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Very few bonus types are free of wagering requirements which has prompted players to more commonly seek out lower stipulations on their bets and deposits.

However, when searching for these, our experts recommend some things to ensure:

  • The online casino is safe and secure with relevant gambling licenses in place

  • Make sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure eligibility

  • Different bonuses may have different wagering requirements.

Verde Casino is top of the pile for low wagering requirements this month, due to the overall quality of its casino experience, with its extensive games lobby a particular draw. But our list is far more comprehensive than just one operator, so read on so you can choose the best one for you!

Best Low Wagering Casino Bonuses for April 2024

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Last Updated • April 2024

Casino Bonuses With Lowest Wagering

A low wagering casino bonus is doubtless something that every gamer is looking for in the end. Nobody wants to have to hold on to a set of bonus funds and win with them and then find they cannot withdraw what has been won because the wagering requirements haven’t been met. After all, most casinos require those to be completed within a set time period, too.

Low wagering requirements dictate that you won’t need to play through as many times with the bonus funds in order to be able to withdraw the winnings associated with such. It’s true to say that there have been more and more new casinos launched in recent years. And while some of these do come with higher wagering requirements to complete, this is not always the case. 

There are even some casinos that promote themselves as not requiring any wagering requirements from their users on bonuses. Not a huge number of these can be found online, though.

Different types of bonuses exist, including the standard deposit bonus, no deposit casino bonuses, free spins rewards, and more. Again though, not all of these have low wagering bonus requirements attached to them. While one casino may require wagering of 50x to be completed on a deposit bonus, another one may only require 15x. 

That’s quite the difference, and it can sometimes be the difference maker between someone joining one online casino over another.

Find the casino bonuses with the lowest wagering

Low Wagering Requirement Bonuses

If you know anything about online casino bonuses, then you’ll understand what a wagering requirement is. This is the number of times you need to wager your bonus amount (and sometimes the deposited amount, too) on the games within a casino’s lobby. 

So, if you receive a £50 bonus and this has a wagering requirement of 35x attached to it, you need to complete bets of 50 x 35 – or as this equation totals out at, £1,750.

The wagering requirement is not an amount that you need to win or to lose, but simply the amount in bets that you need to place. So, regardless of whether the outcome of your wager is a win or a loss, the amount that you have wagered will contribute towards the completion of those requirements.

The smaller this wagering requirement is the better off you as the player will be in the end. Let’s compare that previous amount of £1,750 for a £50 bonus with 35x wagering requirements with an alternative. Let’s say that you decide to sign up to one of the best online casino sites and it features a welcome deposit offer. 

This also provides you with £50 in bonus funds, but the attached wagering requirements stand at 20x instead of 35x. In this instance, you only need to place a total number of bets equating to £1,000 (20 x £50). That stands as a much better total to complete than £1,750, right?

The common cause of action for online casinos is to provide lower wagering requirements on lower bonus amounts (unless you have received a no deposit bonus). Why? Because it is easier for you to convert the bonus money into real money and then withdraw the amount from your casino account. 

And one of the prime priorities of online casinos is to really stop you from withdrawing anything from such because they want you to continue playing the available games.

Low Wagering Casinos Around the World

There are many casinos out there with a low wagering requirement. When we say low, we mean a wagering requirement inferior to 50X. We thought would be good to list all those casinos with low wagering available in the different countries in the world

Best Low Wagering Bonuses UK

The United Kingdom has a great number of UK online casino sites, and the vast majority of them provide intriguing bonus offers. So, what are the best low wagering bonuses for UK players to claim and reap the benefits from?

RankingCasinoWageringWin Rate
1888 Casino30X97.39%
2Mr Vegas Casino35X97.22%
3Barz Casino40X97.33%
4Betstorm Casino30X95.10%
5Casumo Casino35X97.03%
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Best Low Wagering Bonuses United States

The USA may seem like a bit of a tricky scene to cross where US online casinos are concerned, but you can still find those sites with lower wagering requirements that target this market. We know some of the best casinos that fit into this category, so join us for a look at them below.

RankingCasinoWageringWin Rate
1Gambino Slots25X94.12%
2Draft Kings30X96.48%
3Lucky Land Slots35X97.45%
4Chumba Social Casino40X96.10%
5Global Poker25X96.10%
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Best Low Wagering Bonuses India

Gamers in India can also enjoy benefitting from low wagering bonus offers at a variety of online casinos. Take a look at the Indian sites that we recommend and see if there’s one that suits your preferences.

RankingCasinoWageringWin Rate
1Vulkan Vegas Casino35X97.04%
2Barz Casino20X98.05%
3MegaSlot Casino40X96.72%
4Jackpot Village Casino30X96.50%
5GG Bet Casino35X98.28%
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Best Low Wagering Bonuses Europe

If you’re based on the continent of Europe, then you’ll likely be aware of a selection of online casinos already. But there are numerous ones of these that feature low wagering casino bonus offers for you to take advantage of. See more about these below.

RankingCasinoWageringWin Rate
1Vulkan Vegas Casino40X97.04%
2Barz Casino35X96.20%;
3Lyra Casino30X97.40%
4GG Bet Casino35X96.68%
5MegaSlot Casino25X97.15%
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Types of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

When the phrase “casino bonuses” is mentioned, it may be quite common to simply consider something like a deposit bonus as being referenced. Yet this is not actually the case. Low wagering casino bonuses can come in a variety of forms. And these can cater to both newcomers and regular players at a site. It is important to know all about the different sorts of casino bonuses that such platforms offer. And this is what we will take a look at with you.

From free spins through to no deposit bonus offers and the rewards provided on top of deposit transactions, there is a lot to look forward to with low wagering bonuses. Perhaps there is a type of bonus that works better for you than something else. It’s good to know what these low wagering casino bonuses are and how they operate. So, join us as we delve deeper into the types of casinos and new sweeps casinos promotions that are available to you.

Low Wagering Free Spins

Free spins will always be a slot player’s small slice of heaven. This is because they will always cater to one or more slot games. Essentially, their name explains it all – you get to spin the reels of such a casino game for free. 

Different online casinos provide different numbers of these to you, and on a different selection of the best online slots, too. One key difference between a low wagering bonus and low wagering free spins is that the playthrough requirements relate to the amount that you win by using the free spins.

So, let’s say that you receive 50 free spins to play on the Starburst online slot from Netent, for example. You take full advantage of these, spinning the game’s reels and enjoying one of the most popular online slot games in existence. By the time you reach the end of your 50 free spins, you have amassed a total amount of £150 from them. 

If those free spins come with a wagering requirement of 25x attached to them, for example, then the £150 that you have won would be multiplied by this. 

So, in this circumstance, you would need to complete wagering requirements of 25 x £150 = £3,750. And in the same vein as bonus funds, that amount has to be completed prior to you being able to withdraw the won money from your casino account.

Low wagering requirements casino sites will sometimes provide free spins alongside bonus funds as a reward for newcomers completing their registration and a first deposit. With free spins, you can get a taster of one or more slot machines without using any of your own funds first. Here are the casinos with the best low-wagering free spins offers:

  • Vulkan Vegas casino;
  • 888 casino;
  • Unibet casino.

Low Wagering Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is something that newly registered players are able to benefit from after signing up and making their first deposit. Sometimes, such a bonus reward will also spread out across your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits, in what is deemed a welcome package. A welcome bonus is meant to do as it says – welcomes you to the casino, and it does this with a bolstered balance featuring your own deposited funds and bonus funds on top.

The usual situation with this is for you to complete your initial registration and then make a deposit using one of the casino’s supported payment methods. A welcome bonus will normally be described as a percentage of this deposited amount to be added on top, and it should also be the case that a maximum reward from this is stated in the terms and conditions. So, something like “Make a first deposit and receive 100% bonus up to £100” is not uncommon.

Welcome bonuses have frequently suffered from high wagering requirements. And the sense behind this is that a casino doesn’t want you to deposit, receive a fantastic bonus and then complete wagering requirements swiftly so that you can proceed with withdrawing straight away. Find the top casinos with a low wagering welcome offer:

  • Bet365 casino;
  • GGBet casino;
  • Leovegas casino.

Low Wagering No Deposit Bonus

If you ever sign up for an online casino with low wagering no deposit bonus, then you’re certainly in for a fantastic treat. This is because you receive a wonderful reward right after you complete your registration at your chosen casino. Essentially, this acts as your qualification towards receiving the associated promotion.

So, what does a casino with a no deposit bonus provide to its players? Well, you basically get to take a look at how the casino operates without having to make a deposit of your own money beforehand. No deposit bonuses will usually be of a small amount, such as £10 or £15 for example, or potentially even be a small batch of free spins on a specific slot game. 

This gives you enough opportunity to experience a game or two, potentially win a bit of money in the process, and play as if you had already deposited.

No deposit bonus offers usually come with fairly high wagering requirements attached to them in many cases, though. And this is because, as mentioned before, a casino wants you to stick around and make a deposit. If you could simply claim a no deposit bonus and instantly retrieve the winnings, there is little point to you depositing at the site afterwards, is there? 

And it is also for this reason that no deposit bonuses will more often than not come with a maximum that you can win from using the funds. Here's our selection of casinos with a low-wagering free cash offer:

  • Yaa casino;
  • Mr Vegas casino;
  • 22Bet casino.

Wager-free bonuses are also something that exists, and these don’t require you to complete any kind of playthrough associated with a bonus. Fortunately, we also know of the best platforms that provide this kind of service. Take a look at these recommended wager-free bonus rewards and casinos.

Finding Bonuses With Low Wagering

So, if you’re looking to benefit from a low wagering bonus, how do you go about finding such? After all, they are not quite as common as standard bonuses with higher playthrough requirements. Therefore, you need to know where to look and what to look out for in this instance. And once you’ve found a bonus with low wagering requirements, you may never look back at any other platforms.

There are certain steps or guides that we recommend you follow when it comes to finding low wagering casino bonuses.

  1. Licensing status: Not all online casinos can be considered legal, safe and reputable. This is very much negated when they possess an official gambling licence from an effective jurisdiction, though. By holding such, a low wagering casino bonus is a lot more trustworthy, and the site has to adhere to specific rules to be considered a regulated platform.
  2. Security and safety: You need to know that the casino you’re joining can offer a secure experience. Therefore, seek out the ones that come with high-quality data encryption technology, secure servers, that help to promote responsible gambling, and a privacy policy for you to read.
  3. Utilise our services: We are here to recommend and guide you towards the very best low wagering casino bonus sites in existence. We have a team of experts that have gone through a massive number of online gambling sites to locate the ones that provide bonuses with minimal wagering requirements. Check them out and discover which ones cater to you for their bonuses and their inbuilt features.
  4. Check the reviews: Gamers can be notoriously honest and outright with their opinions of online casinos. Check into the reviews of a casino from two or three different players who have experienced what the platform provides. This way, you know that the promotions and everything else is not just for show, and actually have some substance behind them.
  5. Seasonal bonuses: Some casinos might offer bonuses with more favourable terms and conditions such as low wager Christmas bonuses to celebrate the holiday season.

How to find low wager casino bonuses

Reasons to Choose These Bonuses

So, why should you select low wagering bonuses as opposed to other standard bonus offers at an online casino? Well, here are a few points to take notice of with regard to claiming a low wagering reward:

  • You can complete the wagering in less time than it takes for a standard bonus’s playthrough to come to an end. This means that the winnings from the bonus funds are converted into real money quicker, allowing you to make a withdrawal of it as soon as possible.
  • They often tend to have low deposit qualifications or none at all. Low wagering bonuses usually don’t require huge amounts to be deposited in order for you to claim them, so you can benefit from checking out the casino and its games for a small transaction.
  • If you’re a newcomer to online casino gaming, then a low wagering bonus is much more helpful. Receiving a reward that has high wagering requirements attached to it is only likely to give you a negative view of the online casino sector. Due to it being your first time depositing, receiving a reward and playing, you won’t want to experience something that restricts you in a big way.
  • Low wagering bonuses provide you with an actual chance at winning and withdrawing something. High wagering requirements mean that you have to play games for longer to complete them, and in this case, you are much more likely to end up losing the funds that you would like to withdraw.

How do These Bonuses Work?

A low wagering bonus offers work in just about the same way as a standard casino bonus. The bonus funds themselves are added to your casino account as bonus money. This means that while in this state, it is not something that can be withdrawn. Instead, you can only use it for playing the various games in the lobby.

Every time you win with the bonus money, the winnings will be added to your balance, but again, in bonus form. You need to continue playing the games in order to complete the wagering requirements before the amount that you have won is converted into real money. It is only at this stage that you have the possibility of making a withdrawal request.

Some casinos also allow the bonus funds that you initially receive to be converted into real money after completion of the playthrough requirements, too. The vast majority only allow this to be used for betting purposes, though.

Wagering Requirements Description

So, what are wagering requirements? It’s a question that many people ask when they first see this included in a bonus’s terms and conditions. Wagering requirements serve as the total amount that you need to place in-game bets before you can make a withdrawal. Also known as playthrough at some sites, a casino should always inform you of the wagering requirements associated with a bonus reward.

You can usually always keep track of the progress of your bets at casinos too, with a tracker bar displaying how much of your wagering requirements you have left to complete. This is not an amount that you need to win on the games, nor is it an amount that you need to lose. 

Instead, it is simply the total sum of the bets that you need to place on the available games before you can proceed with a fast withdrawal. Therefore, all wagers placed, whether the outcome of such is a win or a loss, count towards the completion of those requirements.

The Meaning of 1X, 10X, 30X

All casinos display their wagering requirements as a multiple, and this is what the 1X or 25X or 30X etc. represents. So, if you were to read the conditions of a 100% bonus up to £300 and they said that the playthrough stands at 30x, this is the multiple of the bonus amount that you need to complete. Let’s use this example in a bit more depth.

You make a deposit at the casino of £100 and receive the 100% bonus on top. This grants you an extra £100, meaning that your starting casino balance is £200 altogether. The wagering requirements of the casino are 30X the bonus amount, so you need to complete a playthrough of 30 X £100 = £3,000. 

This is the figure that you need to keep in mind when playing, as you won’t be able to withdraw any winnings from the bonus money before that playthrough is completed.

You proceed with placing a bet of £5 for the first wager. It’s a winner, and you receive a payout of £5 on top. This increases your balance to £205 altogether, and you have completed £5 of your wagering requirements. You place another bet of £2, and this one loses. 

Your balance goes down to £203, but the £2 still contributes to wagering, meaning that you have amassed £7 of your £3,000 wagering requirement so far.

Low Wagering Bonus FAQs

If you want to know more about low wagering requirements casino bonuses, take a look at some of these FAQs.

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Why Do Casinos Apply Wagering Requirements to Bonuses? Arrow
Are Low Wagering Requirements Becoming Common? Arrow
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