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Citadel Commerce offers a multitude of banking services but the one used mostly for Citadel Casinos is Instant Banking, which essentially is an electronic money transfer service. This service connects users’ bank accounts to merchants and service providers, including online casinos, all over the world. For instance, when depositing to online casinos that accept Citadel as a payment method, players will use their own online bank accounts in order to to do so. One of the added benefits of Citadel banking is that it doesn’t make use of credit or debit cards.

Citadel essentially processes transactions for their customers when depositing funds or make payments to a variety of websites. One of the most common uses of Citadel is money transfer authorization which processes transactions directly from the user's bank accounts to the merchants’ bank accounts. Most online casinos accept bank transfers as a payment option and the process usually takes around three business days. 

Online Casinos that Accept Citadel Instant Banking

Casinos that Accept Citadel Banking Deposits

Citadel banking is an online payment method known for its convenience and accessibility. Casinos that allow Citadel banking as a payment method make use of the instant banking portion of the venture, allowing users to transfer money electronically with great ease. Citadel works in collaboration with several banks across 30 countries, allowing users a free range of access in a number of international markets.

The Story Behind Citadel Banking

Citadel banking was established in 2000 and is now known more commonly as Instant Banking by Citadel. Since its establishment, Citadel has become a household name for instant banking as it uses its clientele’s own local internet banking environment to process monetary transactions online.

Using Citadel Banking in Online Casinos

When virtual casinos include Citadel Banking as a payment method, users can take advantage of this. This is because, for certain casinos, users who use Citadel banking get special treatment as well as tailored bonuses. There are also other advantages and disadvantages that are associated with this payment method which are covered in detail below:

Advantages of Citadel Banking Casinos

Let's have a look at the advantages of using this payment method in casinos.

Payments Are Quickly Finalized

Users that employ Citadel banking will be pleased to learn that all payments and deposits are processed quickly. Any delays usually have to do with the clearance times that the casino employs. Other than that, Citadel banking is quite efficient and operates quickly in real-time.

They Are Supported by A Lot of Financial Institutions

Due to the way that Citadel banking is set up, players who have an account in any of the 200+ financial institutions present in 30 countries across the globe can make use of its services.

They Are Highly Secure

Citadel banking is highly devoted to ensuring that its clients have complete privacy with regard to their data needs. For this reason, Citadel banking does not release any of its client's confidential information to any third-party sites.  This means that any online casino will be unable to access their player's bank login details.

Highly Flexible

Another major advantage of Citadel banking is that it allows clients to use this as a payment method even though certain banks that are otherwise unsupported. Another unique way that Citadel allows its users a great deal of flexibility in that a user doesn’t even need to open a Citadel account in order to use its services. However, this is subject to each casino’s policy.

Disadvantages of Citadel Banking Casinos

Let's have a look at the disadvantages of using this payment method in casinos.

Citadel Is Allowed on A Limited Number of Online Casinos

This is a major issue that Citadel banking has, as only a select few casinos allow Citadel banking as a payment method. This means that not all users will be able to withdraw or deposit funds using Citadel.

Some Deposit Transactions Have Limits

At times, Citadel banking sets certain upper limits on deposit transactions. This can end up being quite inconvenient for users.

Why Choose an Online Casino Offering Citadel Banking

There are several reasons that individuals choose to use Citadel banking as a means to fund their online casino accounts. Advantages such as instant cash-outs, efficient banking, fairly inexpensive services, as well as privacy of all personal information from third parties, make this a great online payment method.

Best Citadel Banking Online Casinos

Some of the best online casinos that use Citadel banking include the following.

Europa Casino Accepts Citadel Banking

Europa Casino is an extremely well-established online casino that has a vast portfolio of gaming options for a number of different players. The casino's software is powered by Playtech, making the games highly smooth in terms of functionality. Another advantage of this particular casino is that players are not charged any transaction fees when players use online banking. However, this is subject to the individual bank's set of transactions or processing fees

  • Easy-to-use player interface;
  • Huge game portfolio;
  • No transaction fees.

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888 Casino Accepts Citadel Banking

888 Casino is one of the oldest virtual casinos to date as it was established in 1997. Compatible with all operating systems, the casino has a highly easy-to-use interface. 888 Casino also has a huge variety of bonuses and special promotions for players, making it enticing for both new and old players alike. The casino also has a huge variety of playable games.

  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • Highly lucrative bonus offers;
  • Variety of playable games.

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Betway Casino Accepts Citadel Banking

Since its establishment in 2006, Betway Casino has become a well-known virtual casino. It is known to be highly secure, with a wide variety of games for both seasoned and new players. The casino also has a highly detailed bonus programme, and additionally, its licensure by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the strictest gaming authorities, provides it with a lot of credibilities.

  • Large variety of games;
  • Comprehensive bonus programme;
  • Highly secure casino environment.

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Casino.Com Accepts Citadel Banking

Since its establishment in 2008, has managed to rise to the top as one of the most well-established virtual casinos to date. It has a sizable portfolio of gaming options and is available in several different languages. Unfortunately, players who use Citadel banking can only make deposits.

  • Credible licensure in Gibraltar;
  • Huge variety of games;
  • Multi-lingual interface.

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Mansion Casino Accepts Citadel Banking

Mansion Casino offers new players a highly attractive welcome bonus and offers more than 200 games. It is licensed under both the UK Gambling Commission as well as the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, making it a highly reliable online casino.

  • More than 200 games are available;
  • Highly attractive welcome bonuses;
  • Extremely reliable online casino.

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How to Deposit at Citadel Banking Casino Sites

If you have a bank account supported by Citadel, all you need to do is log in to your online casino account. Once logged in, players need to visit the cashier page and choose Citadel as their preferred payment method. A drop-down menu will then appear with a list of banks that are supported by Citadel. Then, players need to log in to their online bank account, after which they can confirm the amount they wish to transfer.

Fees to Use Citadel Banking to Play Online

Citadel banking does not have any particular processing fees. Any fees that players incur while withdrawing money from their account is usually due to each bank’s own costs. Similarly, converting money from one currency to the other comes with fees that vary from bank to bank.

Citadel Banking Withdrawal Speed

Usually, it can take between 1 to 3 working days for a user of Citadel banking to receive money. In addition, players are advised to consider the processing time of each casino, which can vary from a few hours to 2 days.

Special Casino Bonuses Using Citadel Banking

A lot of virtual casinos make use of special bonuses in order to entice new clients. These bonus programmes all vary in terms of their appeal and are tailor-made to fit each casino's game variety. However, players who use Citadel banking as their primary payment method have much more to look forward to. This is because some casinos offer welcome or first deposit bonuses that cater specifically to players who use Citadel banking.

These rewards can usually be claimed instantly and are a huge selling point for some virtual casinos. Users are advised to read through all the conditions listed with regards to each bonus programme so that they can avail of the opportunity to its fullest extent.

Trustworthiness of Citadel Instant Banking Online Casinos

Citadel does have a huge level of reliability, as it is highly protective of its client's information and does not share any private information with third-party sites. Citadel also employs a number of different encryption methods, which reduces the chances of fraud.

License and Address of Citadel Banking

The company’s main headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada, although other offices are present in London and Malta.

Using Citadel Banking to Gamble

Citadel banking is a highly convenient online payment option that allows users to transfer funds with great ease and with no additional costs. The dedication to ensuring client security is unmatched, and it is a highly reliable means for individuals to carry out their online banking needs. Not using Citadel banking? Check out our best online casinos and find your bonus. 

Citadel Instant Banking Casinos FAQs

Can I use Citadel Banking at online casinos?

Yes, Citadel banking is compatible with a number of different online casinos, some of which have been discussed in great detail above. However, users are recommended to ensure that the virtual casino of their choosing has Citadel banking as an available payment option.

Is Citadel Banking free to use to gamble?

Yes, fortunately, for users of Citadel banking, there are no fees associated with deposits or withdrawals. However, this does not imply that the banks or casinos that are linked with Citadel banking do not have processing fees of their own present.

Which countries accept Citadel Banking?

Citadel banking is international and operates in 30 different countries. As such, it has a multi-lingual setting and can also process fees in currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.