Best Wallet Casinos in 2024

Best Wallet Casinos in 2024

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The mission of the wallet is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. It believes that the future of the internet is based on cryptocurrencies. Thus, it wants to provide users with the chance to control their own money, data and identity. So far, the wallet has 80 million people utilising its services in 90 countries around the world. It also has a selection of core values to adhere to, ensuring you have the best experience using its services.

With a strong selection of crypto gambling sites now being available online, this wallet serves the gambling market in an ideal way. The wallet operates perfectly alongside a variety of digital currencies to provide quick, safe and effective transactions, which are all reasons to make use of it.

Online Casinos That Accept Wallet

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How to Use the Wallet to Gamble

Using the wallet is a simple process for online casino gaming. Take a look at the simple steps below to learn about how to open an account and transact with a gambling site with ease.

Set Up a Wallet Account

  1. Download the wallet from the Apple or Google Play store and install it.
  2. Tap on the avatar in the top-left corner of the screen and go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Add New Wallet’.
  3. Accept the terms of service, give your wallet a unique name and back-up your 12-word recovery phrase.
  4. Return to the home screen to see your newly created wallet and transfer BTC or altcoins into it.

Fund Your Casino Account

  1. Visit your preferred Wallet online casino and sign up for an account.
  2. Go to the cashier page and choose to deposit through Bitcoin or whatever altcoin you prefer.
  3. Copy the wallet address and paste it into the ‘Send’ section of your Wallet.
  4. Enter an amount to transfer into your casino account and send the funds instantly.

How to Make a Withdrawal

  1. Return to the cashier page when you want to withdraw funds and select the ‘Withdraw’ tab.
  2. Enter an amount to withdraw from the casino account and copy your Wallet address.
  3. Paste the wallet address into the relevant box on the casino cashier.
  4. Check all details of the transaction and confirm it.

Payment method benefits

Benefits of Wallet for Online Gambling

Why would you want to make use of this wallet to deposit and withdraw at the most popular online casino platforms? Here are some benefits of the payment method to take note of before using it.

100% Control of Funds & Security

When you use the DeFi wallet, you will have all control over your cryptocurrencies and your private keys, too. The platform does not require you to confirm your identity in any way, so you have a lower risk of data breach in action through it. 

This means that not only are your crypto funds 100% secure, but so too is your own personal data. You can then keep control of your Bitcoin and/or altcoins, using them when you want to for online casino transactions.

Low Fees

It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrency wallets and platforms to charge their users a fee for transactions. Because they are not connected to a financial institution, computers on the blockchain need “paying” to process transactions. 

This gas fee is given by users when they request a transaction. Fortunately, the Wallet transfers come with minimal fees when compared with many other wallets. is cheaper for low volume takers, which is the category that most people using it fall into.

Support for Many Cryptocurrencies

While many people will primarily know Bitcoin as a digital currency, there are various others available to buy as well. This includes options like Ethereum, Ripple, TRON, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and so on. 

The Wallet supports all of these, with the chance to set up multiple wallets within the app to store each digital currency separately. This way, it doesn’t matter if you’re signing up to a BTC casino, a TRON casino, a Cardano casino, or anything else. The Wallet has you covered.

Speed of Transactions

When you make a deposit at an online casino, you want to ensure that this processes through as quickly as possible. The same is true when looking at withdrawing from such a site, too. With the Wallet, you can guarantee that your transactions will occur swiftly. Instant deposits and withdrawals ensure your money is never left in the midst of a transaction. Funds going to and from an online casino will always be delivered within 10 minutes at maximum.

Ideal for Experienced Crypto Users

We know that many people will be quite new to the cryptocurrency gambling scene. Yet there are also those players who are experienced at placing wagers on casino games through it, too. 

The Wallet offers a wonderful option for the latter of these types of people, ensuring that a top-quality experience is had. Because so many wallets can be set up within the one app, those owning multiple digital currencies can keep them all in one location through it. Thus, transactions to an online casino can occur through any of them, too. Why not join a Monero casino as well as a Dogecoin one, for example?

Choose the right casino

Choose a Casino That Accepts the Wallet

Deciding to use Bitcoin or altcoins for your online gambling activity isn’t just about picking a random casino. You need to choose one that not only accepts the Wallet, but that operates as a top-quality site. Take a look at some casino features to watch out for below.

Licence and Regulations

Any casino that you decide to join should hold a proper licence and follow specific regulations to keep things safe, secure and fair. Safe and secure online casinos will always possess at least one licence from a respectable jurisdiction. Scrolling down to the bottom of a site will usually allow you to see details of this. Without a licence, a casino has general freedom to do what it wants without any threat of repercussion.

Look at Casino Reviews

If you want to learn more about a casino before signing up to it, then we recommend that you check out online casino reviews. We have a selection for you to see at CasinoTops, and they highlight all the good and bad points about various casinos. This way, you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you register and deposit at one. That’s good information to have before signing up.

Check the Terms and Conditions

You can always find out more about how a casino operates by reading through the terms and conditions it provides. It’s not exceptionally ideal to have to browse through small print, we know. However, they do contain important information about a variety of processes, including bonuses, transaction fees (if imposed), withdrawal timeframes, and so on. 

The more you can find out about a casino this way, the better. We highlight this in our casino guides, as well as various other information about choosing gambling sites.

Details of this method

Details of Wallet

You’ll be able to find out more about the Wallet below, with insight into licencing and support for it. Wallet Licence

The brand and associated app is licensed as a Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority. This means that it is authorised to provide certain VFA services to its users. Wallet Availability

The Wallet is available to download and use in 90 countries at the moment. There is a section of the website, which details the locations where the app is unavailable. Several worldwide countries are currently restricted from accessing it, while many others are able to benefit from its services.

Support with Wallet

Should you come to a point of needing help with the Wallet, then you can locate it via the site’s Help section. This allows you to browse through various categories of assistance, seeking out the answers to a variety of popular questions. There is also a button in the bottom-right of every page, which you can click to open the support centre up. This allows you to contact customer support by sending a message, which will be replied to within 5 hours.

Report a Problem with Wallet

If you need to report a problem with your wallet, then you can once again use the same customer support box to send a message to the team. You can also send a direct email to [email protected] as an alternative. For other email addresses, such as those for regulatory enquiries and law enforcement, you can go to the Contact page.

Similar payment methods

Similar Payment Methods



MetaMask is a very popular online crypto wallet with numerous cryptocurrencies and high security.

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Serving as one of the world's most trusted and secure crypto wallets, there is so much that you can do when you own a Trust Wallet.

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For anyone who is experienced with using cryptocurrencies, the Wallet serves as a fantastic option to utilise. It incorporates a variety of perks to benefit you, whilst supporting many cryptocurrencies, too. This makes it an excellent payment method to use for transactions at your chosen online casino site. Wallet FAQs

Read up further on the Wallet option below with these FAQs.

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Can I use my card with Wallet? Arrow
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