No deposit cash bonuses and bonus codes 2020

No deposit bonuses are promotional gifts given by the online casino to the new players who register on their site. These bonuses come in all shapes and forms, depending on the online casino and the game being played. They are usually offered in the form of a certain number of prepaid spins on specific online slots or free credit, which can simply be used to by the players to bet on various games available at the casino. The No Deposit bonus allows players to have a go at the countless games offered by the casino without having to first deposit any real money.

Best no deposit casino bonuses

Terms and conditions of the no deposit bonuses

Some casinos might have a few different terms and conditions than other casinos, but generally, they’re pretty much the same. One of the most important ones is the one bonus per player policy to ensure that the casinos don't give out deposit casino bonuses to the same person. If a player tries to deceive the casino by initially giving in a fake name and email address and manages to meet the bonus wagering requirements, he/she won't be able to make a successful withdrawal under a fake name, which is why it is important to provide the correct information.

People might think that casinos might be a little dumb and overlook tiny details, but they're not, and they don't; they're pretty smart and aware of players trying to win a little extra money for free, and they make sure they don't let it happen.

Maximum converted value

Casinos usually have a maximum converted value policy, as well. If a player wins a bonus of $500, they'll only be given $50-$100, depending on the policies and limits imposed by different casinos. Some casinos have a maximum allowed bet as well, which varies from casino to casino.

This is why players must carefully consider the casino's bonus terms and conditions before proceeding to play. If a player exceeds the defined maximum bet of the casino, they may be refused payment by the casino due to breaking their defined policies.

As mentioned earlier, some casinos also provide players with free credit as a bonus, which the player can use to play games. It should be noted that the free credit will have to be rolled over many times before players can make a withdrawal. Prepaid spins are another form of a bonus offered to players. In this case, the winnings contributed by these specific wins are totaled by the casino.

Once players finish spinning, they're required to roll over the amount won from the free spins many times over. For instance, if a player wins $4.40 from 10 free spins with a 50x wager, they will have to bet more than $220 cumulatively to withdraw their money.

Most importantly, casinos require players to deposit before being able to cash out their no deposit bonuses. So even if you’ve won a lot of money for free by depositing no cash, you can’t take it out unless you deposit a certain amount to the casino. Before doing that, always make sure that the casino is completely safe and secure, read reviews, and make sure you understand their terms and conditions. 

No deposit bonus casino our recommendations

Withdrawing the casino free bonus

Withdrawing casino bonuses can be a bit daunting for people, especially for newbies. Still, as long as players carefully read through and follow the terms and conditions provided by the casino, it goes smoothly. There are a few things that players need to understand, so they can have better knowledge about how casino withdrawals work and the duration after which they can make their withdrawal.

The first thing to understand is the wagering requirement, more commonly known as play-through or rollover. Essentially, a rollover is the number of times a player is required to rollover or play-through their amount of the bonus, which can vary between 10x to 99x, depending on the casino. In the case of a 10x wagering requirement, the player must wager their free chips ten times to withdraw their bonus winnings.

The lower the wagering requirement, the easier it is to withdraw their money, so make sure to look at the casino's wagering requirements before jumping in.

Is this the best welcome bonus offer?

These bonuses are among the best bonus offers for many players. The quality of this promotion depends on the t&c's apply to a specific promo, the max withdrawable amount of money, the day expiry of the promotion and much more.

Usually, the no deposit offers, have to be played on a specific game. Starburst, Book of Dead, Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra and many others, are the casino slots the European and UK player like more. The offers in the no deposit casino can range from free spins bonus (without a deposit required), or the credit of bonus funds to stake freely.

Not available for every payment methods 

Unfortunately, not all the payment methods will award the gaming experience of a casino player with a no deposit bonus. Most of the famous payment methods, such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and so on, will be probably included as valid deposit methods in the full t&c of the promotions. Some less popular methods, may not be included, and we suggest you check with the casino support prior to making your first-time deposit.

Remember each payment method may have a max withdrawal for the bonus and a min deposit to make. Some casinos will credit the no deposit offer after a few days of registration, and not before a valid passport has been sent.

The big difference with the deposit match bonuses

The big difference between the no deposit bonuses and the deposit match bonuses is that, in most of the cases, a no deposit bonus doesn't require the player to insert his financial details. It means new customers won't be requested to insert any card detail when playing a brand new mobile casino or the latest slot on desktop.

What does not change, are the precaution each player must take when playing the online casino games with a bonus. Remember to play responsibly the online casinos, either you are in Vegas, in front of your laptop, or playing through a mobile device.

Several websites, such as, are supporting the players in need of help. Reach them out if you feel you're out of control.
Most populars free cash  & no deposit bonuses

Almost all online casinos offer their customers free cash bonuses, and the ones that don't aren't very successful. As discussed above, there are many different types of cash bonuses for players to get their hands on, but there are a few that are considered to be more useful:

€/£/$5 no deposit bonus

The €/£/$5 bonus is one of the most famous bonuses around since it is a small sum of money which is affordable for many online casinos. Players are given $5 (or its equivalent) by the casino and allowed to play for free, and their winnings can be withdrawn after fulfilling the terms and conditions.

€/£/$10 no deposit bonus 

Similar to the $5 no deposit bonus, players are granted $10 in this bonus money, which they can use to play games and win money. It should be noted that the wagering requirements for each no deposit bonus vary, so make sure to read the terms and conditions provided by the casino.

€/£/$20 no deposit bonus

The $20 no deposit bonus hits the sweet spot with many online gamblers. Like the previous no deposit bonuses, this bonus also credits the money straight to the user’s account so that they can start playing immediately. While a lot of players prefer the $5 or $10 no deposit bonus because of the wagering requirements, the $20 no deposit bonus usually allows players to double the playtime, thus increasing their odds of winning. 

€/£/$30 no deposit bonus

The $30 no deposit bonus is for people who are very serious about online gambling. This is because it takes a lot of time to rollover a $30 bonus, and depending on the wagering requirement and withdrawal terms and conditions of the casino, the player needs to be okay with earning a specific amount of money before cashing out on the wins from the no deposit bonus.

€/£/$50 no deposit bonus

Finally, some casinos even offer casino players a whopping $50 for free without any deposit so they can play some of their best games for free. Like the $30 no deposit bonus, the wagering requirements and the minimum deposit required to make a withdrawal are much different from those of other no deposit bonuses. 

Latest bonuses without  deposit to redeem

Best no deposit bonus 2020

There is a variety of bonuses being offered by casinos all around the world. While players are welcome to research, choose, and decide on a casino and bonus on their own, we have a few suggestions for the best no deposit bonuses of the year:

Rizk casino, 30 free spins without deposit

Rizk Casino is offering new members a wholesome 30 free spins without depositing any money. This gives players a big chance to win a lot of money without risking their cash potentially, and there is no better way to explore an online casino than trying out spins for free on different games!

888 casino, 30 free spins without deposit

The famous 888Casino is also offering 30 free spins as a reward to welcoming new members to their casino. After players make an account on their website, they become eligible for receiving 30 free spins from the casino, which can be claimed by using the promo code Welcome1. The online casino has a policy that dictates that the free spins expire in 14 days, so make sure to utilize them before the end of the 2 weeks.

Jackpot village casino, 50 free spins without deposit

Jackpot Village Casino is considered as one of the most brilliant online casinos around the world, often outdoing itself and its competitors and giving its visitors and members unique deals and prizes. Jackpot Village Casino is currently offering an astounding 50 free spins with no deposit for players to play and enjoy. The best part is the array of games at your disposal, which means you could play and win loads of games without spending any money!

Casumo casino, 20 free spins without deposit

Casumo Casino is offering a very interesting bonus to its new members. First, when the players sign up and register on the website, they are rewarded with $20 without any deposit for the famous Jammin Jars slot machine, which is one of the most popular slot machines.

Lucky days casino, 100 free spins without deposit

As unreal as it seems, Lucky Days Casino offers its members a gigantic quantity of 100 free spins for absolutely no deposit. That should be enough to convince anyone to sign up, given the limitless games that newcomers could try out and explore while also offering tremendous potential to win lots of money.

A recap of the best no deposit offers

With many no deposit bonuses to choose from, we have ranked 5 of the best online casinos offering this bonus, including the min. deposit, the average payout and some other data.

Jackpot Village
Lucky Days

As you can see, the casinos are on the same wavelength and with their weekly/monthly new promotions, fantastic welcome offers, as well as a phenomenal game selection, any one of these casinos, would be a treat for new and existing players alike!

How no deposit bonuses  work_ Let's find it out

How no deposit bonuses work

Bonuses are an excellent way for gamblers to get in extra edge in their game and might just be what they need to win, which motivates them to join the site. However, before doing that players and potential customers must understand the working of the no deposit bonuses:

Wagering requirements

A wagering requirement, also known as a rollover, is a multiplier for bonuses that players have to play through to cash out the winnings the received courtesy of the bonus. The winnings made by the player are stored in a pending balance with the casino until the player meets the wagering requirements. Until then, players cannot withdraw any cash from their accounts. The wagering requirements vary from casino to casino and also depend on the type of bonus being offered, so it is very important to look at the rules and regulations of the casino before moving forward. 

Expiration date

Another very important detail to note is the expiration date, which is usually mentioned in the terms and conditions of the online casino and applies to the utilization of no deposit bonuses, with a time-span typically varying between 2-4 weeks. Players who are granted free spins at the 888 casino, for example, must utilize their free spins within 14 days of receiving the bonus, after which they will expire and cannot be used anymore. 

Valid games

Even though a casino might provide you with free credit or free spins, it does not guarantee you the ability to play any game you want. Rather, the chances are that the free spins or credit will only apply to certain games provided by the casino. For example, the Casumo Casino awards players with 20 free spins, which are only applicable to Jammin Jar slots. This is why players need to read through all the instructions and no deposit bonus policies provided by the casino.

Types of free cash bonuses available

The popularity of no bonuses has demanded online casinos and software developers to get creative with their creations, which is why now online casinos offer a range of different types of free cash bonuses which are available for players to exploit:

No deposit slots bonus

The rise of slots in land-based and online casinos has been phenomenal, with players wanting to test out their luck in more innovative and exciting slot games, waiting for the reels to line up perfectly. Owing to this popularity, casinos have been offering lucrative bonuses to new members. With slots, the benefit of receiving free spins and/or money is that players can choose from thousands of attractive and dazzling slots, making the no deposit slot bonus a very tempting offer. Why this bonus is so good?

  • The most common bonus;
  • Available in many casinos out there;
  • Could be very good played on jackpot slots.

No deposit roulette bonus

What roulette fans would pass up on the opportunity to play their favorite casino game without spending any of their own money? A juicy bonus is everything that roulette players need to give them the push to sign up on the site. And although there are a few pretty good roulette bonuses, the one which players enjoy the most is the no deposit bonus, since it gives them a chance to win real money without spending a penny. Reason to play with the no deposit roulette bonus:

  • Nice to test different strategies;
  • The value of this bonus is pretty high;
  • Good for the beginners of casino.

No deposit blackjack bonus

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved casino games of all time, partially because it has the lowest house edge compared to all other casino games. Reducing house advantages with skill and strategy, combined with an offered to play the game without spending your own money, is an opportunity too good not to take. Of course, players will only be able to withdraw their winnings from the no deposit bonus once all the bonus rules and wagering requirements have been fulfilled, so make sure to have a good read at their terms and conditions. Blackjack without deposit? Here is why:

  • It's easy to wager;
  • Not particularly hard to play;
  • You can get a very high amount of bonus.

No deposit bingo bonus

Bingo is another widely loved table game but is not as popular among the younger casino lovers. To counter that, many casinos offer a significant amount of credit ($30-50) to players who sign up for their casino. However, many casino sites have recently reduced the bonus being offered or just outright scrapped it because they have to pay taxes on them. Either way, bingo is an exceptionally fun game, and many casinos are still offering bonuses for new members, so make sure you sign up! Call "bingo" with a free cash bonus for these reasons:

  • This bonus last for long time;
  • Usually is very generous;
  • There are many chance to convert it.

No deposit live casino bonus

Live casinos are something that took the casino world by storm, allowing gamblers to play with players from around the world while also giving them the facility to interact with an actual live dealer, all from the comfort of their homes. Live casino bonuses are offered to players in several different ways, including free chips, free cash, and cashback bonuses. Plus, live casinos give newcomers a chance to step into the initially daunting world of live casinos and experience the gameplay and environment for free, after which they can deposit money and start stacking up their cash. Here is why we love this:

  • Live casinos pay-out only in real money;
  • Amazing to try different tables;
  • It's an high-value bonus.

Deposit bonus VS free cash: what change?

Deposit bonus vs free cash

Online casinos are never too afraid to offer lucrative bonuses since this helps bring more people to their casino. This is done in any way, but most casinos these days offer newcomers a deposit bonus or free cash, both of which can be used by the players to play at the casino. It is safe to say that both of these bonuses offer players a chance to earn free money, but what gives most new players a tough time is deciding how to choose between the two. To be able to make that decision, the key differences between the two must be understood. 

Casinos offer deposit bonuses in the hopes that they will eventually encourage the player to play for real money and deposit money in their casino in the long run. All players have to do is choose a casino of their liking and make a deposit. Afterward, players will be required to meet the terms and conditions defined by the casino before making a withdrawal. Once that is done, players can choose to either withdraw their money or continue playing games at the casino for real money, since the bonus is offered one-time only to new members.

Free cash is also offered by many big casinos to attract players to become members of their online establishment. Free cash allows players to play different games for free and win even more money while spending $0, but it still requires you to make a deposit, although you might not use it right away. The free cash must be rolled over multiple times before the player can make a withdrawal, all of which will be mentioned in the specific casino rules. 

Tricks to convert free bonus quickly 

Free cash bonuses sound too good to new players, but the terms and conditions usually put them off, and they end up not taking advantage of the free bonus being provided by the casino. Although the terms and conditions are a bit repelling, there are two efficient ways to take advantage and convert them into cash quickly:

Meet the requirements quickly

It is crucial to meet all the casino requirements as early as possible so that the bonus does not get void. For example, some casinos might award players with 30 free spins but require a rollover of 10x or 15x to withdraw their payment. Most players don't read or consider that most of these bonuses also have a specific expiration date, after which they are considered void. So players recognize that they need to rollover a particular amount, but don't know about the expiration date (usually 2-3 weeks).

That is why when players have rolled over the required amount after one or two months, they’re unable to make their withdrawal. Again, this is why it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the casino before you start playing, even if it is for free. The simplest trick to withdraw money and enjoy your winnings is just to meet all the requirements early on so that they don’t bother you later. 

Play in the new casinos

This is a piece of rather unconventional advice, but the best online casinos are on a rise like they've never been before, with the market bringing in billions of dollars' worth of revenue every year. With this much enthusiasm, many new online casinos have opened up with the sole mission of providing fair and transparent gameplay to their customers and succeeding in the online casino industry.

This is why new casinos are giving away more tempting bonuses and prizes than some of the older developed ones because they can afford to. New casinos benefit from being less saturated, which means less hassle, smoother customer service, and more money for you. Also, most of the newer casinos have easier terms and conditions than some of the established online casinos, which certainly makes them a catch. 

Should you play with the casino free bonus?

Well, the short and direct answer is yes. Although it may seem like these casino bonuses aren’t technically free, they are in the long run, especially if you are serious about playing at an online casino. The terms and conditions in place by the casinos around the world are there to safeguard their assets and establishment, so that people don't register, play, win, cash out and leave without coming back. And even though terms and conditions may seem excruciating to a lot of people, they can be rather easily met if you're looking at the right casinos.

That being said, we do believe that casino free bonuses should be utilized and taken advantage of, especially if you're looking to enter the virtually exciting world of online casinos. 

What is a casino no deposit bonus?

A casino no deposit bonus is awarded to players by an online casino, which allows them to enjoy a wide variety of slots and other games available at the casino, giving them a chance to win actual money without depositing any. Usually, players are eventually required to register with the online casino and make a deposit before being able to withdraw their winning. Still, the no deposit bonus is a great way for players to find out more about the online casino and the different games and slots on offer.

What are the wagering requirements of free cash bonuses?

A wagering requirement is a specific multiplier set by the online casino, representing the number of times players are required to rollover or play through the bonuses before they can be eligible to make their withdrawal. For example, a player is awarded $20 by the casino as a bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. This means that the player must spend $200 on eligible games offered by the casino before he/she can walk away with the money. Wagering requirements are pre-defined by the online casinos. They are different for each one, so players must verify the casino's requirements before initiating play.

Do all casinos offer a free cash bonus?

Well, another way to put this is that if you're playing at a casino that does not offer a bonus, chances are (not necessarily) that it might not be that good. All casinos do not offer free cash bonuses. Still, it should be said that all the top-ranked online casinos tend to offer free cash bonuses and several other bonuses to attract different players to their casinos.

Can I withdraw a no-deposit bonus?

No, players cannot withdraw a no-deposit bonus. A no-deposit bonus is awarded to players without them having to make any deposits. The players can then use this bonus further to play games and slots at the online casino, but they cannot withdraw the bonus awarded by the casino. However, they can withdraw winnings from the bonus by completing the casinos wagering requirements and other terms.

Why are the terms and conditions of these bonuses important?

Even more than the bonus itself, it is important that players completely go through and understand all the terms and conditions associated with the bonus being offered and the casino offering the bonus to make sure there are no problems afterward. This is because the casino reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal of payment to the player if they do not meet the required terms and conditions. So players sometimes win hundreds of dollars from free spins and other bonuses but do not follow the online casino guidelines, after which they're unable to withdraw their winnings, and the casino gets to keep them. In short, not following the terms and conditions is an easy and completely legal way for the casino to refuse payment to the player, so players must make sure not to miss any details.

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