Banking Method: Citadel Banking

Citadel Commerce offers a multitude of banking services but the one used mostly for Citadel Casinos is Instant Banking, which essentially is an electronic money transfer service. This service connects users’ bank accounts to merchants and service providers, including online casinos, all over the world. For instance, when depositing to online casinos that accept Citadel as a payment method, players will use their own online bank accounts in order to to do so. 

One of the added benefits of Citadel banking is that it doesn’t make use of credit or debits cards. Citadel essentially processes transactions for their customers when depositing funds or make payments to a variety of websites. 

One of the most common uses of Citadel is money transfer authorization which processes transactions directly from the users bank accounts’ to the merchants’ bank accounts. Most online casinos accept bank transfers as a payment option and the process usually takes around three business days. 

myCitadel is an online wallet where players can deposit or withdraw money to and from online casinos as they please. The online casino will need to have the myCitadel wallet available as a payment method for the service to be available. This payment method is mostly used by Canadian players, as myCitadel only available in the US and Canada. 

Citadel works in tandem with banks across the globe, having one the largest networks, with over 200 banks in 30 countries. Citadel started offering online banking services back in 2000 and have grown exponentially, used by thousands of sites and provides payment solutions to some of the biggest merchants in the payments industry. 

Getting started is simple and seamless. Fill in some information on the Citadel main website and apply for the banking service of choice. It’s free and you can start using Citadel immediately after registration. Payments are processed instantaneously and can be made from anywhere and from any mobile device. To be on the safe side, always make sure to make payments with a strong internet connection, to avoid the risk of having deposits or withdrawals not going through. 

Citadel is one of the most widely recognised and inexpensive solutions for fast payment processing and transfer of funds from a user’s own bank account to a merchant or online casino gaming account. As explained above, Citadel acts as the middle-man by providing a link between the user’s bank and the merchant without the need for the merchant to see any of the user’s bank details in the process of payment or deposit. 

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Main features of Citadel Banking

All that needs to be done by the user is to choose the Instant Banking logo on the payment method menu, then logs in to his or her own bank account. The user does not require a Citadel account, or enter any credit or debit card details. When the transaction has been entered and confirmed, the funds are immediately transferred, and the user can take the goods purchased, or use the funds in the online casino account. There are no fees charged by Citadel for purchasing of goods, or for depositing funds into a gaming account or withdrawing money from it.

Annually Citadel processes more than $1 billion in transactions. Even though Citadel Instant Banking is supported in many countries, it does not necessarily mean that it supports all banks in those countries. Where a user’s bank is not supported, a small downloaded application will enable access to the user’s bank account. 

Citadel Instant Banking transactions are carried out to the highest level of security. It uses  SSL encryption to ensure that data transferred between online casinos and Citadel is never compromised, while at the same time instilling fraud prevention and detection techniques. 

Citadel adheres to the strictest standards in upholding the privacy of their users’ information. Citadel only collects the necessary information to carry out transactions and maintain account history. They do not store any of the user’s banking details, or share them with other parties.

Citadel Instant Banking has a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, and is regarded by its users as one of the best solutions for transfer of funds all over the world.

The customer support department is robust and agents are highly trained to deal with any issues that might arise, covering a range of topics. Support is available around the clock and can be reached through telephone or email. 



When making online or POS purchases from merchants, all users need to do is simply select Citadel Instant Banking as payment method, then select their own bank and sign on, using the identification and password of their bank’s online payment facility. Users enter the amount to pay and confirm the transaction, after which both merchant and user receive a receipt and the deal is done.

Deposits: For users who want to deposit funds into an online casino gaming account, the normal process, after the first time, is to carry out the following:

1.    Sign on to the online casino
2.    Click on the 'Cashier' or equivalent option
3.    Click on the Deposit or equivalent option
4.    Then choose Citadel Commerce or Instant Banking by Citadel
5.    Enter the amount you want to deposit into your gaming account
6.    Click to proceed with the transaction
7.    A Citadel Commerce form will appear
8.    Fill in the form and submit it
9.    When you have received the 'Successful Transaction' message, close the window

The funds should appear in the gaming account immediately.
In the case of first time deposits, if your chosen bank is not supported by Citadel, the system will prompt you to download and install the Payment Assistant. This is a small application that will only need to be installed once (or once on any platform you use), during the first transaction.

The online casino might offer Citadel’s Rapid system. This provides you with a reference number with which you can manually transfer funds into your gaming account from your internet banking service.

For users in the US or Canada who have US or Canadian bank accounts, there is the option of making a deposit with an e-Check through Citadel Commerce, provided that the online casino accepts it. This works exactly like a paper cheque, in that the user makes the deposit and has funds transferred into the gaming account. The user’s bank is debited with the amount between 24 hours and 7 days later. The user will need to fill in an online form with personal information, including social security number. Just as with paper cheques, the bank will charge a fee for a “bounced” cheque, and there will be consequences coming from the casino itself. 

Normally there will be a delay of 3 to 5 business days for the cheque to clear. To have the funds immediately available when depositing via e-Check, Citadel charges a fee of 6.9% of the amount transferred. 



Users should be aware that not all online casinos allow withdrawals via Citadel, and that another payment may need to be selected. Users should therefore always establish from the casino’s Helpdesk whether they can use Citadel Instant Banking to withdraw funds from their gaming account, and what their fees and the transfer delay might be. 

When the funds become available from the casino, Citadel Instant Banking will immediately transfer them to your bank, free of charge.


Advantages of Citadel Casinos

Citadel Instant Banking offers the user many advantages:
•    The facility is simple, fast, efficient, and in real time
•    They are widely trusted and reliable
•    The service is secure, transparent and safe
•    Their services are relatively inexpensive
•    They have global reach, supported in more than 30 countries
•    They support more than 300 financial institutions
•    Through Citadel it is possible to access unsupported banks
•    The user doesn’t need to open a Citadel account
•    There’s no need to share bank login details with casinos
•    Use of the service is anonymous
•    Citadel never shares information with other parties
•    Users’ privacy is respected and protected
•    The service is popular with merchants and online casino users
•    The service is accepted by many casinos
•    They provide excellent support, 24/7


Disadvantages of Citadel Casinos

•    Citadel is not supported in all countries
•    Citadel doesn’t support all banks
•    In some countries, there is a fee for deposits
•    Not all online casinos allow withdrawals via Citadel
•    If allowed, withdrawals may take several days
•    They impose limits on deposit transactions



The following countries are currently supported by Citadel Instant Banking:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain
Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

The following countries are supported through a SaaS model (Software as a Service):
Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Romania, South Africa and Turkey.

Citadel Instant Banking supports the local currencies and local languages in all the above countries. 



Citadel Instant Banking does not charge a fee for deposits or withdrawals, except that in some countries there is a charge of 1.5 units of the country’s currency for deposit transactions.
The following transactions and activities are free:

  • Purchases from merchants
  • Downloading the Payment Assistant software
  • Deposits into a gaming account, except in some countries
  • Withdrawals from a gaming account

For the following, there is a fee charged:

  • For some countries only, deposits into a gaming account, at 1.5 units of the country’s currency
  • For users in the US or Canada using the e-Check facility, Citadel charges 6.9% of the deposit amount for immediate clearance of the cheque.

The banks or the casinos or both may charge an additional fee for processing deposits into an online gaming account, and in the case of withdrawals, the casino may charge a further fee. The user should establish the bank’s and casino’s policies before entering into these transactions.

The user should be aware of the limits applying to deposits into an online gaming account. Initially, the user may not make more than 3 deposits and $10,000 per day, not more than $1,500 per week, and not more than 10 deposits and $40,000 per month. These limits may be increased over time with increased and responsible use.



Payments for transactions are usually immediate, even to overseas merchants. Deposits are immediate, except that for clients in the US and other countries with strict gambling control, deposits into an online casino gaming account may take days if they have to go through legal procedures where online gambling laws are involved.

Citadel Instant Banking itself will not introduce delays, but the banks and the online casinos may delay deposits into, or withdrawals out of, an online gaming account. When a deposit has been processed by the bank, or a withdrawal processed by the casino, Citadel Instant

Since not all online casinos allow withdrawals through Citadel Instant Banking, the user should first check with the casino support staff regarding their policy.


In order to maintain a safe environment for their customers, Citadel’s Instant Banking adheres to the same standards of security, authentication and privacy protection standards as are required by the banks they support. In its publications, Citadel undertakes the following:


  • To never store consumer banking credentials in any of our systems
  • Instant Banking follows the same Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering requirements as banks
  • Communication between consumers and Instant Banking is encrypted to protect sensitive data from fraud
  • Our state-of-the-art system architecture was built by a team of experts using the most cutting-edge software development design and implementation techniques
  • Instant Banking uses sophisticated security technologies in its software and data centres to prevent fraud and intrusions

Citadel collect only the information necessary to complete a payment and maintain the user’s account history. Consumers’ bank login and security information is never captured or stored, and they will not share any information collected during the payment process with any 3rd party unless required by law. Citadel confirms and authenticates the information, secures the funding, and transfers it to the merchant or into the user’s online casino account. Only Citadel sees the banking information. The user’s information is never shared with any merchant or casino. 
Citadel uses SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption to ensure that data transferred between the merchant and Citadel is not compromised.


Citadel Instant Banking is a responsible and popular funds transfer service with global reach, supporting over 300 financial institutions in over 30 countries. It is a secure facility, providing fast and safe payment for goods and services, including online casinos.