Best DFS Casinos in Colorado

Is Online Gambling Legal in Colorado?

While Colorado is considered to be a very liberal state when it comes to their gambling laws, players are still confused as to whether online gambling is legal here or not. While Colorado does not specifically ban online gambling, they have not yet legalised it. Thus, you will find online casino sites operating within the state, but they are not legalised or regulated. As the state is very pro-gambling, many expect online gambling to become legal and regulated within the next few years. 

Currently, you might not get prosecuted for gambling online within the state but there are many dangers that come with playing at unlicensed or unregulated sites. It’s best to think of online gambling as illegal and rather visit any of the land-based casinos or participate in legal forms of gambling within the state instead. 

Land-based Casinos in Colorado

Colorado is one of the states that have embraced the gambling industry which means players in the state have plenty of choices. There are over 40 land-based casinos to visit within Colorado and all are licensed and controlled by the state. 
Each of these casinos has a large variety of popular games for players to enjoy on a regular basis. You will find a full range of slots, as well as card and table games available in these casinos. There are also two Tribal casinos situated in the South of the state where you can find the full range of games as well as keno options. 

Land-based casinos have been legal in Colorado since 1990 and while they started with a large number of over 70 land-based casinos there are only 40 that still remain. These casinos are quite popular among residents as they offer a large variety of casino games

Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Colorado

Poker players can enjoy playing this popular card game in many of the land-based casinos found in Colorado. Poker is considered to be legal and quite popular in the state of Colorado with big live poker games and tournaments being hosted regularly at the land-based establishment. The state even recently hosted the very first $1 million guaranteed poker tournament. 

When it comes to online poker gambling, things aren’t so liberal. At the current time, online Poker has not been legalised although the state is currently in the process of considering legislation. But for now online poker is currently covered by the blanket ban on gambling that isn’t licensed or exempted according to the Attorney General. It is best to play poker games at the legal establishments found within the state of Colorado. 

Is Sportsbook Legal in Colorado?

At the current time, only pari-mutuel betting is allowed on greyhound and horse racing within the state of Colorado. 

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports was only made legal in 2016 when the Governor of Colorado signed the legislation to permit DFS in the state on the 10th of June. Residents can safely participate in DFS tournaments and games without fear of prosecution. The only fantasy contests that are not allowed are any involving college sports. 

Lotteries in Colorado

There is a lottery in Colorado open to residents that are of legal age. The state also shares nationwide games which include the popular Powerball lottery. The state uses profits from their lottery to invest in community colleges and other causes. 

Minimum Legal Age to Gamble in Colorado

When it comes to gambling in Colorado, one of the few restrictions you’ll find are age restrictions. Those who are 18 years or older can legally take part in the lottery, bingo, as well as dog and horseracing. Only residents aged 21 or older can legally take part in gambling at land-based casinos. 

The state of Colorado takes these restrictions very seriously and anyone who is caught gambling while underage will face criminal charges. It is, therefore, best to stick to the age restrictions to prevent from being prosecuted. 

Who Regulates Casinos in Colorado?

The gaming operations in Colorado are all licensed and regulated by the Colorado Gaming Commission. 

Gambling a bit too much?

If you or anyone you love are developing a gambling problem it’s best to get help as soon as possible. You can contact any of the helplines below:

National Problem Gambling Helpline

Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado

  • P.O. Box 260435
  • Lakewood, CO  80226
  • Tel: 303-662-0772
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Helpline: 1-800-522-4700

A Final Word on Gambling in Colorado

Colorado is one of the more liberal states that have chosen to embrace the gambling industry rather than ban it. That being said there are still many forms of gambling that are not considered legal within the state of Colorado. All forms of online gambling are considered illegal even if it isn’t exclusively mentioned in state laws as illegal. While the state might not specifically ban online gambling, the country rules do. Luckily there are over 40 land-based casinos within the state of Colorado where you can safely participate in all types of gambling options.