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The New York state is by no means a hot spot for gamblers at the moment, being rather strict on gambling activities according to its state laws. 

Hence why many residents in New York look to travel to nearby New Jersey to visit Atlantic City for all their gambling needs. 

People even go as far as to travel across the state border to be able to play at online gambling sites, as New York does not permit players to access online operators either

Despite the state senate voting in favour of making gambling more accessible in the state, there has been no approval on funding or any means to move the project further yet. 

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Is Online Gambling Legal in New York?

As stated above, online gambling is not legal within the borders of New York. This is apparent since many residents actually travel to New Jersey not only to play at land-based casinos but also to access their online gambling accounts. 

Since casinos within New Jersey are allowed to offer online gambling solutions such as the best online slots, table games and poker rooms, many of the people within the surrounding states flock to New Jersey in order to benefit from their lenient laws towards gambling. 

It is unclear why the New York Senate is not hopping onto the bandwagon and grabbing the opportunity to regulate the market.

Regulating the market will allow for a steady increase in tax revenue for the state as well as provide the residents with much sought-after casino entertainment. 

The Senate would have allowed for a bill to pass and regulate casino gambling if only the funding for it would be approved as well. As of today, no funding for regulating the casino market within New York has been approved yet and the situation remains stagnant. 

It needs to be said that there are no direct rules that prohibit residents in the New York state to gamble at offshore operators. However, according to the Federal Wire Act of 1961, transmissions of wagers are prohibited. This means that depositing funds into one online casino account is not allowed. 

Minimum Legal age to Gamble in NY

The minimum legal age to gamble within casinos can vary from casino to casino, but at all times the minimum legal age is set at 18. At some casinos, you will have to be 21 years of age. Bingo can be played at any age and does not require parental supervision. 

This means that community centres can host bingo events for minors in order to raise money for charity or for recreational purposes. 

Who Regulates Casinos in New York?

Casinos and all things related to gambling are regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission. This authoritative body is responsible for auditing land-based casinos as well as video lottery terminals and other electronic casino games such as slots and electronic table games such as video poker. 

Any statements of self-exclusions, as well as any other personal limits, must also be reported at the New York State Gaming Commission.

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