Is Online Gambling Legal in Alaska?

Alaska is one of the states with a smaller population. Unfortunately, like Alabama, Alaska is very conservative and extremely restrictive especially when it comes to activities such as gambling. Even though there are no speicific state laws banning online gambling, it is still deemed illegal under federal law and players should refrain from gambling online until the market is fully regulated. Players who sign-up to online casinos do so at their own risk and accept the perils that come along with it. It is therefore, not advisable to gamble online in an unregulated online gambling state. 

Over the past few years hundreds of online sites have popped up across the globe. Many of these sites are legit but there are still a few where players get scammed out of their hard-earned cash. This is why it's of paramount importance to avoid gambling online until the online gambling market is fully regulated. 

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Land-based Casinos in Alaska

Alaska has a very strict stance against any kind of gambling activity within the state which is unfortunate for avid gamblers residing here. Most forms of land-based gambling and sports betting is banned here. There was a proposal to regulate gambling  activities and facilities back in 2008 but voters were against it.

Many of the native groups in the state have tried to contest for flexibility in the anti-gambling rules but it has been slow and unfruitful. There are some land-based casinos in the state found on tribal lands but these have very limited offering due to the strict regulations. In fact, the only gambling activities you’ll get to partake in includes dog mushing, bingo and other similar activities. 

Online Poker and Poker Rooms in Alaska 

With its strict conservative rule, most forms of gambling have been banned within the state of Alaska. In fact, the state has even gone as far as defining poker as a game of chance which makes it impossible for poker players to try and claim otherwise. In most states, poker is considered a game of skill but Alaska has made sure to rule it as a game of chance to ensure players refrain from playing the game 


Is Sportsbook Legal in Alaska?

Sportsbetting much like any other form on lands-based gambling is considered to be illegal in the state of Alaska. There are some online sportsbooks that offer their services to players within this state but since the market is unregulated, it will still be illegal for players to open an account and play for real-money. 

Daily Fantasy Sports 

For many in conservative states Daily Fantasy Sports has been a blessing in disguise as it helps satisfy the gambling urges. The good news is that for Alaskans, fantasy sports are completely legal as it considered a game of skill and therefore cannot be defined as gambling. Fantasy Sports is where you form a team that takes on another team to collect the most points.

The team with the most points at the end of the day or week wins the prize pot. The biggest operators in Alaska is FanDuel and DraftKings and they host hundreds of daily contests.

With very limited online gambling options available for residents in Alaska, Daily Fantasy Sports has become the next best thing. On some occasions the prize money for these games can rise to millions of dollars which is why they are so popular among players! 

Lotteries in Alaska

There are no lotteries found in Alaska as most forms of gambling within the state is prohibited. 

Minimum Legal Age to Gamble in Alaska

As in Alabama, the legal age for gambling in Alaska varies based on the type of gaming activity you wish to partake in. Those who are 19 years or older can legally only play land-based bingo. Residents aged 21 or older can enjoy land-based pull tab games and bingo.

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Who Regulates Casinos in Alaska?

Alaska is a small state where all laws and regulations are determined by the Alaska government. This government is still very much against the idea of legalising gambling but thankfully they have not yet moved to prohibit online gambling within the state. 

Gambling a bit too much?

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A Final Word on Gambling in Alaska 

While people have been striking it rich betting on things like gold and oil in Alaska over the past few decades it seems the state still has a very conservative stance against gambling. There aren’t many legal gambling options available in Alaska which makes gambling difficult for players within the state.