Banking Method: Pay n Play

One of the most painstaking processes that casino players are faced with when setting up a new account is filling out the registration forms, credit card information as well as submitting verification documents to be able to withdraw funds back into their bank account.


Trustly, the company behind Pay n Play have devised an elaborate system whereby players will be able to bypass the lengthy registration process simply by depositing funds from their bank account directly to the online casino. There’s no doubt that Pay n Play will revolutionize the way customers interact with online casinos and from the success it’s been having, it won’t be long until other payment providers look for similar solutions to shorten the time consuming registration process too.




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Advantages of Using Pay n Play

Pay n Play created this highly integrated system that’s advantageous for both the players and the operators. The following are the advantages that both parties will benefit from when choosing to use Pay n Play as a payment method:

Players Don’t Need to Register

As touched on briefly above, players who are looking to register at an online casino will not need to fill out any details. All they need to do is choose Pay n Play as a payment option, deposit the desired funds into their account and Trustly will send all the relevant information to the casino operator, effectively shortening the registration process. 

Instant Withdrawals 

Building your bankroll at an online casino is no easy feat and unlike at a land-based casino where winnings can be instantly exchanged for cash at the cashiers’ desk, online casino players will need to wait a couple of days until transactions are processed. Online players that use Pay n Play will benefit from instant withdrawals and can enjoy their winnings as soon as they are won. This will give players reassurance and will effectively build more trust towards online casinos. 

Easier for Operators to Stay Compliant

The online gambling industry has many laws and regulations in place to protect both the player and the operators. One mandatory requirement is called ‘Know Your Customer’ or ‘KYC’. This control is put in place so that operators know exactly who their customers are, where their money is coming and to ensure that transparency is maintained throughout. With Pay n Play, casino operators will not have to go through their rigorous tests to ensure they stay complaint. Since the information is relayed from Trustly to the casino operators, they can rest assured that all the sensitive information is accurate. Samuel Barrett, Trustly director of gaming was quoted saying “Because Trustly can pass on data onto players when they make a deposit, we can help operators fulfil their initial and ongoing KYC requirements. We’ve already seen incredible interest from some of the biggest gaming operators in the industry and expect the momentum to continue throughout the year.”


Pay n Play Payment Provider


The 'Pure' Pay n Play Model

Trustly will be the ‘Pure’ payment provider when choosing Pay n Play as their payment provider. When players leave the casino site and return back, their account balance will immediately show up once they verify themselves with their online banking system. This is done in real time and only needed to logging back in to the site. For withdrawals, nothing needs to be done except for clicking on ‘Withdraw Funds’. The ‘Pure’ model is designed for casino operators who are just setting up or for the ones rebranding an old site. 

Hybrid Pay n Play Model

When using the hybrid model, players have the option to choose from other payment options, along with Trustly. This means that unlike the ‘Pure’ model, there will no ‘continue playing’ option and will need a username and password. To withdraw funds, players will need to log into their online banking through Trustlys’’ iframe. 

Pay n Play to Boost Conversions

Even though Pay n Play is a relatively new payment method, many online casinos are adopting the technology as it skips the lengthiest process in the conversion funnel. Most casino players want to get to their favourite games as fast as possible since time is always of the essence, especially since the technology is made available by one of the leading providers. Samuel Barrett added “The potential for increased turnover is huge with Trustly’s Pay n Play product”. According to data obtained through Trustlys’ early adopters of this technology, Pay n Play operators experience 44% more deposits per user than those that don’t have Pay n Play as a payment option. 

A Revolution Waiting to Happen

The online gambling industry has been waiting for ground breaking technology in the payments processing and with Trustlys’ Pay n Play, it’s finally here. With all the hard data to back it up, it would be unwise for operators to overlook Pay n Play, especially since it helps players get to their favourite casino games faster, with no lengthy registration processes standing in the way. Currently, Plan n Play has been adopted as a payment option by some of the biggest operators in the business, including Betsson, comeon! and Ninja Casino and as more online casinos jump on the bandwagon, it will only be a matter of time until competitors will release their own version of Pay n Play. Both players and operators have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose and with all its’ benefits, we can’t imagine Pay n Play not reaching its’ full potential.