Best Diners Club International Casinos in 2024

Best Diners Club International Casinos in 2024

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The Diners Club International card serves as a charge card for people to own. Initially, it went by the name of Diners Card, and it operated as one of the very first credit cards.

The Diners Club International card serves as a charge card for people to own. Initially, it went by the name of Diners Card, and it operated as one of the very first credit cards. The original intention for it was for people to use it in restaurants and to pay for accommodation during holidays. 

This way, they wouldn’t have to carry cash on them. It was first introduced in 1949, created by Frank McNamura. Because it is a charge card rather than a credit card, the entire sum of what you charge to it must be paid at the end of the month.

Anyone wanting to have a Diners Club International card has to provide proof of income and sign up to become a member of the Diners Club. In 2004, the company entered into a deal with Mastercard, meaning that the Diners Club card is usable at any place supporting Mastercard transactions, which makes it ideal for online casino gameplay, too. There are many credit card casinos available to join which support Mastercard, and by default, Diners Club.

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How to Use Diners Club International to Gamble

If you intend to use the Diners Club International card for your online gambling activity, then you can do so with ease. Simply follow the steps outlined below to acquire and use the card for this.

Set Up a Diners Club International Account

  1. Visit the Diners Club International website and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

  2. Select your country of residence from the drop-down menu to set the card offerings available to you.

  3. Sign up for a card with all relative information.

  4. Provide proof of income, if requested, and wait for the card to be delivered.

Fund Your Casino Account

  1. Sign up for an account at your chosen Diners Club online casino site.

  2. Go to the cashier and choose credit card as your preferred payment method.

  3. Input all details from your Diners Club card, as well as an amount to deposit.

  4. Confirm all the details are correct and then complete the transaction.

How to Make a Withdrawal

  1. When you want to withdraw, return to the cashier and choose the ‘Withdraw’ option.

  2. You cannot withdraw through Diners Club at most sites, so you need to choose the ‘Bank Transfer’ option instead in most instances.

  3. Input any bank details requested and an amount to withdraw from your casino account.

  4. Check all the details you have entered and complete the withdrawal request.

Payment method benefits

What Do I Love Most About Diners Club?

Should you decide that this payment method is the one for you, then you can see some benefits of utilising it for online gambling below. Take a look at them and figure out if it is definitely the option you want to make use of for casino gameplay.


It’s always ideal to have the convenience factor play into things, and Diners Club International provides that. A casino is simply able to bill the card with your deposits, so you don’t have to create any third-party account with a merchant for it. 

You also don’t need to go through any long-winded verification process to be able to use the Diners Club card at online gambling sites. Plus, because the card is usable for everyday purchases as well, it is easy to pick up and use for online deposits at your chosen casino site.

Backed by a Large Company

Every transaction that you make through your Diners Club International card is backed up by a vast company. Not only is the Diners Club massive in its own right, so too is the Mastercard brand. Together, these ensure that your money is always safe. Should you have a bad experience with an online casino’s financial department, then you will be able to turn to Diners Club and/or Mastercard for assistance in such matters.

Safety & Security

We touched on the safety of your money in the previous benefit, but we wanted to highlight this even further. Diners Club International is a card that offers security for all your transactions. Combining this with an online casino that features top-level security protocol ensures you will always get the most out of your gambling experience when using the card. You can thus make simple deposits, with the funds transferring in both a speedy and a safe way.

Wide Range of Casinos

Because of the unison that Diners Club International has with Mastercard, a wide range of casinos can support transactions through this payment method. As a result, when you select to deposit through a credit card at a casino, you can be sure that Diners Club is supported if Mastercard also is. Many of the biggest online casino sites in the world accept transactions through this card, so you’ll find plenty of them are also capable of supporting Diners Club deposits as well.

Instant Deposits

Depositing at online casinos is often a speedy process for the majority of banking options, it has to be said. Through Diners Club, the process is not slowed down. Thus, when you enter the card details and hit the ‘Deposit’ button, the funds are added to your casino account straight away. 

As a result, you have the ability to start playing the best casino games online, too. Unlike options such as bank wire transfers, you don’t have to wait around for the money to arrive when you use Diners Club International.

Choose the right casino

Choose a Casino That Accepts Diners Club

You’ll need to select an appropriate casino to use your Diners Club card at, and there are various features to look out for in order to select the best one. Have a look at some casino features to check out below.

Read Up on Deposit Limits

Different online casino sites have different limits in place for their players to take notice of. As a result, you will only be able to deposit a maximum of a certain amount per transaction. Sometimes, specific payment methods also have their own transaction limits to adhere to as well, so it’s always best to check if such applies to Diners Club deposits. You can find information on the deposit restrictions via the terms and conditions section of a site.

Check Promotion Terms

Before you go ahead and sign up to an online casino, and claim any special offers, you need to check the terms of the promotions available. We all like receiving exciting bonus offers and enjoyable online free casino spins from our chosen site. 

Yet there are certain terms that may make it impossible to claim such offers depending upon your chosen depositing method. Thus, you should look into the T&Cs of the special bonuses before registering and trying to claim such.

Find Out What Other Players Think

You can always trust a casino gamer to be 100% honest with you on how they find an online casino. They’ll be able to inform you on whether the site is operating properly, if they’ve had a good experience or particularly bad experience with a casino, how quickly they’ve managed to withdraw funds, and so on. To find out more about a Diners Club International casino, read customer reviews of the sites online first.

Details of this method

Details of Diners Club International

There is even more information about this casino payment method for you to read about below.

Diners Club International Licence

In 2008, Diners Club International was purchased by Discover Financial Services – a direct banking and payment services company. It’s one of the most recognised brands in the United States of America. As a result of this and the unison with Mastercard, Diners Club operates in many countries, and is registered and licensed by various institutions, too.

Diners Club International Availability

The Diners Club card is available worldwide, although its headquarters are located in Illinois, U.S. Some of the biggest franchises of Diners Club across the globe include those in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China & Hong Kong, India, Kazakhstan and in the Nordic countries. It also has these in the Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Southeast Asia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, UAE, UK and Vietnam.

Support With Diners Club International

There is the online Diners Club International website that you can visit should you need any support with using the card or online account. There, you will find a Help Center, which offers extra information on a variety of topics. If you need to contact the support team directly, then there is also a drop-down menu with all supported countries on it. From that, you can find the best way of reaching out for help in your location.

Report a Problem With Diners Club International

Reporting problems is something that you can also do by contacting the customer support team for your country. Different locations have different contact possibilities, so be sure to seek out the available options for your country.

Similar payment methods

What Are the Best Available Alternatives to Diners Club?

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What I Honestly Think About Using Diners Club at Casinos

Diners Club International may not be as well-known around the globe as Mastercard is, but thanks to their unison, you can make payments with the former at any site accepting the latter. This has doubtless helped the Diners Club card to grow, and it brings its own sort of perks to users. It’s a shame that withdrawals cannot take place through it from an online casino, but this doesn’t stop you from experiencing quick, free and secure deposits.

Diners Club Casinos' Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a little bit more about Diners Club International with these simple FAQs.

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