Cashback Casino Bonus & Casino Cashback Offers

Cashback casino bonuses seem to be on the rise in terms of popularity. More and more newly established online casinos have opted for a weekly cashback offering instead of a welcome bonus. While a welcome package bonus seems attractive and will net you some serious bonus cash in the beginning, a cashback bonus is more profitable in the long run. Typically more profitable for high rollers, low rollers and recreational gamblers can still make a pretty penny in bonus money.

We all love the rush of waiting for our lucky number to roll in, or those winning symbols to appear on the reels, but the reality is that we have also all lost some cash at the casino. We have a great relationship with our partner casinos, and to give you a helping hand we have worked together to bring you exclusive Cashback casino bonuses and all the info you need to get started with them. Please refer to the terms & conditions of each bonus before joining an online casino. Good luck!

Best Online Casinos Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus is a great way for players to get a little bit of cash back - if they place a bet and don't manage to get lucky on it, then the casino compensates the player  with cash back, somewhat softening the blow as well as giving players a nice treat to continue to play, they're a great option for players both new and old. They're also available at a wide range of casinos, and are often given out as part of promotions - so keep an eye out and you'll be likely to find a cashback offer to suit you.

Why Are Cashback Bonuses Offered?

A cashback bonus is a way of how players can recover a small percentage of their losses as a sign of goodwill from the casino. The percentage usually ranges from 10-20% and varies from one casino to another. Such bonuses are offered either in addition to other bonuses such as welcome bonuses or as a standalone bonus during a particular promotion. Many casinos offer cashback bonuses in their live casino and sportsbook sections. An additional attractive feature of cashback bonuses is that they usually come with no wagering requirements meaning the player is given back the bonus percentage after they place a bet and lose.

It's not only casinos that offer cashback bonuses. Think loyalty cards, air miles, reward schemes, you name it - many of them have a similar offer. The simplicity of a casino's cashback bonus is what makes it so attractive. The person spends an amount, and will find a percentage of their money returned. Within online casinos, this is especially sought after, since it provides a sure-fire and steady regular bonus to help top up your bankroll. By allowing players to add a little more to their balance without needing to deposit at all, they don't have any extra risk to their own money.

Casino cashback bonuses are where the casino that you are playing with offers you a percentage of your losses back in real cash. This real cash bonus can either be calculated on the net losses that take place during a predefined period of time or on the losses made on specific deposits. Usually the cashback bonuses are calculated over a weekly period.

How Cashback Bonuses Work

Cashback bonuses work where a player plays at a casino - mostly on the slot games available on the website. Usually these bonuses will have a percentage match or a total amount match for every amount that a player bets with.

Cashback bonuses offer a percentage of a lost bet back, usually capped up to a maximum amount. A cashback bonus offering 20% cashback up to €100, then €100 is the maximum they can receive back from the casino no matter what they bet. When limited to a certain amount these cashback bonuses aren't related to a percentage - for instance if a player can only receive back up to €200, that's the maximum they can possibly receive no matter how much they play. It's best to be aware of these limits before taking advantage of a cashback bonus, and you can do this by reading the terms and conditions before betting. However usually this is also well-advertised in the promotional material for the bonus.

The main difference between cashback bonuses and other types of bonuses is the requirements tend to be vastly different. Whereas other bonuses reward you for starting to play, cashback bonuses reward you for being a loyal customer, and soften the blow if you don't have a great run. They also often don't carry any wagering requirements, as you have already played your money. 

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

The cashback casino bonus is one of the easiest casino bonuses to claim, you can do so simply by playing with real money. While nobody likes losing on a bet, this type of casino bonus is here to soften the blow a little. The cashback bonus is calculated up to a certain percentage, usually between 10% and 20%. These bonuses are also related to which provider made the game where the cash is offered.

If the offer is casino-wide then it's money from the casino's coffers, but if it is related to certain games then the maker of the game will handle this cash back. However, it doesn't matter who is handling the promotion as you can get your cash returned to you no matter which payment method you choose to use. For instance, if you are playing at a Neteller casino it would work just the same as if you were using Mastercard, playing at a Skrill casino, or just using bank transfer in a casino that had a similar promotion. If you choose to further withdraw that money you will then have any applicable withdrawal fees or wait times, however simply having it added to your account with the casino has no delay.

The cashback bonus will be deposited automatically into your user account at the time specified by the casino you’re playing at. The amount depends on how much you’ve lost within that time period and what the reward scheme of the casino is based on. Some casinos only offer cashback to VIP members of a certain rank, since they have already funded their account enough to be eligible for such an offer. This means that cashback bonuses are especially attractive for high rollers. 

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Whether or not you claim any type of casino bonus is entirely up to you. Every player will have an option to opt in or out of a bonus, should they feel like it wouldn’t suit their style of playing. It’s usually the high rollers who opt in for these types of offers, since they can afford to spend a bit more than regular players, meaning they will get the most out of bonuses like these. After all, the more you wager, the more money you will see in return.

Another reason to accept a cashback bonus is so that is softens the blow of losing out on a couple of unfortunate bets. While playing slot machines are completely random, cashback can also be acquired through live dealer games such as poker and blackjack. If you lost during a particularly unlucky hand, having a cashback bonus as backup means you can try again next week to beat the odds. We've gotten together a few of the pros of cashback bonuses, as we think they're pretty great and we'd like you to know why.

  • Better returns: You're always a winner - even if you lose your bet! A bad play is never as bad as you think, you're always going to get back a percentage of what you played when you have a cashback offer.
  • Rewards loyal players: You don't need to benefit from a new deposit bonus to reap the advantages of a cashback offer. You only need to play, just like you normally would.
  • No wagering requirements: Although this isn't the case 100% of the time, much of the time you are not required to play your cashback money again before you withdraw it or choose to play it elsewhere.
  • Simple and uncomplicated: You don't need to do anything special for cashback bonuses - the only requirement might be that you opt in with the casino before you play. Otherwise, you don't even have to think about it, just enjoy your favourite casino games but with this extra insurance policy that you get some money back!

Are There Any Wagering Requirements?

No, in most instances there are no wagering requirements to fulfil when accepting a cashback bonus, as these are a bonus being given back to the player after they have already placed bets with the casino. It would be unfair to put wagering requirements on any bonus funds the casino grants the player in return for their losses. As a result, these cashback bonuses essentially give back the player's cash that they bet, as a result of making their loss a little less harsh. As a result, the risk for the player is much lower as they only have to play exactly the same as they would usually.

To make sure that the casino is a legitimate one with great and trustworthy offers, always check if you the casino you wish to play at is in possession of a valid licence by either the MGA, UKGC, Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Government of Curacao or Government of Gibraltar. 

Cashback Bonuses and Other Types of Bonuses

Most modern online casinos offer both a multi-tiered welcome bonus with a smaller cashback on the side. Casinos like Rizk Casino and VIPs Casino have such offers. A welcome bonus usually gives players something for depositing for the first time, for making an account with the site itself, or the operator gives free spins to get new players interested in a particular game. It's also a one-time deal and will only be available at the moment that a player registers, deposits, and meets the criteria for the bonus. Cashback bonuses differ from these in how they are formed and how they give players a benefit.

Cashback offers tend to be offered periodically, and might be related to a particular event or game. However, they're not restricted to new players and any player who meets the criteria can benefit from these bonuses. Usually, it just requires playing or betting while also being opted in to a promotion. They will receive back a percentage of any lost bets, usually capped to a certain amount.

You are of course free to accept both the welcome package and the cashback offer (should a casino provide both). But keep in mind that deposit bonuses come with their respective wagering requirements that you will need to meet before you can cash out any winnings. This is opposed to the zero wagering requirements of the cashback offer. With a cashback offer of 20%, for example, you will be accredited $/€/£20 back into your account from total bets of $/€/£100, meaning you’ve only lost $/€/£80 that week. 

Different from both, slightly, is the deposit match bonus. This bonus tends to be triggered once a player has deposited money. These are most commonly for the first deposit, but are also occasionally offered for deposits after then, or as reload bonuses which are non-specific in their number.

These aren't related to any losses or for signing up, and are only related to depositing cash into the account. Usually these deposit match bonuses will offer a percentage of a player's deposit back to them, up to a certain amount. The mechanic is similar to cashback bonuses, however players don't have to make any plays to receive the bonus. In addition to that, deposit match bonuses also tend to have wagering requirements, unlike cashback bonuses. 

Here's a quick overview of what each bonus gives you and how it varies between bonuses.

FeatureWelcome BonusCashback BonusDeposit Match BonusFree Spins Bonus
Percentage cashback
Cap amount
Requires a deposit
New players only

Loyalty Program Cashback Bonuses

The most loyal players in a casino have a lot to play for when it comes to online gambling. They prefer higher value plays and as a result a cashback bonus benefits them immensely. However, normal value plays might not work well for them as they don't get the return they enjoy. Cashback bonuses with better limits for VIP players mean that they may receive a higher percentage of their money back, or alternatively they might have a higher cash limit of what they can get as a return.

Players who simply love playing at a casino and don't want to change providers are also likely to benefit from cashback bonuses when taking advantage of the site's loyalty program. As they play along the milestones that a casino sets for them, they benefit from extra cash in the cashback to progress more - and also get to enjoy the benefits given by the loyalty program, leaderboard promotion, or any other system the casino has in place!

Gamification Cashback Bonuses

VIP players who prefer to not play high-roller games will enjoy a gamification casino more than one which offers highroller bonuses. Gamified casinos tend to offer bonuses and rewards for playing over a period of time. By levelling up, or getting experience points, players earn rewards as part of their progress. Usually these aren't cashback bonuses, but it's entirely possible for a casino to offer it as part of their leaderboard or challenge promotions!

Aside from Gamification bonuses, check out a selection of other bonus types below.

Yes, cashback bonuses are legal! They do not require extra deposits or for players to risk any more than they already planned to play with. However as always, the legality of a bonus depends on the laws in your local jurisdiction and whether or not bonuses are allowed at all. For example, in some locations players aren't able to play and receive a bonus at all as part of any promotion. Always be up to date on your local laws before committing to a promotion, and always read the terms and conditions of a site in case your country or region is not allowed to play there. However, we always suggest 100% legitimate casinos on our site which are fully licensed and well-rated.

Bonuses should always be offered by a legal and licensed casino. If you're ever unsure, look out for an authentication seal from the MGA, the UKGC, or another reputable licensing body. If you're unsure as to whether it is licensed or not, it's best to steer clear. However, all of the casinos that we suggest on our site and in our listings are reputable casinos.

You should double check the local legislation of your country or region as well, as this may prevent you from receiving bonuses or signing up with a website to play to begin with. You can also check the terms and conditions (or terms of use) of a casino site to see if your country is restricted from playing on the site.

Responsible Gambling with Cashback Bonuses

Be mindful of your spending habits, especially when opting for a cashback bonuses that allows you to see a return every single time the promotion is running. While money may be coming back in, it is always far less than what you have spend. After all, gambling should be fun and used for recreational purposes only, not as a means of making a living. If you are worried about your gambling behaviour, please consult our comprehensive responsible gambling guide

FAQ About Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are pretty popular and for good reason - they're a great way for a players to play at a casino with a comfortable cushion in case they have any losses. However if you have a few more questions on them, you can check out our most frequently asked questions below.

How do I claim a cashback bonus?

Many casinos will offer you a cashback bonus if you have opted in to the promotion. This often means using a bonus code, or clicking a link that says you give permission for them to count you in. To actually get your cash back, simply follow the instructions in the promotion and you will gain back the appropriate amount of cash when you place money and make any losses.

What is the difference between a welcome bonus and cashback?

Welcome bonuses are designed to encourage users to play by signing up to a site. They can be great, but don't reward existing players. Cashback bonuses are open to players that have already been registered with the casino, and so can be a reward for your loyalty to the site and a reason to stick around with them for longer!

Are cashback bonuses instant?

More often than not - yes! As cashback bonuses can be credited directly to your casino wallet, there is no need to wait for bank transfer time or currency exchange, or any other processing delays. You can play with that money right away. You may have additional waits if you want to withdraw it, due to your payment method, but you can double check this by reading the terms and conditions of the promotion before you play.

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