Just as the world is a diverse place when it comes to languages, people, culture and religions, it is also a mixed bag in terms of gambling regulations. Countries around the world deal with both offline and online gambling in very different ways and the implications could be significant if you're not aware of local laws. This page is your access point to helpful information on gambling regulation across the globe. 

Gambling Laws in the USA

Regulating gambling in an expansive country like the US is complicated. Individual states tend to lay out their own laws when it comes to many aspects of society and gambling is no different. The result is a mixed bag of legislative stances ranging from outright prohibition to licences granted to many. Learn all about the gambling laws of the various states of the US:

Gambling Laws in Canada

Much like the US, Canada is made up of provinces, each of which has the power to determine its own laws. Generally speaking, gambling is illegal in Canada unless it is licensed by the government or one of the country's indigenous regulatory bodies, such as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. However, rather than being absent, many forms of gambling are available to Canadians as a result.

Between provincial, governmental and indigenous body licensing, Canadians can legally enjoy casino gaming at land-based venues and licensed online casinos, lotteries, sports betting and poker.

Gambling Laws in Europe

Europe is a mixed bag of countries, each of which has their own unique stance on gambling and whether or not it should be permitted within their borders. As a result, you'll find many European countries have their own regulatory bodies while others still do not.

The European Commission's rules apply to EU member states, which means countries can still set their own legal stance when it comes to gambling, as long as they comply with fair competition and fundamental freedoms provisions. Take a look at the gambling regulations of European countries in the following articles:

Gambling Laws in Oceania

Oceania is a mix of both very rich countries and poorer countries, which has a direct influence and impact on the legislature surrounding gambling in these regions. The richer countries such as Australia and New Zealand tend to focus more on the harmful aspects of the activity, while poorer countries see the regulation of gambling as a stepping stone to greater economic wealth.

As a result, the countries that make up Oceania present a lot of variation in terms of their gambling laws, with some areas keen to hold on to the games of their cultural heritage while others are more pragmatic. Learn more about the varying gambling laws of Oceania:

Gambling Laws in Asia

Asia is a very diverse group of countries and as a result, the legal landscape as it pertains to gambling is equally varied. The region is home to not only a number of different socio-economic systems but also many different religions, both of which have an influence on each country's legal stance when it comes to gambling.

Some countries like China, Iraq and Afghanistan have extremely strict rules around gambling, while others such as Singapore and Japan have benefitted from the extra income generated by regulating the activity. Check out the gambling regulations of Asian countries below:

Gambling Laws in Africa

Africa is one of the most diverse regions in the world when it comes to gambling regulations, with laws across the various countries on the continent ranging from extremely strict to non-existent.

In some countries, a complete lack of regulation and legislation means just about all forms of gambling are legal by default, while in others, regulation of the activity has resulted in significant revenue. Find out more about Africa's various gambling laws:

Gambling Laws in South America

Gambling regulations in South America vary extensively, ranging from very stringent to virtually nonexistent. That said, the situation can change drastically from one country to another. This is why gambling in Latin America is much discussed.

Learn about the gambling laws in South America, where different countries either have no regulation or have regulations that are bringing in revenue.


We go to great lengths to ensure that the information provided on this page is accurate and up to date. However, we are not legal experts, so nothing on this page or anywhere on CasinoTopsOnline should be construed as legal advice. We strongly recommend checking the laws of your location and/or consulting a lawyer if you are looking for legal advice.

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