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Online gambling has become one of the biggest pastimes for thousands of people across the globe. The main issue for many is the uncertainty of whether they are participating in the activity legally.

Many eager to join the masses are uncertain of whether they’d get in trouble and therefore prefer to stay away. 

For those living in Alabama, this is the perfect guide with all the need to know information regarding gambling regulations in the state.

You can also find a list of all the available gambling options within the state of Alabama.

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Last Updated • July 2023

Best Alabama Online Casino Apps and Sites

As one of the more conservative states in the US, it will come as no surprise that Alabama has very stern regulations when it comes to online gambling and casinos. What will be perhaps a little more surprising is that a legal bill is already in progress, which will ultimately turn Alabama into a state that legally regulates online and land-based gambling, much in the same way that states like New Jersey and Colorado do.

However, until that happens, Alabamians will have to make do with social casinos, sweepstakes sites, non-live race betting, and some very niche bingo and lottery events.

Guide to gamble in the state of Alabama

Top 10 social casinos, sweepstakes and fantasy sports sites in Alabama

  • b spot - best for exclusive games
  • ParlayPlay - best for daily fantasy sports
  • Hard Rock Jackpot Casino - best for intuitive features
  • DraftKings - best for promotions and bonuses
  • FanDuel - best for same game parlays
  • Chumba Casino - best for welcome offer
  • Fortune Coins - best for progressive jackpots
  • LuckyLand Slots - best for loyalty program
  • Funzpoints Casino - best for mobile experience

Gambling History in Alabama

The great State of Alabama has been back and forth on the subject of gambling legality since 1901. To go into all those decades of gambling history in complete detail would be a thesis unto itself, so we'll give you the cheat sheet summary so you can grasp the facts without developing a squint. While it's a long history, it's also a repetitive one. 

Numerous politicians worked hard to legalize multiple types of gambling, and almost all were rejected, repealed, or in some way minimized. What remains is a slightly odd system where pari-mutel betting on horse and dog racing and greyhound racing is allowed, but online sports betting is not. 

You can't access any online casinos, but you can visit a land-based casino in certain territories. In short, Alabama has been left with a patchwork of regulations surrounding gambling, no doubt a result of over 100 years' worth of disagreements.

Land-Based Casinos in Alabama

Probably the most famous land-based casino in the entire state is Victoryland Casino in Shorter, Alabama. Those visiting the storied destination will find a casino, a greyhound track, and also a hotel to lay your weary head after all the excitement. You might recognize the name due to its numerous and highly publicized lawsuits and closures as the state went back and forth over its legality. It was shut down for the last time in 2013, but re-opened in 2015 and remains open to this

So how did they swing it? Casinos are only allowed to operate on Native American reservations (territories within Alabama that are subject to separate legislation), and even then they can only offer electronic gambling machines, simulcast racing and sports parlay. That means no live games like poker, blackjack and roulette and absolutely no felt tables and roulette wheels. Today, there are three other land-based casinos you can visit (all located on reservations) in Atmore, Montgomery and Wetumpka.

Land-Based Casinos vs Online Casinos

Ordinarily, the difference between land-based casinos and online casinos is obvious. Land-based casinos are physical sites that you can visit to play all kinds of games, like Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette. Online casinos are digital versions of the same thing, except that you can play on any smart device with a stable internet connection. Online casinos almost always offer more options and a seemingly endless selection of games.

In Alabama, the distinction between land-based and online casinos isn't so straightforward. There are only a small handful of land-based casinos located in Alabama, and these can only offer slot machines and a few forms of simulated race betting and parlay betting. On the other hand, online gambling in Alabama is completely outlawed, and while players can access some offshore sites, this is a very gray area and could quite possibly land players in trouble. Some affiliate sites may direct you to play anyway, but you should always be aware of the risk when playing outside of the law.

Alabama has a pretty straightforward law to dictate the legality of gambling, whether land-based or online. Essentially, if chance is the dominant factor in the game (i.e. luck and not skill), then a game of this type for real money is illegal. This has been the case ever since a bill was introduced in 1901, but things are likely to change relatively soon. 

The law is currently being revisited to finally introduce online gambling and land-based gambling into Alabama. I can only imagine the decision made so that the state may profit from the gambling activity of Alabamians, who continue to gamble out of state regardless.

While no one can quite believe it, it appears that Alabama could be one of the next states to regulate gambling with a license. According to a new bill (SB 294), which formally establishes the Alabama Education Lottery and Gambling Commission, online gambling is about to become totally legal.

The bill covers the regulation of slot machines, video lottery terminals, pari-mutuel wagering games on live or simulcast races, card games (poker, baccarat, chemin de fer, blackjack), dice games, roulette, bingo, electronic bingo, table games, electronic games, and electronic sweepstakes, and internet sports betting. It also includes legislation for lotteries, including a state lottery, a multi-state lottery, instant tickets, scratch-off tickets, and any other draw-based lottery. 

All players must be 21 years of age or older. But before you get too excited, you should know that there might be a little more waiting in the works. It usually takes years for bills such as these to be totally finalized. The good news is that Alabama's gambling bill has been in the works for over a year already, so things could get moving pretty soon.

Expected Online Casino Games in Alabama

Once the law comes into force, then all sorts of gambling options will be on the table, so long as they remain within the remit of the law. At this point, we can only guess at how the Alabama gambling area will look, but our expectations are based on research of the bill of law currently being processed. From what we can tell, all kinds of online casino games will be in scope, which means both online casinos and land-based sites will be fully kitted out.

Once the law is firmly in place, players from Alabama can expect to access all online casino games, well beyond just sweepstakes and social casinos. They'll also be able to play jackpots, blackjack, and roulette, explore extensive sportsbooks and experience the excitement of live casino games. But all of that is yet to begin, and we can only wait for state law to come to be finalized and enacted.

Online Slots

If you're looking to play online slots and you're physically located in Alabama, then you currently have two options. You can visit one of the four land-based casinos where there are a number of on-site slot machines, some of which also feature progressive jackpots packed with excitement for real money wins. If you prefer to play online, then your options become a little more limited.

Since online casinos are illegal within Alabama, you'll need to play at slots at social casinos or sweepstake sites. Instead of playing for real money, you'll play for fun or with the site's local coin for instant wins of more coins or sometimes also real cash prizes.

Online Poker

The only legal way to play poker in Alabama is in the comfort of your home with a few friends and a poker set. To compete in tournaments or sit and go poker, you'll have to log in to a social casino that offers poker content. Instead of playing with real money, you'll get access to games in exchange for the site's coin currency, which has no real monetary value. 

While this might not sound as exciting, sites like Global Poker are a fantastic example of a social poker experience that really works hard in recreating the competitive edge usually driven by real money gambling. You'll have the opportunity to win prizes and compete against other players to improve your ranking.


While lotteries might be a commonplace part of society, in Alabama this absolutely isn't the case. There isn't a state lottery in place, and while there were many historical attempts to create the Alabama Lottery, they all failed. The only legal way to conduct a lottery is if it's in aid of a charitable cause. 

And even in those situations, the lottery must be entirely organized and managed by the charitable cause that it's in aid of. In reality, these regulations haven't stopped Alabamians from purchasing lottery tickets. A recent news article covered the story of hordes of Alabama residents crossing state lines to buy tickets for the Mega Millions lottery.


Roulette is one of the oldest and most beloved games in casino history. But those hoping to watch the gleaming wheel spin and experience the rush of a massive multiplier win are fresh out of luck in Alabama. Roulette is banned in all land-based casinos and online players can only look for free-to-play versions. Some social casinos offer roulette games, but these are less common than slots.

When Alabama eventually regulates, players will be able to access all real money online casinos legally, as well as visit the roulette wheel in person at the land-based casinos.


The historical game of Blackjack receives much the same treatment as Roulette does in the state of Alabama. That means no land-based blackjack games and only free-to-play versions at social casinos and similar sites online. Until the regulations kick in, players from Alabama will have to content themselves with finding a fantastic social casino that offers a solid selection of blackjack games. 

The good news is that you'll still be able to practice and employ your favorite blackjack strategies. You'll even have the opportunity to boost your coin balance, and on some sites, score some real money wins.

Live Dealer

If you're from Alabama, then you've probably never experienced the thrill of a live dealer or live casino game. I'm assuming you've toed the line and haven't accessed any offshore online casinos, of course! As the law currently stands, there's no way to play live dealer games legally within the state. These types of games are purely limited to the realm of online casinos - you won't find them at social casinos either. Since these are outlawed in Alabama, then players will just have to wait until the state finalizes its license. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer!

Deposit and Withdraw Methods in Alabama Gambling Sites

When you play on online casino sites, the deposit and withdrawal processes are usually pretty straightforward. You're usually advised to make a deposit through a safe and secure method, and ideally, make your withdrawal using the same method for the fastest transactions with minimal delays. These days, most transactions take place within a day or even a couple of hours.

When it comes to social casinos and sweepstakes sites, the situation is a little different. You won't always need to make a deposit because most of these sites offer a ‘free to play’ option. However, most of these sites also allow you to purchase coin packs that can be used to gain access to games, tournaments, and competitions. When you win you can earn more coins, but these can't be withdrawn as they don't carry a monetary value.

On the occasions when you win a cash prize, as is offered by some sites, then you'll be able to withdraw back to your payment method. Most reputable sites offer you the option to use prepaid cards, or credit and debit cards like MasterCard and Visa. Some will also have a branded option which is usually run by Play+. It's also common to find sites that allow the use of PayPal and Neteller.

Bonuses to be Offered in Alabama

Players who are used to the huge range of bonuses and promotions offered at online casinos are in for a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to playing at online casinos in Alabama. While regular online casinos offer a fairly similar slew of welcome offers, free spins, and bonus cash, social casinos and sweepstakes work differently. With sites like Chumba Casino and Fortune Coins, you'll be eligible for a massive welcome offer featuring thousands of free coins to play all games on-site with. 

Sites such as these work hard to keep the entertainment rolling by running various tournaments and competitions and offering exciting prizes like extra coins, gifts, and even cash. It's a completely different way to utilize bonuses, but they're definitely still extremely appealing in their own way. As is the case with regular online casinos, be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing up!

When Could Alabama Legalize Sports Gambling?

If you asked us two years ago, the response would have been NEVER! At the time of writing, it was completely illegal to gamble on any sports in Alabama, but this could be about to change within the next few years. The laws instituted in 1901 are finally being revisited and sportsbooks and sports gambling have made the list as areas to be legalized. There's no firm indication as to when exactly this will happen, but by the summer of 2022 talks had advanced considerably to the passing of a bill and a new set up commission.

Alabama Daily Fantasy Sports

One of the gaming activities that has taken the world by storm in recent years is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). For those who aren't aware, DFS is a social gaming setup where players buy famous athletes of a given sport to form their own team, all the while staying within a financial cap. The success or failure of this fantasy team depends on how the actual athletes perform in real-life events and competitions. DFS has been regulated by several countries and states to ensure safe play. Alabama initially ordered a ban on all fantasy sports in 2016, eventually relenting and signing dedicated DFS legislation into Alabama law.

Alabama Horse Betting

It might be surprising considering how conservative Alabama is on any traditional gambling, but horse betting and horse racing aren't illegal. The same goes for dog racing. While live horse betting is allowed, it might not be as easy as you'd think. There are only three live tracks in Alabama (Mobile, Macon, and Jefferson), and they're all dedicated to dogs. But don't despair, all land-based casinos offer simulcast races as well as historical horse racing. More recently, Alabama introduced pari-mutuel wagering.

This is a slightly complex method of betting in which bets of a certain type are all bundled together, and the winning pool is split proportionally amongst the winners.

Expected Online Sportsbooks Alabama

If you're an Alabamian who shuns casino entertainment in favor of sportsbooks and sports betting, then here's the deal. At the time of writing, you absolutely can't bet on any sports legally. None, zero, zilg. But it's not all doom and gloom because the powers that be in Alabama have already begun the process of making sportsbooks and sports betting legal within the state. 

While this isn't going to happen tomorrow, it's definitely already in the works. Once the final signature is on the dotted line, Alabamians will be able to legally access all leading online sportsbooks that are available to other players, as well as set up their own.

Available Sports when Alabama Legalizes Sports Gambling?

Overall, Americans are famed for their passion for sports. Whether it's football (NFL), basketball (NBA), golf, or baseball (MLB), the good people of the USA love it all. Alabamians are no exception and are particularly well known for their dedication to college football. In fact, if you run a quick Google search on the state, this is one of the top facts about the region. Therefore, it stands to reason that this passion for football would create sports betting enthusiasts in some spectators.

Currently, sports betting of any kind is illegal, but this isn't a permanent situation. In reality, once Alabama legalizes sports gambling, there won't be any restrictions as to which sports are on the table. It's highly unlikely that regulators will exclude gambling on certain sports while allowing others. That means payers will be able to" place spots” bets on all games, from hockey” and soccer to boxing and tennis - and everything in between!

The wheels of the law turn slowly, and no slower than when it comes to changing gambling laws in the USA. Alabama is a prime example, where the laws surrounding real money gambling have been stagnating since 1901. Now said wheels have been lubricated and are starting to spin. 

It's not a whirr so much as it is a stutter, and keen gamblers shouldn't be lining up just yet. However, the future does look promising for the state of Alabama, which looks to be opening its doors to a range of gambling options including slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, lotteries, bingo, sports betting, and more.

Since the law hasn't yet been finalized, it's not entirely clear how regulations will differ between land-based and online gambling. With the second bill on the matter passed in 2022, there are still more discussions to be had. Our feeling is that the future looks bright for Alabama gambling, and we look forward to the day when the doors swing wide open.

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