Best Maestro Casino Sites in 2024

Best Maestro Casino Sites in 2024

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Visa and Mastercard may be the primary credit and debit card options for online casino deposits, but there’s another card waiting in the wings alongside them – Maestro. This operates solely as a debit card service offered through Mastercard.

However, not as many online casinos support Maestro as Mastercard. It was started in 1991 and has become much more known than various other payment methods.

This is primarily due to its connection with Mastercard. As noted, it has become usable at several online casinos, although finding respectable and high-quality ones of these isn’t as easy as you may think. That’s where we come into operation, though, as we have gathered a collection of the best Maestro casinos for you to visit.

Online Casinos That Accept Maestro

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Last Updated • May 2024

The Story Behind Maestro

Owned by Mastercard, the Maestro debit cards and prepaid cards were introduced in 1991. The debit cards are able to be obtained from associate banks and are linked with the cardholder’s current account.

Prepaid cards don’t require any sort of account to be operated, though. The network of Mastercard is, of course, spread out all over the world, and it is this network that Maestro also uses. It remains much more popular as a payment method in Europe than anywhere else, though.

In 2002, another card brand from under the Mastercard banner known as Switch merged with Maestro. This managed to merge the two customer bases into one, although this didn’t fully take hold in the UK until 2011.

Unfortunately, the last decade or so has seen a decline in the number of Maestro cards being issued in the UK, although it remains more popular across mainland Europe. This could be due to the fact that Royal Bank of Scotland brands, of which there are several, all moved to Visa in 2015. Therefore, only a few independent banks in the UK still provide Maestro cards.

That being said, because it is still operational in Europe more so, there are various online casinos that cater to this market. So, while it may not be as popular as it once was, it is still liked by many gamblers for their online gaming activities.

Despite the fact that Maestro transactions, in general, have declined in more recent times, this doesn’t mean that they are becoming useless at online casinos. There are still certain reasons why you would benefit from utilizing them for your casino gameplay. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons behind using Maestro debit cards are:

Maestro Casinos

How to Deposit at Maestro Casino Sites

To use a Maestro card at your chosen online casino is a simple process. In fact, it’s no different from using other credit or debit cards. That’s quite fortunate because many people use cards like this for online shopping and the like every day.

So, being able to deposit at an online casino in this way makes things even better. Plus, with the fact that it’s instant, you can use the funds as soon as the transaction completes.

To proceed with making your deposit, you simply need to follow these steps after locating a Maestro casino:

  1. Access the cashier and select Maestro as your preferred payment method.

  2. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and then proceed.

  3. Fill in the card number, expiry date, CCV2 code, and other information, as requested.

  4. Complete the transaction and start playing the games.

Fees to Use Maestro to Play Online

Most reputable online casinos won’t charge their users any fee for utilizing the Maestro card as a payment method. That being said, some banking institutions that provide the cards themselves may enforce fees on their customers’ transactions. So, you can either check with your financial institution and/or the casino you’re playing at to see if any fees are charged on Maestro transactions.

Maestro Withdrawal Speed

Not all online casinos provide Maestro as a possible way of withdrawing, so be prepared to have to choose an alternative option if you have used this for depositing. Withdrawals through Maestro usually take the same time period as normal card transactions, so you’ll generally have to wait between three and five business days before you receive your funds.

Fastest Paying Maestro Casinos in 2024

Which are the best online casinos using Maestro?

No. Online Casino Maestro Deposit Maestro Cashout
1 LeoVegas Casino Yes Yes
2 GGBet Casino Yes Yes
3 Captain Spins Casino Yes Yes
4 Winning Days Casino Yes Yes
5 Jackpot Village Casino Yes Yes
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Maestro

Let's have a look at some advantages of these casinos.

Things We Like

No transaction fees

Prepaid card options

Things to Consider

Slower withdrawals

Special Casino Bonuses Using Maestro

Online casinos will frequently provide their players with special promotional offers, although these aren’t specifically targeted at Maestro users. Instead, they cater to everyone, and these will often be available to newcomers in the shape of casino welcome offers as well as regular players in the format of ongoing rewards.

Customer Support for Maestro

If you have any questions or concerns about your Maestro card, you can get in touch with Mastercard's customer service team and they will be able to help you.

Similar Payment Methods to Maestro

There are many payment options for players getting started at an online casino - here are a few of our top-rated ones.

Credit cards casinos

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the easiest, widely used direct payment method for online deposits, even at online casinos.

Best PaySafeCard Casino Sites in 2024


PaySafeCard is a pre-paid voucher for deposits available at local shops throughout Europe.

Best Discover Card Casino Sites in 2024

Discover Card

Discover Card is a popular card and payment provider for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Best Revolut Casino Sites in 2024


Revolut allows users to deposit with no fees, and receive a debit card from VISA or Mastercard.

Security of Maestro Casinos

Maestro remains a well-known brand throughout the world, and this also ensures that many people put their trust in it as a usable payment method, too. That being said, there are other payment methods that can be considered a lot more secure. However, when it comes to its trustworthiness of it, Maestro really does stand out.

This is primarily because of its name and attachment to Mastercard. So, you’ll always be able to deposit funds and see them transferred instantly, without worrying about whether the transaction will fail or take more money from you than you require.

Using Maestro to Gamble

Should you take the decision to deposit with Maestro, then you’ll basically get the same sort of experience as you would with a Visa or Mastercard. It provides a secure and fast method to transfer your money into an online casino.

Additionally, it can be considered a trustworthy payment method, due to the fact that it is a well-known and quality brand. So, your gambling journey should be a positive one with Maestro.

License and Address of Maestro

With Maestro being a card owned by Mastercard, it is licensed and has the same address as this. Therefore, you can write to Maestro via Mastercard at:

It also has regional headquarters based in Dubai, Miami, Singapore, and Belgium.

Maestro Casinos FAQs

Playing at these top Maestro casinos means you might have a few questions - we've laid out a few of the most important ones below.

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