Best Swish Casino Sites in 2024

Best Swish Casino Sites in 2024

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Swish is an online mobile platform based in Sweden with over 8 million users. Swish is a member of the European Mobile Payment Systems Association, which only caters to users based in Sweden and that have a Swedish bank account. Therefore, you must be a client of one of the seven Swedish banks that work with Swish to use the service.

Swish is an online mobile platform based in Sweden with over 8 million users. Swish is a member of the European Mobile Payment Systems Association, which only caters to users based in Sweden and that have a Swedish bank account. Therefore, you must be a client of one of the seven Swedish banks that work with Swish to use the service.

Swish is one of the biggest payment platforms in Sweden and works seamlessly with many online casinos. Find out all about Swish and how it works on this page, and check out our list of the best Swish casino sites. 

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The Story Behind the Impressive Swish

Swish was founded in 2012 as a co-operation between the six largest banks in Sweden. These were Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank and Sparbankerna own Getswish AB. Later, more banks have joined the platform to create one of the biggest mobile payment systems in Europe.

The idea behind Swish was to make life easier for the population of Sweden, who until then mainly used cash for their day-to-day transactions. These banks wanted to bring forward the idea of using your bank card or, even better, your mobile phone to make payments.

Each month Swish makes on average 73 million transactions, proving to its customers why it is reliable, fast, and user friendly.

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How Did I Find Depositing Using Swish at Casino Sites?

Before you can deposit into an online casino using Swish, you must download the app and create a Swish account. Each transaction you make will be verified using the Mobile Bank ID, so you will need this from your bank. Once that’s done, here’s how to deposit using Swish:

  1. Find an online casino that accepts Swish deposits and create an account.

  2. Head to the banking area and select Swish from the available payment methods.

  3. Enter how much you want to deposit and click submit.

  4. Enter your Mobile Bank ID account details when prompted.

  5. You will be redirected back to the casino when the transaction is approved.

Does Swish Charge Deposit Fees?

Depositing money into your favourite casino site is not only hassle-free with Swish, but it’s also free to do so. Swish does not charge its users fees when sending, transferring, or depositing money. On top of this, merchants who work with Swish are also not changed any fees for processing these transactions meaning that Swish customers should not incur any additional costs when using the platform.

There is currently no minimum or maximum limit on how much you can spend with Swish. However, some merchants may impose this themselves due to their processing fees, which would cost them money to allow smaller transactions. Most online casinos will set a minimum and maximum deposit limit, so it is always worth checking their terms before making your transaction.

What's the Withdrawal Speed at Swish Casinos?

It is worth keeping in mind that many factors can influence the withdrawal speed at a top online casino. If you need to verify your account or provide documents, this will inevitably slow things down - the good news is that this is usually only required on your first withdrawal. If you have a large balance, you may also need to withdraw in separate transactions, taking longer to get your cash.

That said, at the moment, Swish is unavailable for withdrawing funds from your casino account. To do so, you will have to attach another payment method to your account to receive your winnings.

These Are the Fastest Paying Swish Casinos I Found in 2024

The Swish payout speed depends on the casino itself. When a player requests a withdrawal, it’s passed on to a payments team to process and approve. A lower quality Swish casino may take longer to do this and so cause delays in getting your cash. This is why it’s essential to choose one of the best Swish online casinos, like those listed below:

No.Online CasinoSwish DepositSwish Cashout
1Turbonino CasinoYesN/A
2Frank & Fred CasinoYesN/A
3888 CasinoYesN/A
4PlayOjo casinoYesN/A
5Rich CasinoYesN/A
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What Do I Like Most About Swish?

Swish is very popular in Sweden, and there are many perks to using Swish casino sites. That said, there are still some drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of using Swish to gamble:

Things We Like

No deposit fees when adding money to your casino account

Deposits are credited instantly

The Swish platform is efficient and user-friendly

Swish is fully encrypted and safe to use, with Mobile Bank ID

Ability to pay using your mobile phone

Things to Consider

Only available in SEK with no other currencies

Must have a Swedish bank account with a bank that supports the platform

There aren’t many casinos that accept Swish

You need to be a Swedish resident to use Swish

Unavailable for withdrawals

Can I Get Special Bonuses When Using Swish?

One of the main reasons players use Swish casinos is the special bonuses available. Although many payment platforms exclude their users from accepting these promotions, Swish users can benefit from a whole range of bonuses available at your favourite casino. Users can get welcome bonuses when they register at a casino and ongoing promotions for playing regularly.

Users can benefit from welcome bonuses when they register at a casino and ongoing promotions for playing regularly. Some of the most popular casino bonuses are deposit matches, free spins, and mystery bonuses on your deposits, as well as tournament giveaways and even sometimes the chance to win some cool tech prizes. 

Before making your deposit, be sure to read the terms of all available offers, as other factors may exclude you from receiving your bonus.

How is Customer Support at Swish?

If, for some reason, Swish is not meeting your expectations or you are having any issues, there are multiple ways Swish can help to resolve this. The easiest way is for you to contact your bank directly. Your bank will be now integrated with their system, and they should have access to all of your transactions to best deal with your query.

Failing that, the next option would be to call the customer support line at Swish. However, they may only redirect you back to your bank. You can contact them during banking hours on 0800 048 9415.

There is also a wealth of helpful information on the Swish website, which may be able to assist you before taking time out of your day to call. Therefore it is always worth checking their FAQs.

What Are the Best Available Alternatives to Swish?

While Swish is dedicated solely to the Swedish markets, as we mentioned above, there is still some drawback to using them, namely that you cannot withdraw any of your hard-earned cash. Although Swish is unique, other digital wallets have some similarities. Here are some Swish alternatives: 

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Revolut allows users to deposit with no fees, and receive a debit card from VISA or Mastercard.

Top PayPal Online Casinos for Real Money in 2024


PayPal is a fast and convenient ewallet, available in many different countries worldwide.

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Skrill is a convenient eWallet to transfer funds online, with instant payments and high security.

Credit cards casinos

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the easiest, widely used direct payment method for online deposits, even at online casinos.

How's the Security of Swish Online Casinos?

The most crucial aspect of any online payment method is to ensure that they remain safe and reliable on each transaction. This platform is probably more secure than most when using Swish because they require Mobile Bank IDs. Swish also offers customers the added layer of protection to use Touch or Face ID when logging into their app.

In addition to the above, Swish only works with significant banking establishments in Sweden to truly ensure the safety of your money and data. 

Before registering at any quality online casino, you should check that it is properly regulated and licensed by a recognized gambling body. This means that the casino is compliant and is subject to regular checks for safety and fairness. 

Our expert team has vetted every online casino with Swish on this page before being recommended to our readers. If you use a Swish casino other than our website, you should be vigilant with your personal and financial information.

Is Swish Safe to Use at Online Casinos?

If you’re a Swedish resident looking for a safe and efficient way to process gambling payments, look no further than a Swish casino site. It is one of the very few payment providers that tailor specifically to the Swedish market and offers maximum security to its users. In addition, Swish acts as a go-between from your online casino to your bank, securing each transaction as it does so.

The fact that they do not instil a minimum or maximum limit when depositing into your casino account is also a bonus that allows players to deposit instantly and claim specific offers available on your casino website. As a result, the process of depositing into your online casino account is fast and easy, even for complete beginners. 

Online casinos with Swish are becoming more popular in Sweden, and more brands are now accepting the payment method. The increase in options projects the idea of using Swish as a reliable, safe, and user-friendly payment method.

Here's the License Information For Swish

Before signing up for Swish, users will need to bank at one of Swish’s trusted partners and have a Mobile Bank ID. Users may need to complete additional KYC before enjoying the benefits of a fully operational account. 

Swish Casinos' Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t you found what you’re looking for yet? Then, check out our answers to the frequently asked questions about Swish casinos below.

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