Is Online Gambling Legal in Wisconsin?

From the beginning Wisconsin had very strong anti-gambling laws and to this day not much has changed. As in most other US states online casinos are illegal in the state of Wisconsin. While you’ll most probably find an online casino offering services to residents of the state it is still considered illegal. 

The current gambling regulations within the state does not specifically mention online gambling. But the broad definitions of gambling in these regulations ensure that all forms of gambling that haven’t explicitly been exempted are considered illegal. It would therefore be best to stay away from any and all online gambling activities if you reside in the state. 

Land-based Casinos in Wisconsin

As in states like North Dakota and Oklahoma residents of Wisconsin would have no access to gambling activities if it weren’t for Native American reservations. In fact Wisconsin would have been a barren state for all types of gamblers. 

While some forms of gambling have been legalized over the years it was only in 1992 that gambling became legal on tribal lands. You will find that the only land based casinos in the state are those found on tribal lands. There are 11 tribes within the state of Wisconsin and after the Federal Indian gaming Regulation Act of 1998 was implemented these reserves were legally able to build casinos. 

These casinos have grown over the past few years and on some of the tribal lands you will even find lavish casino complexes. Most of these tribal casinos offer class 3 games so if you enjoy table games such as poker and blackjack this is where you’ll want to be. 

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Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Wisconsin

Thanks to the casinos located on tribal lands you will be able to play live poker games at these Indian casinos. You will also get to enjoy taking part in real cash poker tournaments in these legal casinos. Other than the legal poker rooms situated on tribal lands all other poker activities are considered illegal. That means social poker games played at home are not exempted from Wisconsin laws. 

Like online casinos you will find that online poker sites are viewed as illegal within the state of Wisconsin. While poker has become one of the most popular games across the globe there is still no discussion of legalizing and regulating poker in Wisconsin at the current time. 

Is Sportsbook Legal In Wisconsin?

The laws regarding sports betting are among the most strangest in the Wisconsin laws. According to current regulations you are allowed to bet on horse races and greyhound races on the track. The strange thing is that there are no horse or greyhound races to bet on in Wisconsin. So while it is legally allowed there are no opportunities to make such bets. 

All other sports betting is considered illegal including both land based and online betting on current sports events. 

Daily Fantasy Sports 

As with Oklahoma there was a bill put in place to attempt legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports contests. They attempted to legalize DFS in 2018 but the bill did not pass and therefore all DFS activities within the state are illegal. 

Lotteries In Wisconsin

Wisconsin might be against most forms of gambling but residents have been able to take part in lotteries since the mid-1980s. It was only in 1988 that laws were changed and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue was put in charge of organizing and conducting a state lottery. The lottery has been quite popular within the area thanks to the sale of lottery tickets and scratch cards

Apart from the local lottery games Wisconsin has also become part of a multi-state lottery network. Residents can take part in SuperCash, PowerBall, Mega Millions, Badger 5, Wisconsin’s Mega Bucks, Daily Pick 4, Daily Pick 3 and 5 Card Cash. 

Minimum Legal Age To Gamble In Wisconsin

The laws regarding legal gambling age is almost as strict as the current anti-gambling laws. Residents who are 18 years old can take part in the lottery and visit land based casinos that serve no alcohol. If you wish to visit a land based casino where liquor is served you need to be 21 years or older. 

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Who Regulates Casinos in Wisconsin?

All gambling activities within Wisconsin is regulated by the Wisconsin Division of Administration – Gaming. 

Gambling a bit too much?

If you are developing a gambling problem you can find help here: 

Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling

  • 1585 Allouez Ave.
  • Green Bay, WI 54311-6268.
  • Tel: 920.437.8888.
  • Fax: 920.437.8995.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Helpline: 800.426.2535.

National Problem Gambling Helpline

  • Call: 1-800-522-4700.
  • Chat:

A Final Word on Gambling in Wisconsin

There are many reasons to visit Wisconsin but gambling isn’t one of them. If it weren’t for the tribal casinos there would be very little gambling options available here. 
Most forms of gambling is considered illegal within the state and punishable by law. It is therefore best to find legal gambling establishments such as tribal casinos to enjoy your gambling activities at. If you wish to attempt playing at online casinos be aware that it is illegal and not recommended.