Best Exodus Wallet Casinos in 2024

Best Exodus Wallet Casinos in 2024

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The Exodus brand markets itself as being able to empower people to control their wealth. That’s quite the ideal payment system to have available, right?

The Exodus brand markets itself as being able to empower people to control their wealth. That’s quite the ideal payment system to have available, right? Through the Exodus company, you can secure, manage and swap cryptocurrency via desktop, mobile and hardware wallets. This ensures that you’re making use of a safe, reliable and trusted banking method. 

Of course, because it works with cryptocurrencies, this makes it an ideal payment method for crypto casinos. The brand itself was founded in 2015, and it has new software releases every two weeks whilst supporting over 260 cryptocurrencies. The global accessibility and ease of use of this banking option are what make it a popular option for gamblers worldwide to utilise for casino deposits and withdrawals.

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How to Use Exodus Wallet to Gamble

If you think that the Exodus Wallet is the right option for you to conduct your gambling activity, then allow us to advise you on how to use it for this.

Set Up an Exodus Wallet Account

  1. Download the desktop or mobile Exodus wallet app and install it. Alternatively, install the Web3 wallet to your Chrome or Brave browser.

  2. Create your wallet by opening the app and selecting to start a new one.

  3. Set up a password for your Exodus Wallet and secure it with a secret phrase.

  4. Deposit funds into the wallet by one of the supported methods.

Fund Your Casino Account

  1. Sign up for an account at your chosen online Exodus Wallet casino.

  2. Go to the site’s cashier page and choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit in.

  3. Copy the casino’s crypto wallet address and paste it into your Exodus Wallet or scan the QR code via mobile.

  4. Enter an amount to transfer and complete the transaction via your wallet.

How to Make a Withdrawal

  1. Return to the cashier of the online casino and use the ‘Withdraw’ section.

  2. Choose your preferred withdrawal cryptocurrency.

  3. Copy your Exodus Wallet address and paste it into the relevant box.

  4. Enter an amount to withdraw and complete the transaction.

Payment method benefits

What Do I Like About Exodus Wallet?

Whether you intend to join one of the casinos that accept Bitcoin, an Ethereum platform, a Litecoin site or anything else, the Exodus Wallet comes with a selection of advantages to experience. Take a look at these below.


Perhaps the biggest perk about using the Exodus Wallet is how accessible it is. We don’t just mean that players around the globe can download the app and use it. We’re also referring to the fact that you can download the app to your desktop, your mobile device or even install it on your web browser. This makes it quite the convenient and easy-to-access banking option.

Possibility for Hardware Wallets

Exodus has also partnered up with the Trezor brand to provide hardware wallets to its users. Through this, you can still manage and swap cryptocurrencies, but do it in a much more secure way. There is no signup or registration required for the hardware wallet, and the fact that it does not always have to be connected to the online world adds to the appeal.

Instant Transactions

You can never deny the appeal that making instant deposits and withdrawals brings to casino gamers. Instant withdrawal casinos will always link up perfectly with players who choose to use cryptocurrencies anyway. Using the Exodus Wallet just adds to the general attraction for this banking option, though. The fact that you can transfer money to and from your chosen gambling site in swift time is a perk that most people would like to benefit from online.

Free Transactions

As well as being able to experience quick transfers of money, gamblers don’t want to have to pay extra fees for such, either. With Exodus Wallet, you don’t have charges added to your transactions, and that relates to both deposits and withdrawals. Thus, you can send and receive money at casinos without the threat of additional costs on top.

Over 260 Cryptocurrencies

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks that Exodus Wallet provides to its users is the capability for supporting more than 260 digital currencies. Thus, you don’t specifically have to deal with Bitcoin. 

So many altcoins exist, and this means you can easily use the wallet for depositing and withdrawing at Ethereum casinos, Bitcoin Cash casinos, Dogecoin casinos, and so on. That adds to the diversity of the Exodus Wallet, and the likelihood is that even more cryptocurrencies will be introduced in the future, too.

Choose a Casino That Accepts Exodus Wallet

Now that you know about the advantages of this payment method, you may be wondering about joining an Exodus Wallet casino site. Take a look below at a few things to look out for when choosing such.

Check the Promotions

Bonuses and other promotions are often provided at online casinos. These welcome newcomers to the sites and maintain the existing player base, too. Yet if you’re a cryptocurrency user, you can often benefit from even better rewards at some platforms. Make sure you look into the promotions that are available to you if you deposit this way. You may just find yourself playing at one of the better free spins casinos or bonus sites for crypto users.

Ensure the Site is Safe & Secure

Exodus Wallet provides a safe and trustworthy service to cryptocurrency users. Yet when the money is transferred from that wallet to the casino, it is in the gambling operator’s hands, so to speak. You need to ensure your money is kept safe while it is there. 

At the same time, your personal information should also remain private and away from third parties. Check into if the casino holds an official licence, if it has a privacy policy that you can read, if it offers appropriate responsible gambling tools.

Read the Terms and Conditions

The small print of any company, be it online or offline, can be telling of how it operates. The T&Cs at an online casino should have all necessary operating details included in them. This means they will explain the withdrawal process of a casino, the restricted countries, any promotion terms, the minimum deposit possible, and so on. Finding out as much as you can about a casino before joining is pivotal, and the T&Cs will definitely help with this.

Details of this method

Important Facts About Exodus Wallet

Check out some further insight into using the Exodus Wallet for your cryptocurrency transactions.

Exodus Wallet Licence

Exodus itself is a software platform only. Thus, it does not conduct independent diligence or substantiative review of blockchain assets. Because cryptocurrencies are not connected to financial institutions either, it does not require any licence to operate as a digital currency wallet.

Where Is Exodus Wallet Available?

The Exodus Wallet is used by individuals located around the world. Anyone that is able to purchase digital currencies can make use of the Exodus Wallet in any of its forms – desktop, mobile, hardware or web browser integration.

How is Customer Support When Using Your Exodus Wallet?

It’s always a good idea to know what kind of customer support is available for your chosen casino payment method. When it comes to the Exodus Wallet, there is a fantastic FAQ section that you can access at the official site. This provides a fantastic knowledge base for you to utilise and find out extra information. You can also use the additional support section for help with getting started, buying cryptocurrencies, withdrawing money to bank accounts from Exodus Wallet, and more.

Report a Problem With Exodus Wallet

If things are getting serious and you have problems to report, then you will need to speak with Exodus’s knowledgeable support team. If you can’t find the insight you need in the FAQ section, then you can reach out for basic support via the live chat. Alternatively, you can book a live call with a cryptocurrency expert. Both of these options can be found via the additional support section of the Exodus website, giving you all the help you may require.

Similar payment methods

What Are the Best Available Alternatives to Exodus?



Sezzle is one of the most convenient methods to deposit at online casinos in several countries. Read our full review of this payment method.



Anyone based in India will know about the PhonePe brand. It provides digital payments and financial technology, with its headquarters being based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.



This American financial services company offers its users online money transfers, digital payment services and also provides its customers with working capital.

My Real Thoughts on Using Exodus to Pay at Online Casinos

The Exodus Wallet is a wonderful piece of software to make use of if you already own or want to buy cryptocurrencies. The various types of wallets available – web browser, hardware, mobile etc. – stand out from the get-go. Not only that, but it supports over 260 digital currencies, offers instant transactions, and is usable around the world. Could it get much better for cryptocurrency users?

Exodus Wallet Casinos' Frequently Asked Questions

Why not find out even more about the Exodus Wallet by reading through these frequently asked questions below?

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