When it comes to gambling, the United States of America is a mixed bag of nuts. There are no common laws across all states, but rather because of the independent governing of each state, laws on certain things may differ from one region to the next.

South Carolina is the second strictest state, after Utah, regarding gambling laws. Most forms of gambling have been illegal since 1802. If you are caught betting, you can be prosecuted – It’s that simple. 

All betting games involving machines, cards, dice, dominoes, you name it – are outlawed! Only charitable games will get a look in, in this region.

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Last Updated • February 2024

Overview of Gambling in South Carolina

Online gambling is taking off in the US, and sports betting is now legally offered in half of the country. Recent law changes have handed powers to states to decide whether they’d like to allow it. Many have jumped on board already, and residents can now enjoy themselves on various online sportsbooks. Online casino gambling isn’t as popular, though, with a preference for keeping casino revenue within state lines.

South Carolina is one of 10 bible belt states in the US with ultra-conservative views. So, where does it stand in terms of online gambling?

Guide to gamble in the state of south carolina

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

South Carolina once had a blossoming video poker gambling industry with over 34,000 machines dotted. Church groups and anti-gambling enthusiasts paid to this, though, and in 2000, all machines were unplugged at the request of the Supreme Court. In 2014, 68% of people voted against legalising online gambling. This stance isn’t set to change anytime soon either. 

The state has a handful of casino cruise ships and no land-based casinos. There have been talks about legalising sports betting and all other commercial gambling in the last ten years. But these have all been failed efforts.

Daily Fantasy Sports are not legal in South Carolina, and social casinos are a grey area for local laws. Residents in the state can bet at Springdale horse race track or play the state lottery or charity bingo.

Minimum Legal age to Gamble in South Carolina

Whether you are playing bingo or buying a lottery ticket, you’ll need to be 18. Horse race betting is permitted at one track and only for certain Cup days - it bears a minimum legal age of 21. Playing on any casino ship also requires a minimum age of 21. 

Who Regulates Casinos in South Carolina?

The casino cruise ships in South Carolina are not state-regulated as they are floating establishments. They are subject to federal laws and are governed by an international gambling body. The South Carolina Lottery Commission takes care of all the lottery games, whilst the South Carolina Secretary of State's office oversees charity bingo.

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