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One of the most secure methods to make an appearance in the last decade is Apple Pay, with many online casinos now adopting this payment technology. It’s fast, secure, and makes for a great new payment method that is linked to your mobile phone.

Online Casinos that Accept Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay to Play at Online Casinos

Many casinos are now offering Apple Pay for deposits due to the growth in popularity of the payment method and the number of players that use Apple products. Currently, this payment method is mostly used by players that play on their mobile, because it is a safe, easy and convenient way for players that already use an iOS device to make payments. Players can look out for the Apple Pay logo at any of the casinos on our best mobile casinos list, when viewing that casino’s payment methods page. The payment methods accepted will vary depending on which region players are in.

Although Apple Pay is popular amongst mobile users, it is not restricted to them. Players who play from other devices are welcome to sign up at one of the casinos that make use of the payment method. However, remember that to verify Apple Pay transactions you will have to be authorized using an Apple device.

Apple Pay was first announced by Apple in September 2014. The company announced it as a service that would transform mobile payments by giving users an easy, secure and private way to pay. It seems they were right because Apple Pay quickly began branching out into markets across the world. As of September 2019 it was reported that over 441 million people worldwide use Apple Pay to make payments, making it one of the most successful and fastest growing payment methods.

How to Deposit at Apple Pay Casino Sites

Making a deposit with Apple Pay is very simple, provided the casino offers it as a payment method. The only real difference from other casino banking methods is that you will need to authorize the transaction using an Apple device. The steps are:

  1. Log into your casino account, or sign up for a new account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Banking’ page, then select the ‘Deposit’ button
  3. Select ‘Apple Pay’ as the deposit option
  4. Enter the amount to deposit in the space provided
  5. Authenticate the transaction using an iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, or Mac

The way each player authenticates their Apple Pay transactions is based on their preferences. Players have the option of using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

Fees to Use Apple Pay to Play Online

Apple Pay is completely free to use. Apple does not charge their users any fees for making use of this payment method. Players should check with the casino where they are playing to verify if the casino imposes any transaction fees.

Apple Pay Withdrawal Speed

Most online casinos that accept Apple Pay as a deposit method do not currently offer withdrawals using the same method. Players will need to take out their winnings using a different method to withdraw.

Special Casino Bonuses Using Apple Pay

There are a number of online casinos that accept Apple Pay and offer bonuses for registering or singing up. These casinos also offer bonuses to existing players on a regular basis. With the growing interest in Apple Pay, many online casinos may offer special bonuses for using Apple Pay. This will especially be true for mobile casinos and casinos that are optimised for the iOS platform. Available bonuses are always changing, and players are encouraged to do a quick search or review our latest bonuses to find the current bonuses on offer.

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay in Online Casinos

The great thing about using Apple Pay at online casinos is that players do not have to give the out the card numbers that link to their accounts. Their card numbers are also not stored on the Apple device or on the Apple servers, making Apple Pay a very practical method for players that prefer more security. There are a number of additional advantages to using this method of payment at online casinos, as well as a few disadvantages.

Pros Not found icon

  • Safe and secure
  • Fast and convenient
  • No fees
  • Easy to set up

Cons Not found icon

  • Not supported at all casinos
  • Region-locked
  • Limited number of devices

Easy to Set Up

Players who own an Apple device can have this payment method set up within minutes. Simply register and add a credit or debit card on file from the iTunes Store account to Apple Pay.

Safe and secure

One of the most important benefits of using Apple Pay is the safety it provides because players’ card details are not shared with the online casinos during transactions. The card details are also not stored on the Apple device being used to authorize the transaction. Apple Pay works by storing an encrypted, unique account number in a secure part of the apple device. In this way, Apple does not have access to data about transactions, such as where they were processed or their size.

If the device gets lost or stolen, players can quickly suspend payments from that device. However, the Face ID and Touch ID authorization options would make it impossible for anyone else to authorize payments using the device in any case. 

Fast and Convenient

Depositing at an Apple Pay casino can be done in a matter of seconds, and there is no need for to input any numbers besides the value of the deposit that the player wants to make. The payment method works with Apple watches, tablets, iPhones, and Mac devices.

No Fees from Apple

Apple Pay is 100% free to use for all Apple device owners. Online casinos are not charged for accepting Apple Pay on their websites or in their mobile applications. However some online casino sites do charge transaction fees across all payment methods. This is not related to Apple in any way.

Limited Devices

To play at an Apple Pay casino, users must have version iOS 8 or above installed on their device. Not all Apple devices are compatible with the latest version, which excludes many Apple users from making use of this payment method. Android and Windows users cannot use Apple Pay if they do not have a registered Apple ID and own an Apple device such as an iPadOS, macOS, mobile iOS or watchOS.

Not Supported at All Casinos

There are not that many Apple Pay casinos because this payment method is considered relatively new. This is bound to change rapidly as more online casinos adopt the method, and many have already begun investing in the technology.

Region Specific

Apple Pay casinos are currently limited to certain countries as the payment method is not supported in all regions. This is changing quickly and the list of countries is continuously growing.

Why Choose an Online Casino Offering Apple Pay

Most players will feel comfortable playing at an online casino that offers Apple Pay because Apple is such a reputable company. Online casinos that accept Apple Pay have made a significant investment of their resources to do so, implying that the casino is notably trustworthy. In addition to this, Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods available. Online casinos that make use of this payment method do not have access to a player’s actual banking details, which many players will prefer.

Best Apple Pay Online Casinos

There are plenty of amazing casinos that accept Apple Pay – here are a few of our favourites!

Customer Support

Apple Pay customer service is easy to access, with a full FAQ list and contact options available on their customer service portal. You can find any answers to your questions, including about the security of the service, your bank’s support of Apple Pay, and any technical questions you may have about the app.

Payment Methods Similar to Apple Pay

We have a few more payment methods we think will be helpful to your online casino experience – here are a few of our favourites.

Trustworthiness of Apple Pay Online Casinos

Apple Pay is a product of one of the most respected technology companies in the world. Privacy and security is at the core of the product. For this reason, casinos that allow Apple Pay can be considered fairly reputable online gambling destinations. Individual online casinos should still be checked for applicable gambling licenses and regulators.

License and Address of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a product of Apple and is a licensed money transmitter. They use extremely secure technology, including needing biometrics to confirm your payment. Most players will feel comfortable playing at an online casino that offers Apple Pay because Apple is such a reputable company. Online casinos that accept Apple Pay have made a significant investment of their resources to do so, implying that the casino is notably trustworthy. In addition to this, Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods available. Online casinos that make use of this payment method do not have access to a player’s actual banking details, which many players will prefer.

The company holds different licenses for each jurisdiction in which it operates. The extensive list of licenses and agencies that regulate the company can be found on the Apple website.

The Apple headquarters is located at 1 Apple Park Way in Cupertino, California, United States:


Using Apple Pay to Gamble

Apple Pay is basically a mobile and digital wallet. It is an easy, private and secure way to gamble, provided you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. The method allows you to make payments to an online casino without sharing the details of your bank account or credit card. Players no longer have to find their cards and punch in numbers, they simply have to use the chosen method of authorization; either a passcode, Touch ID, Face ID or by double-clicking the side button on their Apple Watch. Remember to opt in for any bonuses before a deposit is made.

Apple Pay Casinos FAQs

Can I use Apple Pay at online casinos?

Yes. There are a number of online casinos that offer Apple Pay. It has become the number one payment method for many gamers that have iOS devices and Apple products.

Is Apple Pay free to use to gamble?

Yes. Making a payment using Apple Pay is currently free to registered Apple Pay users. Players should bear in mind that some online casinos will have their own transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals. It is best to check with each casino to see if they charge any transaction fees.

Which countries accept Apple Pay?

Apple pay is accepted in over 60 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East. Countries include Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Austria, Cyprus, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Romania, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Jersey, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Canada and The United States. For a full list of countries players can check the Apple Support site.

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