Credit Card Visa & Mastercard Online Casinos

Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) are one of the most widely accepting banking methods at online casinos. Almost every well-established casino has this banking method available. Not only is it a sign of convenience, but also a sign of legitimacy that this online casino can be trusted since they are backed by Visa and Mastercard. 

When it comes down to validating whether an online casino is trustworthy or not comes down to several different factors. One of them is looking for the option to withdraw and deposit using a credit or debit card, specifically Visa and Mastercard.

These financial institutions work seamlessly in tandem with an online casino platform and allow for fast and secure deposits and withdrawal in exchange for a small fee. These companies allow for transactions to go through fully encrypted so that no third parties are able to access your payment details. Not to mention that all reliable and safe online casinos offer the ability to use a credit card service to deposit or withdraw funds. 

  • Fees

    Depends on the bank you are with

  • Deposit

    Within 24 hours

  • Cashout

    1 to 3 business days

  • Overall rating



Using Visa / Mastercard at an online casino

When setting up your account at an online casino, players will have the option to choose their payment method to top up their casino balance. Should the player wish to make a transaction through credit or debit card, simply click the Visa or Mastercard symbol on the cashier page of the casino website. Keep in mind that every casino will have a set minimum required deposit amount and a minimum withdrawal amount that the player must adhere to. On the plus side of this, withdrawals are usually uncapped, meaning that the player can withdraw as much of their winnings as they want. 

One more noteworthy comment to make when using credit cards at an online casino is that every transaction might come with a fee depending on which company you are using. Visa and Mastercard might charge the holder of the card a monthly fee for using their services. Some casinos will charge the player a small percentage of the amount deposited or withdrawn for using their services. 

There are various payment methods available to fund your online casino account. For a lot of people e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller are the preferred choices because it is safe and convenient. Other gamblers argue that crediting your account directly from your credit card causes less hassle as it is at the end of the day the original method of payment.

Using your credit card especially for online gambling is easy and convenient as you can fund your account. Choosing to use a credit card to fund your online gambling experience means that you will have a wider range of online casinos to choose from as almost all online casinos accept Visa or MasterCard as a payment method. Here are the steps to start using Credit Cards in online casinos:

  1. Visit one of the online casinos in our list;
  2. Create an account with your real data;
  3. Select Credit Cards as a payment method;
  4. Follow the instructions and start playing.

Fees when using a Visa & Mastercard at online casinos

When it comes to credit cards there are many factors to account for. One thing many wonders about is the fees attached to using a credit card. The problem is that you can’t provide fees for just one of the credit card companies. Each and every credit card company works through your local bank. Most fees attached to any purchases, withdrawals or transfers via credit card is directly linked to your local bank.

Some might find their transaction fees to be affordable where others see it as too expensive. One thing is clear and that is that even setting up a credit card comes with a fee. Once you’ve been approved for a credit card you will be expected to pay a certain amount which varies depending on your currency. For most credit card users, there is also a monthly service fee connected to having a credit card whether you use it or not. In most cases that is the only fee deducted from your account even if you purchase online a lot. Most transactions are fee-free apart from the recurring monthly fee. Sometimes the casino can ask for a fee when one chooses to deposit or withdraw using a Visa or Mastercard. 

The most expensive thing to do via your credit card is to draw money directly from it as that will result in an additional transaction fee. Unlike e-wallet payment options you won’t pay a set fee if you refrain from using your credit card. Just be sure to pay the monthly fee to stay debt-free. You will also be charged a fee if your credit card has not been paid off within a time period of 30 or 60 days. After this, you will only be charged an interest rate on the amount still owed. Hence why it is always better to use your credit card responsibly especially if you are gambling online.

Deposit and cash-out times at online casinos

One of the additional perks of having a credit card is that you can make instant withdrawals. All you have to do is visit the casino cashier, select credit card payment as your deposit method and enter your details. Once the transfer is complete the funds will show up in your casino account instantly. Now you can go ahead and test out all the amazing online slots and table games your casino has to offer.

On the downside, credit cards aren’t always the best when it comes to withdrawals. Once you have played a couple of games and earned some extra winnings you can opt for withdrawals via your credit card. While credit cards are accepted at almost every single online casino available they all come with a waiting period. E-wallet cash-outs are almost always instant or at least within 24 hours. With your credit card, you are looking at a minimum withdrawal processing time of 1 to 3 days. In some cases, you might even wait as long as 7-14 days depending on your local bank. Most of the people are using credit cards at online casinos. You know why? Here you are the answer:

  • It's a safe method and banks don't need further KYC;
  • You can track all the in and out transaction;
  • Most of the casinos accept this payment method;
  • There are different offers for these cards.

Security of using credit cards at online casinos

Because credit cards are relatively easy to use and allow for big-spending even when you don’t have the immediate cash available on you, they come with a bigger risk factor. If ever your credit card gets into the wrong hands you might be looking at some serious debt issues. Luckily the industry-leading credit providers such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners know the risk and work around the clock to keep improving their security features.

Each and every credit card provider as well as the casino’s websites, make use of the latest SSL digital encryption technologies to ensure that all data is transmitted safely and securely. Using your card used to be as easy as just swiping or entering your card details, later on, a pin and chip technology was designed to further increase the security of credit cards. Recently the 2-step verification process became a reality. It might take a few seconds longer to complete your transaction but there is no doubt that it is a lot safer. With the 2-step verification process, you will be required to add your normal card details after which you will be led to a second screen where you need to enter a one-time pin that has been sent to your mobile device. Only by entering this pin correctly will the transaction be completed.

The credit card providers also have a very strict policy against sharing your personal information. Many even have additional security measures in places such as ID Theft Alerts and Emergency Wallet Replacement as is the case with MasterCard. Fact is that credit cards are used daily for online purchases, online gambling and even daily use at local stores and ATM’s. Therefore you can rest assured knowing that Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express or your chosen brand of credit card provider has taken all the necessary precautions to protect you and your financial information to the best of their abilities.  

Rewards for using your credit card at online casinos

As with the fees, it is pretty hard to lay down all the rewards you can receive from your credit provider. The good news is that each and every credit provider has its own list of benefits and promotions. Depending on which companies and online casinos partner up with your credit provider, you can receive a host of different discounts and other benefits. In some cases, you might even get cashback when using your credit card at certain places including the gas station.

Support at online casinos

Most online casinos have a professionally trained customer support team ready to help you with any questions, queries or problems you might have. In most cases, it is generally best to consult their FAQ page on the operator’s website as it has a vast amount of commonly asked questions listed with detailed answers to each and every one. You will never struggle to find an answer. 

If however there is a problem with your card or you are having difficulty with a transaction you can contact them via telephone, email or in some cases even Live Chat. The support staff is generally only available during certain hours but if you contact them via email you are guaranteed to receive a response sooner rather than later. Most users prefer live chat or email as it allows them to skip waiting for a representative to open up and take their call.

An alternative method of contacting online casinos would be via popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Most online casinos have active accounts on all three of these social sites if not more. Overall it is always easy to get a hold of the support team and most problems are generally sorted in record time. Online casinos love credit cards, but sometime they could face issues:

  • Credit card is stolen to play online casinos;
  • A chargeback of valid transactions after losing the money;
  • Incorrect name of card owner printed on the card;
  • Cards expired when it comes to withdraw the money.

Conclusion of Credit Card casinos

The best feature of all credit card providers such as American Express, VISA, Diners Club and MasterCard is that they allow you to fund your online casino account instantly leaving you more time to enjoy your favourite online casino games.

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