Nevada Online Casino Laws

While it’s illegal for players to use any online casinos in Nevada, the state gave the green light for games that are categorized as ‘games of skill’ as opposed to casino games that are purely based on chance. The state declared that if the games hosted gave law iconmore of a chance to players, they can legally make wagers on the games. For instance, one particular ‘online casino’ called World Winners allows online betting on card games, strategy games, word games and puzzles. The site is geo-blocked and not available to players where strict regulations are in place and bypassing security measures will get players and banned and serious fines will be imposed. 

While it’s still mere speculation, there is reason to believe that laws and regulations relating to online casinos will change in the near future. The fact that online poker is fully regulated in Nevada and that games of skill are permitted too, adds credibility to the hype and gives casino operators belief that there is hope in tapping into the lucrative market. 

Online Poker in Nevada 

Online poker is classified as a game of skill, which is why the game is legally allowed to be played online, although for it to be legal to players, it must be played within the state of Nevada. There are only a handful of online poker sites where players can get their fix for the game, however, only two stand out of the crowd. online poker icon

Real Gaming Online poker launched back in 2014 but have struggled ever since to maintain a steady flow of traffic to the site, making it virtually impossible to find a full table outside of peak hours. Even though the site supports multi-table games and tournaments, there hardly ever is enough traffic.

WSOP, better known as the ‘World Series of Poker’ is huge land-based tournament that takes place every year and grew in popularity in the early noughties. It now has a strong presence online too, offering a healthy selection of games and a superior experience, including satellite tournaments for their land-based tournaments. 

Playing Lotteries in Nevada

It’s puzzling to discover that there’s no local lottery in Nevada, especially since Las Vegas is considered the Mecca of gambling. Over 50 years ago, a law came into effect in favour of casino gambling, as opposed to having lottery based games, however, lotteries are only allowed if all proceeds are donated to charity, such as ones organised by schools and similar institutions. 

Online Sports Betting in Nevada 

As touched on briefly above, sports betting is now a regulated market where players can make wagers on a number of sports from dedicated online bookmakers as long as the bets are placed within the state. The main advantage of having a regulated market sports betting iconis that it eradicates illegal gambling and makes it incredibly easy for players to place their bets. Since the market is regulated, it provides a safe environment for punters to place their bets and all bookmakers will are controlled by a regulating body to ensure players are safeguarded throughout their gambling experience. 

Sports betting is huge throughout the world and one sport alone gives punters the flexibility to bet on a number of high profile leagues and tournaments, with some online bookmakers offering lower leagues too. The following are some of the sports available to wager on when betting online:

  • NFL
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Esports
  • Horse Racing

Another great advantage of having a regulated sports betting market is the competitiveness of the odds offered to players. When there’s competition in the market, a need for competitive odds is created and players will be able to browse online bookmakers to find the best odds before making their final decision. 


Live Betting

Live betting is a huge part of online sports betting as it allows players to bet on games in real-time, as the action is unfolding. The dedicated sports betting apps give running commentary on the games, even displaying visuals representing hot zones of the match for punters not able to watch the game live. In live betting, odds will be updated constantly and it’s a great way to get a feel of the game before placing and bets while at the same time it allows players to cut their losses by making counter bets, should the game not be going according to plan. 


Nevada Social Casinos

Social gaming is highly sought after by many states in America and residents of Nevada are particularly known to use of one of the most popular applications - MyVegas. 


What is Social Gaming?

Social gaming is essentially the act of playing games on a social media platforms, but many game developers have found ways how to find a way around it. Social gaming apps are free to use and they offer the standard social gaming experience as regular social gaming iconapps do, but here’s the catch – the level of gamification instilled into social gaming is on another level. Players are able to earn points, earned through the app and without spending a dime, for actual casino complimentary items. 

Nevada is a hot spot for Social Gaming since participating partners are located in sin city and  Nevada residents have been benefiting the most from these games. MyVegas, another Social Gaming site offers a healthy selection of slots, and the rewards system can be used to get subsidised rates and free meals, cheap accommodation, and sometimes even free chips in its land-based casinos. 


Nevada Gambling Revenues

It comes as no surprise that local operators have a vested interest in keeping the casino market strictly land-based, considering that the state has had the highest revenue generated in the last five years - over $1 billion. There was a significant increase in money iconrevenue which came through table games, other than Baccarat with Blackjack taking centre stage with the amount won rising to 40.4% year-on-year to $125.5m. Slot machines have always played a significant role in revenue generation, with 65.2% of total gaming, where casinos took $693.5m.

Here at, we stay abreast of US gambling laws to be able to deliver the latest news as it’s announced. Nevada seem to be heading for a fully regulated market but there are a few hurdles that must be overcome before the law comes into effect. The state is also considering the effect a regulated online casino market would have on the land-based casino industry, which are all in cohesion in lobbying against the tremendous amount of competition online casinos bring. 

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