Our Editorial Principles

At CasinoTopsOnline we strive to provide top quality and accurate information to our readers. In order to make sure that we remain true to our promise, we employ a set of editorial principles which is essential to ensure that our content satisfies our readers.

Here at CasinoTopsOnline, we aim to provide you with accurate information on every aspect of online gambling. We are providing you with all the top quality information at your fingertips. To give you the best experience, we use editorial principles. This ensures that we pay attention to different details depending on what type of gambling platform we are reviewing. 

We carefully test everything that we review, whether it’s a game, a software provider or an online casino. This enables us to give you the best reviews that we can. 


Online Casinos

As keen gamblers, many factors either draw us towards an online casino or send us in the opposite direction. We’re all different, and we understand that not all the best casinos will be everyone's cup of tea. At CTO, we want to ensure that our casino reviews are upfront and honest. We break down each site element and give it our expert focus.

Valid Gambling Licence

One of the first things we examine is an online casino’s gambling licence. We check that this is from a credible established authority, and we also check to see if the licence is valid. You can rest assured that we would never recommend a site which doesn’t meet these important criteria. 

Selection of Casino Games

Nobody wants to make an effort to sign up to an online casino to discover a poor selection of games. But we also don’t want you to be greeted with a lobby of thousands of games offering zero entertainment. We check out the selection of games in detail and check that there’s something to keep all types of players fulfilled. It’s also important that we evaluate games for glitches and whether they are mobile compatible. 

Solid Game Providers

Online casinos must offer games from reliable software developers for us to recommend them to you. We look to see if games are offered by providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go and Yggdrasil. We also evaluate the overall selection of providers to see if there’ll be plenty of game choices for you.

Good Opinion Among Users

We search for reviews from existing players to give us a fair picture of what a platform is really like. We take into account the positive comments and the negative experiences. We have a section within each of our casino reviews dedicated to problems and honest feedback for each site.

Transparent Terms & Conditions

Our experts always verify each online casino's terms and conditions. These are usually a very good sign if a platform is worth your attention or not. We want to see easily accessible terms clearly defined, with no jargon. We check to see if these are fair and offer a good deal for all players to claim when it comes to bonus terms.

Time of Cash Out

Receiving your winnings on time is important. This is why we are 100% transparent in our reviews regarding the cashout processing time. These times shouldn’t be too slow, and cashouts should also be handled with the utmost security. 

VIP Club

VIP clubs can offer some fantastic rewards and perks for loyal players. It’s one of the most important factors for many of us when we're searching for a new online casino. This is why we evaluate what's on offer for new and existing players and high-rollers. Checking the bonus terms and whether the VIP club offers rewards at a reasonable rate.

Future Developments

A chunk of our reviewing process is evaluating the developments that each online casino has made since it was launched. We also consider future developments of each site and what they have in store for players. 

Quality of Customer Service

It’s all very well, offering 24/7 expert customer care, but is this support handled by trained experts? This is why we test out every single online casino's customer support. We base our opinions on response times and the knowledgeability of agents. We also want to see accessible support offered via various channels for players.

Opening of the account

We test each online casino review process by creating real player accounts. This is the only way we can truly provide you with the best overview. We then report on how easy this was and how long the process took. And also whether there were unnecessary steps required.


How an online casino looks and feels is a huge influencing factor. This is why we include it in our casino reviews. No one wants to spend unnecessary time figuring out how to make a withdrawal. We check how easy it’ll be for you to find your way around the platform, whether you're an experienced player or a newbie. 

Editorial principles   online slots

Online Slots

There’s a massive variety of best online casino slots regularly being launched in the industry. It’s important to us that we review these based on several key factors. We try out each of these games for ourselves with both real money and bonus funds so that we can give you an accurate overview. You’ll also be able to find reviews on the most popular slots of all time in our catalogue.

Mechanics of the Game

We’ll tell you the min/max stakes you can wager, the number of bet levels, paylines and reels. We’ll also let you know the combinations to watch out for that will deliver those all-important wins. As well as our opinion on the in-game bonus features and how well the slot works on a range of mobile devices. 

Theme and Soundtrack

We take into account both of these important slot game factors. An annoying and repetitive soundtrack can either make or break your session, so we’ll always let you know our honest thoughts on this. As well as the type of slot theme and the quality of the symbols and overall graphics.

RTP and Volatility

You can rely on us to give you this important information clearly. We also test out each of our recommended online slots to show how fast they’ll play through wagers and provide a ratio of potential wins. As well as reporting to you the house edge which our experts calculate and how often you can expect to get a chance of winning.

Maximum Winning

Each of our slot reviews states the max win available and the combination of wager amount and symbols which you’ll need to aim for to achieve this. This saves you time reading through in-game information and trying to figure out complicated pay tables for yourself. We’ll also add in our expert thoughts on the max win and if this offers value for money.

Editorial Principles - Casino Games

Casino Games

When it comes down to how we review casino games, we consider the most important factors. We review various casino games from keno, live dealer, poker, and craps to bingo games. The possibilities are endless, and we want to ensure you have all the relevant information at your fingertips before you begin to play.

House Edge

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing to play a new casino game. This is why we always clearly mention this figure in each of our reviews. This gives you a good idea of the odds you’ll be facing when you place your bets. We’ll also give you our opinion on the house edge and whether the game has a good payout percentage or not.

Ease of Learning

Part of our casino game reviewing process is how easy the games are to play. We examine this from the perspective of experienced players and those wishing to learn something new. We evaluate whether games have guides attached to them with the playing process and also rate them based on their user interface.

Availability Online

For each of the casino games which we review, we rigorously test out for mobile capabilities, taking into account glitches and ease of use. We also review a game based on how available it is and whether it will be easy to locate in the biggest online casinos. We recommend a game to you very well, but what's the use if you cannot play it in reality

Potential Winning

We carefully analyse casino games' winning potential by examining the house edge, RTP, variance and volatility. So we do the mathematical stuff, so you don’t have to. This gives you a clear and informed overview of how well a game could perform for you. Of course, we will also add in our expert opinion and tell you exactly if it’s worth a bet or not. 

Editorial Principles - Crypto Casinos

Crypto Casinos

These types of casinos have taken the world by storm, accepting a wide range of cryptos and offering a fantastic player experience. We review crypto casinos similarly to online casinos, but we make extra checks and evaluations of other important factors that affect crypto players.

Good Reputation within the Communities

We always have our ear to the ground for crypto casinos, and we take existing player testimonials seriously. So that we can pass on to you the good and bad points of each platform. We also take into account our industry knowledge of sites and crypto gambling operators. 

Unquestionable Transparency

Each crypto casino that we review goes through a lengthy test when it comes to transparency. We like to see that terms are clear and easy for you to understand and that the site holds a credible gambling licence. We’ll let you know if any bonus terms will leave you at a disadvantage and also report on a site's fair gaming policies.

Fast Crypto Transactions

Crypto has rocked our worlds and revolutionised the way in which we make gambling payments. We believe that these transactions should be processed as quickly as possible. This is why we create player accounts and test each crypto casino for its speediness. We’ll also let you know if a site is going to charge you transaction fees and how much these could be.

Bonus Offers in Cryptocurrencies

Without a doubt, crypto casinos offer some seriously good deals for new and existing players. But often, these can come with seriously high wagering requirements and other restrictive terms. Our experts thoroughly review each deal and highlight key information to understand what you're signing up for fully.

Number of Coins Supported

Many crypto casinos started by offering players just a few options for coins. Not so nowadays, as sites have moved with the times to offer many different choices of cryptos. We evaluate each crypto casino based on these options and list each type of currency in all of our reviews. 

Withdrawal process

One of the many appeals of crypto casinos is the lightning-quick withdrawal process. We consider this when we give our ratings for these platforms. You’ll have the full lowdown on the cashout process from start to finish. And we’ll also evaluate the time it takes each crypto casino to process your payments. 

Provably Fair

Each crypto casino is carefully analysed to check it adheres to fair gaming principles. We do this by checking the encrypted key generated by the algorithm, which is given to all players. This allows us to verify the transparency of data, including bets, win-lose rations and game odds. 

Editorial Principles - Crypto Games

Crypto Games

Many of the industry's top software developers have turned their hands toward crypto games. Offering you the chance to play your favourite games using your preferred type of currency. We evaluate these games based on a number of elements, and we also rigorously test them ourselves.

Honesty and Transparency

Just like regular casino slots, we examine all crypto games for their transparency. Trawling through paytables and game information on each title to check for honesty and ease of use. We would never recommend any crypto games that did not feature these key factors.

Maximum BTC Deposit

Whether you're a high roller or looking to make the odd large bet using Bitcoin, it’s important that you know you’ll be able to do this on a crypto game before you start to play. Our reviews feature the maximum BTC deposit which you’ll be able to make. We’ll also evaluate this amount and give you our honest thoughts on it.

RTP of the Game

We’re all different when it comes to choosing a type of game to play. And RTP features heavily for many players; some of us prefer a higher rate whilst others favour a lower return. We consider the RTP of crypto games when we evaluate them and will always be 100% clear with the figure at the beginning of each of our reviews.

Editorial principles   sportsbook sites

Sportsbook Sites

Online sports betting has taken the gambling world by storm. Giving you everything you need to support your favourite players and teams at your fingertips. The market is saturated with sportsbooks these days, so how do you decide which one is best for you? Our sports betting experts carefully review these platforms based on a range of factors.

Wide Selection of Sports Events

A good chunk of our overall rating is based on selecting sports and events available. We check to see if all the major sports are offered, and then we delve deeper to examine the rest. We also evaluate the events that are on offer and check if these are available to all players worldwide. 

Promos Dedicated to Sport

With the increase in online casinos offering sportsbook verticals, we like to see plenty of promos offered to sports punters too. We’ll always be honest with you on this, and we’ll always let you know if the promos are fair and worth your time and money. 

Customer Support Available 24/7

We always prefer an online sportsbook to offer optimum opening times for support. We all gamble at different times of the day or night, especially if we live betting on a particular sport being played on the other side of the world. Our reviews clearly highlight the opening hours of customer support as well as the different channels through which you can get some help.

Good Odds on Sport

We base our opinions of a sportsbook site on the quality of odds offered to players. We take time sifting through each sport and event to get a good feel for this. As well as checking the site at different times of the day for odds changes, especially when it comes to live to bet. We’ll also let you know if cash-out offers are available and if these are fair deals.

Mobile App Available

Mobile sports betting is the most popular way for punters to place bets these days. This is why we review a sportsbook site based on its mobile capabilities. Whether this is via mobile apps or mobile web browsers. You’ll also find that we test out a site using various of our own mobile devices and report back our findings.

Betting Types

Different sports work best with different bet types, and we like to see a range of these offered at sportsbook sites. Whether it's money line bets, future bets or handicap bets. We base our evaluations on these and also on the ease of use of bet slips for both beginners and experienced sports bettors.

Editorial principles   horse racing sites

Horse Racing Sites

Traditionally horse race bettors visited their local bookie's shop or made a phone call to place their bets. Nowadays, punters are spoiled for choice with a wide range of online gambling sites specifically designed with horse race betting in mind. And we review these types of sites based on the following main principles: 

Number of Races Daily

With races taking place daily at many well-known racetracks, it’s important for us to know if you’ll have access to bet on them. Races kick off all around the world on an almost constant basis, and we like to see that a horse racing site will allow you access to these without restrictions. Giving you no shortage of options for your bets.

Winnings Payout Time Frame

You can rest assured that all of our recommended horse racing sites are checked for withdrawal speeds. We will display this information clearly for you, and we’ll also review the withdrawal process and let you know what to expect every step of the way.

Value of the Odds

Odds can differ greatly between horse racing sites, and we want to ensure that you get access to the sites with the best reputations. We review the range of odds and let you know if these are good value for money as well as examining the small print. You can rely on us to check out the full range of horse racing promotions too.

Editorial principles   dfs sites

DFS Sites

Daily Fantasy Sports are enjoyed by players worldwide, and sites are mostly legal throughout the US. We have a group of DFS expert reviewers here at CTO who spend their free time creating fantasy teams and sharing their expertise. We review a number of DFS sites regularly, examining the good and bad and letting you know our expert opinions. 

Availability in Different Countries

Our team reviews sites based on how available they are to players around the globe. You’ll find a list of all the accepted countries on our DFS site reviews so that you can instantly decide to give it a hit or a miss. 

Number of Events Each Day

We check out how many events are offered daily at each DFS site that we review. This is imperative for your choice and overall experience as the bettor. We give a thumbs up to sites that have plenty of events kicking off regularly and those that don’t enforce league locks for longer contests.

Customer Service in Multiple Languages

Getting the help, we need in our preferred language is super important when we are online gambling. This is why we evaluate a DFS site on their quality of customer support and the number of different languages they offer. We test out the service overall and ask multiple questions to the agents.

Editorial principles   sweepstake casinos

Sweepstakes Casinos

You’ll also find a section dedicated to sweepstakes and social casinos among our huge collection of casinos and sports betting sites. Here is where we test drive the newest and already popular sweeps casinos. These platforms are completely different from regular online casinos and are hugely popular, especially in the US. 

Number of Sweeps Games

Many of these sites will offer a large collection of games to players, and we examine the variety. Whether this is mostly slots, table games or skill-based games. Our experts test drive the games for quality and comment on how well these perform. We also take into account the range of software providers and whether games can be played with sweeps or virtual currency. 

Free Sweeps Coins Bonus

Playing for free is a huge plus point for sweepstake fans, so we check to see if this is possible on each site that we review. We also check to see how easy it is to play for free and collect sweeps. As well as what the purchasing player will receive in terms of free sweeps.

Quality of the Games

Any sweepstake casino worth its weight in gold will offer good quality games for its players. We create accounts so that we can test these games as well as seek out player reviews to base our ratings on. It’s also important for us to check the mobile capability of sweepstake games.

Overall Design of the Site

You’ll find that we offer up our thoughts on the theme and overall feel of all the sweepstake casinos which we review. We’ll pass comments on whether a site is welcoming and user friendly. Along with our thoughts on the layout and ease of use.

Editorial principles   bingo sites

Bingo Sites 

Bingo has been popular for decades, and this exciting and simple game attracts more players than ever, thanks to online bingo gambling. At CTO you will find all you need to know about the game, with guides on how to get the best out of your sessions. We also provide you with an up to date list of all the safe and trusted bingo sites which accept players from your country.

Number of Simultaneous Players

When we review the selection of bingo games available, we always examine the player numbers permitted in any room. A deciding factor to most bingo players, with some of you preferring smaller games whilst others heading for the big player games. 

Value of the Tier-1 Prizes

For each of our bingo site reviews, we take into account the range of prizes on offer. We base our rating decision on the number of prizes, their value and whether they are available to all players to win. We also examine the number of players in the Tier-1 games so that if you fill your card up, you’ll know if you’ll get a decent-sized chunk of the prize pool.

Reputation of the Website

We know that there are many rogue bingo sites out there, and you can be sure that you’ll never find us recommending any of them. We carefully examine its reputation among other industry providers and the player community when we review a site. We examine an operator's credibility and also check if its gambling licence is valid.

Bingo Ball Variations

When it comes to this epic game, a variety in the number of balls makes all the difference for some of you. Whether you prefer 5 line games to 90 ball versions, we've got you covered. You’ll be able to find this information clearly in any of our reviews, and it features heavily in our overall rating decision.

Editorial principles   gambling apps

Gambling Apps

Mobile gambling is the most popular way for players to enjoy their favourite games and make sports bets on European online casinos. This is why we focus on gambling apps and ensure that we test these out for ourselves, using a range of devices. You’ll find our reviews of these apps are based on these important factors:

Availability on iOS and Android

We always check to see if a gambling site is available on the two most popular mobile operating systems. Whether this is via apps in the official app stores or if the desktop site is easily converted to an app when logging in through a mobile web browser. 

Absence of Bugs or Errors

Our team of experts test out the apps for themselves directly. And we do this using different devices, from smartwatches to tablets. We make sure that we use different operating systems, too, as well as carefully read player reviews online. We check out a selection of different types of games to see how well they perform and report any glitches in our reviews.

Good User Experience

In our reviews, you’ll find that we give our own opinions on the overall experience, but we also take into account other players’ views. This gives us a broader overview of an app, and you’ll get the full honest lowdown so that you can make an informed choice.

All the Desktop Options Available

When evaluating a gaming app, we review how well this performs on a desktop too. Apps need to have different capabilities and options for players. Many apps convert very effectively onto a desktop without any compromise on quality. And we detail this in our reviews and let you know how well they perform.

Editorial principles   software providers

Software Providers

On our site, you can find a collection of detailed reviews on all the most popular software developers. And we also review the newest providers, giving you all the facts and background on each company. We examine gambling licences as well as trustworthiness and the quality of games on offer.

General Reputation

You probably already know about the reputation of the most popular software providers, but what about newer studios? We give an overall rating for this important aspect, and we talk to other industry experts to give us a better overview of a provider's reputation. 

Number of Games

At the top of each of our provider reviews, we clearly highlight the number of available games. We also mention which countries these games are available in or if any are restricted. You can also test out many of the games for yourself by using the links which we provide in the reviews.

Average RTP and Volatility

Our reviewing process considers a provider's most popular games, and then we drill down further by evaluating the RTPs and volatilities. We include a table with this information clearly displayed so that you can choose a game which suits your style of play.

Editorial principles   payment methods

Payment Methods

If you're looking for a new payment method to use, or perhaps you’ve just got yourself a new eWallet, you’ll find all you need to know right here at CTO. We have reviews based on all the most popular payment methods, and we’ll even help you find a pay by mobile casino if that’s your thing. We review each payment method to give you the full facts upfront. 

Availability at Online Casino

Within each of our reviews, you can find a comprehensive list of all the best gambling sites which accept a specific payment method. This saves you heaps of time, and you can also be sure that the online casino you’ll use is recommended by our experts and has been thoroughly reviewed. 

Ease of Use

It’s all very well having an all singing and dancing payment method that promises to make our lives easier, but what's the point if it's difficult to useThis is why we test out each payment method, exploring the ins and outs and reporting this to you in a clear way. So that you can make your own mind up whether to use it or not.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Using a payment method to purchase your groceries is completely different to using it for your online gambling needs. So you’ll find that our payment reviews take into account the speed at which transactions can be processed as well as the limits available. For example, if you're a high roller, you’ll need to know if the worldwide online casino accepts large deposits and withdrawals.

Worldwide Availability

If you plan to use online casinos based around the world, you’ll need to know if your chosen payment method will work. As part of our review process, we look into the lists of countries which accept various payment options. We’ll let you know if a method is generally accepted or not, and we generally consider only the best payment methods like PayPal.

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