Meet Our Team

Part of what makes the CasinoTopsOnline team as special as it is is the fact that we are from all corners of the world. The mixture of different nationalities, backgrounds and experience combined with the determination and drive to succeed, makes the perfect recipe for a great team.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team is made up of Dani Wilson who lives in Montreal Canada, and Danny Bradford who moved from cloudy England to enjoy the Maltese sunshine!  Dani's main focus is the Canadian gambling market. She makes sure to update herself on any changes within the provinces' regulations as well as new offers that players could benefit from.

Danny is always on the lookout for new developments on an international level. He closely analyses and tests out casinos to make sure to provide as much information as possible in his reviews.

Besides taking care of their respective areas, they make sure that anything that is uploaded to the site is in line with the Editorial Principles. The editorial team has the crucial responsibility to ensure that the information is of high quality and also accurate. 

Apart from our editorial team also contributing to the content creation process, John Smith also makes part of the Writers team at CasinoTopsOnline. Based in Leeds, United Kingdom, John is particularly specialised in sports betting and casino games. With sports being a huge part of the UK’s culture, John knows all the ins and outs of bookmakers, odds and which bet you should go. John also loves the thrill of waiting for the ball to land and hopefully getting the winning spin when playing Roulette.

Dani Wilson
English (CA) Editor
Montreal, Canada
Always a fan of table games and the casino world, Dani thought writing about it would be the next logical step in her journey! 

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English (ROW) Editor
Sliema, Malta
Based in Sliema, Malta, Danny gave up Hull for sunny shores, right in the centre of Europe's gambling licence capital. Now, he is one of the top editors on our website.


English (UK) Editor
Leeds, UK
Based in Leeds, UK, John has been playing casino games for years, delving into the world of casino and online gambling to better learn about what there is on offer for players.


Our Contributor Team

Based in Houston, Daniel Hardman writes and updates most of the information that has to do with the United States. With so many states having their own laws about gambling, Daniel makes sure to keep abreast of the changes in the regulations so that he can provide the latest news.

On the other side of the globe, we have Melody Hampton, who is based in Melbourne, Australia and Sean Johnson, who is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Melody knows all there is to know about games whether they are video games, mobile games and also online casino games. She is the perfect person to go to when you want to know how to score some wins from casinos especially due to the complex nature of the Australian Gambling legislation.

Sean is a big fan of online casinos, and with so many available in New Zealand, he loves trying out new casinos especially those that are tailored to Kiwis. He’s also a fan of slots and is always on the lookout for new and exciting game releases. 

English (AU) Contributor
Melbourne, Australia
Originally from Ballarat, Melody moved to Melbourne to better learn and write about online gambling, finding the industry exciting and ever-changing.


English (NZ) Contributor
Auckland, New Zealand
Sean is a fan of them as well as knowledgeable about the industry, so it's no big deal for him to take one for a spin when it's got a great new thing on offer.


English (US) Contributor
New York, United States
Although he's based in Houston, Daniel's got a keen interest in all gambling. As far as he's concerned, there are tons of options for US gamblers.


Other in-house experts

Apart from our editors and contributors, we also have a fantastic team of in-house experts who with their unique experiences and skills, CTO is able to reach unmatched levels of success. By having such a diverse group of people, we are able to provide top-quality content for readers. Meet the industry leaders who are paving the way forward for CasinoTopsOnline below.

Jonas Warrer
Managing Director 
Klampenborg, Denmark
Managing Director of GiG Media with a long-time obsession for online casino and sports working +14 years with iGaming. Favours roulette and blackjack when at the casino trying to catch the trends at the table. Jonas lives in Klampenborg, Denmark, with his wife, two kids and two bunnies.

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Gioacchino Morsicato
Director of Accounts and Sales
Sliema, Malta
With +15 years experience in account management and sales roles within various industries, Gioacchino started in the HR Reward and Recognition Software sector in Ireland,  later moving to Malta in Performance Marketing and spending a further 5 years on both sides of iGaming Affiliation.

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Daniel Prado
Senior SEO Manager
Sliema, Malta
He is an SEO enthusiast who spends most of this time surfing through Google's results trying to find new ways to reach our audience. He also enjoys reading the latest news about the online gambling industry and playing some of the newest games.

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Javier Caamano
SEO Manager
Swieqi, Malta
Javier is one of the greatest marketing specialists in online casinos. His research and knowledge are focused on giving the best information and accessibility to the player who accesses our website. When he is not working on CTO, Javier is always up for trying different cuisines from around the world.

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Mark Freese
Account Manager
Copenhagen, Denmark
As a Key Account Manager with experience in Affiliate & Commercial Marketing, Affiliate Management & Entrepreneurship, he is always looking to optimise all aspects of product and relationships to ensure we are constantly improving and growing.


Chrystyna Krechtiak
Sales & Account Manager
St. Julian's, Malta
Chrystyna has primary experience in the Affiliate Marketing, Advertising Technology and Telecom industries. She is a strategic negotiator with a creative approach to meet the needs and requirements of both parties. Her aim is to continue to grow her role in the fast-moving and changing industry.

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Robin Storm
Content Team Lead
Sliema, Malta
Robin is an avid fan of the iGaming industry and an admirer of online slots which feature great soundtracks. Other than working on Swedish content during work hours, Robin has his heart set on cooking and all hobbies relating to piano and music.

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Giuseppe Faraone
Content Team Lead
Valencia, Spain
Giuseppe has been working in the iGaming industry for the past eight years. He loves writing and dedicates time to discover (and play) new slots games. He lives in Valencia, and although he is Italian, he doesn't like pasta.

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Petra Zeitz
Senior Site & Content Manager
San Gwann, Malta
Petra has worked in journalism for many years, published books and produced content for various commercial websites. She first entered the iGaming world as a customer service representative. Ever since joining GiG, online casinos and slot machines continue to be her passion. She is responsible for the German-language content of our casino guide.

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Luiz Chiqueto
Brazilian Site Manager
Sliema, Malta
At the forefront of creating and managing content for CasinoTopsOnline BRAZIL, Luiz has been passionately dedicated to informing all that is happening in the iGaming industry around the world for Brazilians, evaluating with honesty and transparency, and writing the game guides you will find in Portuguese. 

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Julia Attard
English Site Manager
Pembroke, Malta
With experience in content management, Julia is passionate about finding innovative new ways of creating content that is effective, useful, and tailored to the English-speaking gaming markets of CasinoTopsOnline. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Julia reading a book on the beach, watching sports or baking something in the kitchen!


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