Goldfish Slot

The slot game Goldfish is a WMS software slot game by the developer Scientific Games Interactive. It is an interactive game that falls under the category of casino games and is available to be played in the English language only. The game can be downloaded on smartphones via Google Play store or Apple App Store, or played online, and the average rating of the game is around 4.7 stars. The size of the game varies with the size of the device, and the RTP for it is 96%, which is pretty impressive.  This game can can be found in the best online sweepstakes offered on CTO. 

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Gold Fish

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Ready to play one of the best WMS slots? Goldfish is one of the best online slots to play online, with a great RTP and a massive multiplier. The graphic of this game is pretty advanced and the slots works on every device. We really enjoyed the 3 hours we played this games while writing our review on CasinoTopsOnline. Here you can find some platform with this slots to play with real money.

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Overview of Goldfish

e7986a6bc85eeca5350fe55e008fcc98Even though there are many bonuses in the game, you will not find any free spins and the multiplier option is up to 10x. Any avid slot player would know the name of Scientific Games Interactive and recognize the expertise of the developer. You can expect the same level of genius in this game too. People consider it to be a fun and classic slot game, and it has gathered a lot of fans.

Have you ever been to Atlantic City to play slots at any of the casinos? If you have, the chances are that you will recognize the name of Goldfish slot and most probably have even played it once in your life. Goldfish slot video can be played online on desktop computers or smartphones, and you will not need to head down to any casinos.

The maximum win of the game is x200,000, which is exciting for players. You can also get up to 20 free spins in Goldfish slot on which you can win a lot of bucks! If you decide to play this slot machine game, your eyes will thank you as there are a lot of vivid colors and enticing graphics that will keep you entertained throughout. This is the game that you play when you do not wish to use your brain too much and kind of want to become a goldfish yourself. This game will keep you mindlessly happy and engaged and make you rich, little by little or all in one go—it all depends on your luck.

Goldfish Slot Machine’s Main Theme and Gameplay

Why did we decide to review this particular slot game? What are we looking at here in this game? What are the points to focus on? How did we review the game? Whenever we review any online casino game, there are a couple of things that we focus on, mainly the gameplay and concept of the game.

As for the Goldfish slot video, the first thing one notices is the game's simple and serene atmosphere. It immediately conveys that the developer has kept the game's concept simple so that the players do not get distracted by the fireworks instead of focusing on the real deal of the game. The audio track of the game, a casino lounge's music, is relaxing and makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, deep under the sea and witnessing tropical fishes swim by. As the name of the game might give it away, the theme of the game revolves around fish and sea life. All the symbols are based on different species of fishes, sea animals, and many other items that are all related to fish, like fish food or nets that you can catch. You will find every fish related item in this slot video.

Coming down to the hard facts of Goldfish Slot, the game has 5 reels and 3 rows, which is a step up from classic slot videos, and you will find 25 paylines that go from left to right. The paylines can be made across three rows of symbols, which will give you plenty of chances of winning the right combination in this particular slot video. The highest amount of payout in the Goldfish slot is $31,000, which is something that manages to entice every player. How do you win the maximum payout?

Like any other slot video, you cannot win the payout with any combination. For the Goldfish slot and its highest payout, you need to have five symbols of goldfish, but it is only applicable when you have placed the maximum bet.

Even if you do not get five goldfish symbols, do not be disheartened because there are other symbols. The high paying symbols that you can achieve are red and white striped fish and the beautiful looking purple fish. Get those, and you will be very happy with the money that you get. What is wild for all the other symbols? The goldfish symbol itself is one except if you get the feature which can be brought on by gathering three scattered fish food symbols.

Bonus: Random Colored Fish Feature

16cf3bf7d6f56e484374e259b5ea5d09We have previously mentioned some of the different colored fish that can give you a high payout, but let us now focus on the bonuses that random fish features bring along. While we were reviewing the game, we found it fascinating that the developers linked different colored fish with various bonuses and managed to stick to the central theme of the game even while distributing bonuses.

  • Purple Fish: What does the purple fish do exactly? You will be fascinated by the three bubbles that the purple fish will blow out as each of them will contain a digit, and all of them will rearrange themselves into a three-digit figure, which will eventually be multiplied by the line bet that you have.
  • Red Fish: This eye-catching fish will present you with a castle, clam, and treasure chest. The choice now is on you as you will need to choose only one of the three. Now comes the exciting part—you will need to keep your fingers crossed that the fish in the tank will kiss the item that you chose because if it does, the value of the award will be increased by different amounts, depending on the fish that will kiss the item.
  • Green Fish: When the green fish is involved, the slot will be a mini version of the game. You will be presented with a fish tank, which will contain a couple of bubbles. You will need to select one bubble that will lead you to a cash reward. If your lucky stars are with you, you might just pick the bubble that will let you collect all the cash in the tank at that moment. It all boils down to luck, and you will not need any skills beforehand for it. Just hope for the best, and you might win big.
  • Blue Fish: Blue is our favorite color, and coincidentally, it is also a Super Scatter feature. It will let you receive 1 to 3 spins. The symbols that will appear after the reels are spun will line up to create different winning combinations. It will not be limited to the active paylines only. Even if luck is not with you and you do not end up winning anything, you will receive a 10x multiplier for the triggering line in the game. All in all, you will come out a winner of sorts at the end when you play with the blue fish.
  • Goldfish: We now come to our final and most important fish—the goldfish! It is the fish that the whole slot video is named after, which is why it is the most special one. When you are playing with the goldfish, you will be given the choice of picking one bubble from numerous of them on the screen, and with it, you stand the chance of winning 5 to 20 free spins, with the multiplier being anywhere between 2x to 10x. This is why everyone's favorite fish is the goldfish—not only is it fun and exciting, but it also gives gamblers the chance to win something big at one of the most popular slot games in the market of online casinos.

Bonus: Fish Food Features

You will notice that the developer has even managed to snag fish food into giving the players some bonuses so that every player leaves happy with their pockets filled, which is precisely what you will experience once you play Goldfish slot video. If you have never seen fish food by any chance in your life, then you will be pleasantly surprised with the Goldfish slot as it will allow you to play with fish food.

The first question that pops up in your head is, how do you achieve this bonus level or feature? This feature will only be awarded to you on a certain condition: if you manage to land three or more fish food scatter symbols in the right manner! During the feature, you will be given a range of different colored fish food. You aim to find three or four matching colored fish food, but how do you get to it? Just keep picking at the selection of the food till you get the desired numbers. Now here is the thing to remember—there is food worth way more than other colored fish food. Are you ready for another exciting aspect of this bonus feature? Some super lucky players can find three turtle or golden colored turtles that allow them to win the final attractive pick of the feature.

We admit that the different colored fish bonus feature was much more comprehensive than this one, but the different colored fish food bonus feature is a whole range of its own. It offers fun and excitement that is marginally different from the other bonus features. The luckiest gambler is the one who gets to play both the bonus features and win a lot of cash.

True to its concept and gameplay, the bonus features are designed cleverly. You will never feel that you are not playing the Goldfish slot video. Every element of the bonus rounds is solely focused on the fish world, and you will be serenaded with beautiful music throughout. We guarantee that once you play the Goldfish slot video, you will be hooked!

Jackpot Feature of Goldfish Video Slot

b2a566ad2e7b4dda46e60535fe8e3313Every gambler out there loves a jackpot, and why wouldn't they? It is something that allows you to win a whole lot of money at once! If you have never tried playing for a jackpot before, we recommend that you give it a chance now with Goldfish's jackpot. It is a random jackpot that is called Jackpot Party Progressive. How does this feature work? Basically, you can be bombarded with this jackpot at any time during the game, as it appears completely at random. The feature will give you a Jackpot Party pick a box bonus through which you can start collecting stars that will allow you to win one of the five progressive jackpots and get super-wealthy.

As you can see, the producer of the game has not kept it too simple. The team has introduced multiple dimensions and layers to the game that keep any gambler on their toes and raises their excitement throughout the game. The main point of any jackpot is winning a lot of money, and that is what you will get with this jackpot of the Goldfish slot machine.

Availability of Goldfish Slot Video

Sadly, most of the games by WMS are only available to be played by the residents of the United Kingdom as of now. WMS Gaming seems to be very selective when it comes to partnerships with casinos. They have strict policies when it comes to restricting countries from playing their games.

Casinos Where You Can Find Goldfish Slot Online

Now we come to the point when you learn where you can play the popular slot video called Goldfish. After a lot of research, we have found that all the gamblers that play this slot video mainly download the game from their phone's application store, which is why it was hard to find casinos where you can play the Goldfish slot online. If you scroll down below, you can see that we could only find one credible casino that we would recommend to our readers. If you do find more reliable casinos where Goldfish is offered, let us know!

  1. Slots Magic Casino: Slots Magic Casino was initially called Jackpot Party Casino. It was established back in June 2011 and is licensed in Malta. The casino itself is a multi-software casino, and as the new name of the casino suggests, the casino is all about slot machines. The games at the casino are provided by the big name of WMS Gaming. The collection of titles comprises 160 games in total, out of which 110 are slot videos. Sadly, you will not find any slot tournaments at the casino. The only negative point that we came across about this casino is that it does not accommodate any players from the U.S., which is a bit problematic. We feel that the casino should reconsider its policies and widen its pool of allowed countries for its own benefit. Bonus: When it comes to bonuses, a new player can obtain the welcome package at the Slots Magic, which is a total of $2,500 worth in bonuses. If you complete all the requirements, you can become a part of the VIP Loyalty program of the casino and enjoy its many perks and benefits. Many gamblers claim that the best thing about the casino is the huge welcome bonus that any new player can get, and we also believe that it is one of the best packages out there.

Goldfish with Real Money

You can play this US onlin slot with real money in several websites. You can find the full list of sites where this game is available at the beginning of the page.

Final Verdict

As we mentioned above, most of the games by WMS are not available to be played in the U.S., but we are hoping that this policy will change soon because the residents of the United States would love to play the classic slot video called the Goldfish. If we were to talk about the slot game itself, we would rate it highly since it possesses every quality that a good slot video should have. There have been some complaints about the slot video that there are not enough bonuses.

We feel that the bonuses that are already offered are attractive enough, but if all players want more bonuses, then the game developer should seriously consider it. Other than that, keeping in mind the concept of the game, Goldfish slot video is a fun way to win money at an online casino or via its app that you can download on your phone. If you like fishes or sea animals, you will admire this slot video and its features.

It will take you on a swim through the sea where you will be enchanted by the fishes blowing bubbles, win real money, and get all the entertainment you ever look for while playing slot machines. Goldfish is the perfect game for gamblers who harbor an avid fascination with the sea and its dwellers. 

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Can I play goldfish for real money?

Yes, you can play this free play for real money in the best online sweepstakes.

How much can I win with goldfish?

With Goldfish you can win up to 30.000 coins.

Can I play goldfish without downloading?

Yes, there are many casinos where this game is available without download. On this page you will find a list.

Gold Fish Game
  • SoftwareWMS
  • Reels5
  • VarianceLow
  • Free Spins No
  • Bonus Rounds No
  • Jackpot No
  • Bet Range0.35 - 105
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