The gambling climate in the United States of America is a mixed bag, as the gambling laws differ quite considerably between the 50 states. While some states are more tolerant about casino games and other forms of gambling, others are extremely conservative, to the point, in cases like Utah, no form of gambling is allowed in the state.

Missouri is very open to gambling, with over 17 registered casinos operating the docks of the state in boat casino form. The country has been through an ebb and flows in the gambling arena over its history, having originally been the first state to introduce riverboat casinos. 

By the 1900s however, casino gambling was made illegal and was pushed underground. A turn of events in 1992 saw the re-introduction of riverboat casinos to the state for all to enjoy.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri?

Online gambling is outlawed on a federal level in the US. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, along with the Federal Wire Act makes both gamblings at online casinos illegal and transferring funds to betting operators unlawful.

Certain states in the US have fought this bill and have won. They are now able to trade with regulated in-state casinos. But, unless there are provisions in the legislation in any state to legalise internet gambling, it remains illegal in that region. 

Unfortunately, there is no mention of online gambling in the Missouri laws, meaning that it is currently not allowed in the state. The slow but steady movement of states legalising online gambling is great hope for the future climate of online gambling in the state.

Minimum Legal age to Gamble in Missouri

Players wanting to gamble in casinos and poker rooms in the state of Missouri must be 21 years of age or older. Those wishing to purchase lottery tickets and claim prizes will need to be 18 years of age or older to do so.

Who Regulates Casinos in Missouri?

All casino gambling practices in Missouri are regulated strictly by the Missouri Gambling Commission, which is a state-commissioned regulator, put in place to ensure that the laws are upheld and that the residents of Missouri are kept safe. 

The lottery is regulated and overseen by the Missouri Lottery Commission. Here, the state is able to control the distribution of funds and to guard against corruption and misappropriation of funds.

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