being said there are some exciting land based casinos found in the region. Unfortunately if you wish to partake in legal gambling you’ll need to travel to the closest land based casino. 


Land-based Casinos in North Dakota

North Dakota is considered to be very liberal when it comes to charity gambling but extremely restrictive when it comes to all other forms of gambling. If it were up to the authorities alone North Dakota would probably be one of those states that only allow social games with small stakes or fundraiser betting events. Apart from that the authorities frown on any other forms of online gambling. 

Luckily there are some Indian tribes in the state that have rights to run any gambling activities on their lands. It was in 1992 that the first compacts agreed with the five Indian tribes and the first casinos were able to open their doors. Thus, you might not find casinos wide spread across North Dakota but you’ll definitely stumble upon them when entering tribal lands.  

There are multiple casinos built on the reservations and the majority offer class 3 games. Meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your share of table games, poker and slot machines when visiting these land based casinos. 

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Online Poker and Poker Rooms in North Dakota

You can find many Poker rooms in the casinos located on tribal lands within North Dakota. If you’re looking to test your hand at poker when visiting this state you can head to 4 Bears Casino, Dakota Magic, Sky Dancer and Spirit Lake Casino & Resort. 

While the state was among the first to attempt legalizing online poker back in 2005, the federal government took a stand against it. They discouraged the state from passing the required laws and since then there has been no further attempts to legalize online poker games. Thus, you’ll be able to play poker at the land based casinos in the area but playing poker online is considered illegal. 


Is Sportsbook Legal In North Dakota?

To this day there has been no talks of attempting to legalize sports betting within the state. It is therefore considered to be illegal both online and off. 

There is however licensed dog and horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering you can take part within the state. Any and all other sports betting activities are frowned upon and could lead to trouble. 


Daily Fantasy Sports

Like Sports Betting the Daily Fantasy Sports have not been taken into consideration for legalization. It is therefore illegal to take part in any forms of DFS betting within the state of North Dakota. South Dakota, on the other hand, have a fully fledged fantasy sports league which allows punters within the state to opt in for the competition, which takes skill, determination and commitment to succeed. Fantasy Sports is considered a game of skill by many states across America but it's up to the individual state to decide whether to regulate the fantasy sports market, even though it's enjoyed by millions of players across the nation. 


Lotteries in North Dakota

Lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling within the state of North Dakota and completely legal. There is a state lottery and eager bettors can also try their luck on Hot Lotto, Powerball and Megamillions. Tickets for these lotteries can be purchases in most grocery and convenience stores of the state. 

The North Dakota lottery also includes scratch tickets and those who wish to purchase lottery tickets online can sign up for lottery subscriptions which make this legal. That being said only residents of North Dakota are allowed to purchase lottery tickets online. 


Minimum Legal Age to Gamble In North Dakota

North Dakota much like any other restrictive state has strong views on the legal gambling age. Players who are 18 or older can take part in pari-mutual betting. Only those aged 21 or older will be legally allowed to play and start betting at land based casinos or take part in all other legal forms of gambling


Who Regulates Casinos in North Dakota

While the state prohibit most forms of gambling all legalised forms of gambling are regulated by the state. The land based casinos located on the Native American reservations are regulated by the locals there but must follow the guidelines set out in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. 

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Gambling a bit too much? Helpline for North Dakota

If you or anyone you love are developing a gambling problem you can find help here:

National Problem Gambling Helpline

A Final Word on Gambling in North Dakota

While North Dakota is very restrictive with most forms of gambling activities visitors and residents will still be able to find a few exciting gambling activities to take part in. For those looking to spend a night at the casino there are plenty of high class casinos based on Native American reservations. 

Online gambling, sports betting and online poker is considered illegal within the state of North Dakota. While the laws might not specifically mention these forms of online gambling they fall under the broad definitions of gambling activities that are considered to be illegal within the state.