Online Casinos With Courier Cheques


fees: Depending on country and bank
deposit: 5-7 days
Cashout: 5-7 days

The courier cheque payment method is a method by which one sends a cheque payment via a courier company directly to the casino. Perhaps slightly outdated when compared to modern banking methods like PayPal, cheques never really seem to go out of style. This is why a few online casinos still offer the method of cashing in your withdrawals through cheque. The availability is steadily decreasing though since it will take players a long time before they can see their casino winnings appear on their account.

To see which casinos accept courier cheque as a payment method, take a look at the list we have compiled for you below.

Casinos that Accept Courier Cheque Deposits

The Story Behind Courier Cheque

Courier cheques were the norm before digital banking became widely recognised. Although this payment method is not as popular as the rest, it is still valued for its secure nature and can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. This payment method saw a decline in popularity as it does not provide players with immediate funds. Additionally, this method is slightly expensive, as players need to pay for postage as well as other insurance costs that ensure the safety of the cheque.

Using Courier Cheque in Online Casinos

Courier cheques are losing popularity among the plethora of other payment methods that offer players quick cashout options. While there are still some online casinos that accept this form of payment, the decrease in its popularity has led to many virtual casinos dropping this means of payment. Users are advised to check out the "Banking" section of the casino they use to find out if this payment method is an available option.

How to Deposit a Courier Cheque at Casino Sites

Players would first need to check if their bank allowed courier cheques to be issued to casino sites, if not, players would have to open an account with a bank that does. You would also have to check if the casino of your choosing offers courier cheques as a payment method as well as the cheque processing times at the particular casino. Once registered at a casino site, users merely need to fill out the amount they wish to deposit into their player account and then mail the cheque to the casino’s address.

There will be a waiting period for the cheque to finish processing and for the money to be credited to a player's account. This time can go up to a week and will depend on both the distance an individual is from a casino's physical address as well as the casino's processing time. Thus, if you are looking to start playing instantly, this payment method is not recommended.

Fees to Use Courier Cheque to Play Online

Take note that there will be some fees imposed on having the cheque delivered, depending on your bank and the online casino. For UK based players, this service is free. Some casinos will allow for a free of charge cheque being sent out every 90 days, making it a nice little gift for the player.

Courier Cheque Withdrawal Speed

Courier cheques are quite slow in terms of processing speeds as the delivery time alone can take quite a while. You can anticipate 1-2 business days for your cheque to be delivered, and then clearance time for the cheque can take 5-7 days from the initial date of deposit to the funds showing up in your player account.

Why Choose an Online Casino Offering Courier Cheques

Courier cheques are a relatively old-fashioned method to process monetary transactions, and generally, individuals lean towards this method if they are unfamiliar with other banking options. This method is fairly simple, and there are several casinos that accept this more traditional route for money transfers. Courier cheques are usually used by people who are uncomfortable with sharing their private information with third-party sites. Casinos that offer courier cheques services can, at times, offer customers a monthly delivery service. This is, of course, contingent on the casino in question.

Online Casinos that Accept Courier Cheques

Some of the best casinos that allow players to use courier cheques as a payment method are listed below

Rank Casino Bonus Amount Free Spins Link
1 VulkanVegas Up to €1000 125 + 50 no deposit VulkanVegas Review
2 Jackpot Village Up to €500 50 Jackpot Village Review
3 Caxino Up to €500 200 Caxino Review
4 Jonny Jackpot Up to €1000 100 Jonny Jackpot Review 
5 Wildz Up to €500 200 Wildz Review 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Courier Cheques

Pros Not found icon

  • Very safe
  • No sign-up required

Cons Not found icon

  • Long waiting time
  • Costly fees


Generally, most reputable courier companies already have a service that allows cheques to be carried out in a secure manner.

No Separate Sign up is Required

Courier cheques can be accessed by any individual that has a bank account. All that is required is a physical cheque book, which is automatically issued when people have a transactional cheque account in their bank of choice.

Long Processing Time

One of the major reasons that the courier cheques are losing their popularity is the fact that they take a while to process. This means that even if a casino receives the cheque, processing the cheque will take additional time.


The expensive nature of courier cheques depends entirely on an individual’s bank, as well as the country they reside in. Generally, though, posting cheques can be expensive. However, courier cheque users in the UK are not charged anything in terms of clearance fees.

Courier Cheque Casino Bonuses

Casinos generally do not encourage this payment method, and as its popularity has dipped so far over the years, there are no casino bonuses linked with courier cheques. However, users are still advised to check if the casino of their choosing does give precedence to this payment method.

Trustworthiness of Courier Cheques

Generally speaking, trustworthy courier companies ensure that they provide highly secure services for cheque delivery. However, unprecedented issues can still arise upon delivery. A cheque is secured with the means of a signature that all banks cross-reference, although dedicated fraudsters can potentially forge a convincing signature.

In addition to the security issues mentioned above, cheques can be forged by people who add more zeroes to increase their payout. Cheques even contain personal information, and if lost, can lead to a major security issue.

Using Courier Cheque to Gamble

Courier cheques are undoubtedly not the best means to finance your gambling in online casinos. While the popularity of this method has been dying in favour of other methods that can instantly recharge your account, there are definitely still people who are unwilling to share their personal information with third-party sites. For those people, courier cheques may be the ideal way to transfer money to gamble in virtual casinos.

Courier Cheques FAQs

We’ve answered some of our readers’ frequently asked questions, check them out below for more information.

Can I use courier cheques at online casinos?

Yes, courier cheques can be used to process monetary transactions at online casinos. However, as this payment method has lost a huge chunk of its users to faster payment methods such as Neteller or Skrill, casinos are slowly but surely removing this payment option from their sites.

Are there any fees to use cheques at online casinos?

Courier cheques are arguably one of the most expensive means to fund your online gambling. Costs such as processing fees, courier charges, insurance coverage, and even deposit fees can all add up to quite the expense.

Which countries can use courier cheques at online casinos?

Courier cheques are available worldwide and are dependent on the type of bank account you have. Ultimately, their popularity has seen a downward trend, although individuals who wish to use this payment method should check whether the online casino offers courier cheques as a payment option.

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