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fees: None when depositing funds
deposit: Instant
cashout: 48 hours

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to play at an online casino, but you’re not entirely sure that you want to use your credit card for deposit purposes. Well, perhaps it’s time for you to seek out an alternative, and that alternative could be Moneygram. There’s a likelihood that this payment method hasn’t crossed your mind as a potential option for using at online casinos, even if you’ve heard of it before. However, there are some platforms that accept and welcome it as a form of depositing.

Online casinos that accept MoneyGram

Overview of Moneygram to gamble

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to play at an online casino, but you’re not entirely sure that you want to use your credit card for deposit purposes.

Well, perhaps it’s time for you to seek out an alternative, and that alternative could be Moneygram. There’s a likelihood that this payment method hasn’t crossed your mind as a potential option for using at online casinos, even if you’ve heard of it before. However, there are some platforms that accept and welcome it as a form of depositing.

So, if you’d like to know more about these exciting online casinos that we recommend with Moneygram support, we’re here to inform you of them. Plus, we’ll give you some details on Moneygram itself, how it works and the benefits of using it. So, with that in mind, let’s get right down to it.

Casinos that accept Moneygram deposits

Moneygram does hold a lot more ground in locations like the United States of America, so it’s much more common to find it being available for using there. That’s why many of the casinos we recommend have a US focus, too. However, there are some platforms that cater to a wider audience. Some of our recommended Moneygram casinos include Casimba CasinoBGO Casino and Playluck Casino. Therefore, it’s still something that can provide you with access to a number of online casino sites – and good ones at that.

The story behind Moneygram

It may be fairly surprising that Moneygram actually formed as a result of two companies coming together and forming one larger brand. However, that’s precisely the case. The Minneapolis-based Travelers Express and the Denver-based Integrated Payment Systems Inc. united to create what we know today as Moneygram. This was first witnessed back in 1998, although it remained in operation under the name of Integrated Payment Systems. It was only in 2004 that it took the title that it still goes by today.

It was later in 2004 that Moneygram was sold as a publicly traded, individual entity. Just two years later, the company had expanded internationally, including over 96,000 agents in various regions. These included Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and Central America. Additional services were introduced alongside, including bill payments and online money transfers.

This puts it in the same category as another well-known money transfer brand – Western Union. And because the service is able to be used online as well, this made Moneygram a definite option for those looking to deposit at the best online casinos. As noted, it remains much more of a method that US players take advantage of, as it is there that more restrictions are in place. However, this doesn’t mean that Moneygram is a bad option to utilise.

Using Moneygram in online casinos

If you do choose to make use of Moneygram for your online casino gameplay, then you’ll be able to benefit from one or two of its advantages. Of course, as with all payment methods, Moneygram comes with its own drawbacks as well. Fortunately, it does provide more security than many other payment methods, and this is a prime focus for its users. Let’s check out more of what makes this an appealing option.

Advantages of Moneygram casinos

Let's have a look at all the advantages of this online casino payment method.

Great versatility

With Moneygram, you don’t need to possess a bank account or a credit card or debit card. If you have the cash in your hand, you can simply walk into a Moneygram outlet and transfer the funds to your chosen online casino. Of course, if you want to transfer the money online, then you need for it to be available in some sort of account. But this means that the payment method caters to all types of depositors. It’s really that versatile.

Safety and Security

We’re always on the lookout for the safest payment methods to use, and Moneygram fits this description very well. Obviously, you won’t be exposing any sort of card details or personal details when transferring money through a Moneygram outlet. So, this means that the casino won’t have access to your private data.

Possibility for prepaid card purchase

This sort of works as another point of Moneygram being flexible, as you can also purchase prepaid cards from the company. You can then utilise this card to deposit at any website that accepts visa payments. So, if you don’t want to have to navigate through the Moneygram website or visit an outlet to make a deposit, you can simply do it through this prepaid card.

Disadvantages of Moneygram casinos

Let's move quickly to the disadvantages of using Moneygram at online casinos.

Deposits not instant

Perhaps the largest downfall of using Moneygram is that sometimes your deposits won’t be instantly available in your casino account. Some methods do have the capability of depositing money straight away, but this payment method will see you experience a short delay. Cash deposits via an outlet do tend to be faster than those done through the Moneygram website, but neither will see the funds transferred instantly.

Attached fees

You should also be prepared to pay fees whenever you deposit with Moneygram. These can be fairly high, as the charge depends upon the amount you’re looking at depositing at your chosen casino. The location of where it is being sent also plays a factor in this, too. Of course, if you have ever used Western Union before, this will be a common piece of knowledge for money transfer options.

Exchange rates

It generally depends upon the currency that you’re transferring, but it can result in there being some quite unfavourable exchange rates being brought into operation. Therefore, if your chosen casino is based abroad and you need to have your currency converted in the process of transferring, then you’ll likely suffer.

Why choose an online casino offering Moneygram?

It may seem as though the drawbacks outweigh the positive features of Moneygram, but this isn’t the case. You’ll still get to benefit from the extra added security of the payment method, and this is something that’s a wonderful perk. Obviously, if you’re based in the USA, then it provides another alternative payment method in a world of limited options. Therefore, Moneygram could be just the payment method that you’re looking for when it comes to online casino gaming.

Best Moneygram online casinos

Let's have a look at the best online casinos offering this payment method.

Casimba casino accepts MoneyGram

The Casimba Casino site is owned and operated by White Hat Gaming, and it was first brought online in 2017. The site holds three high-quality gambling licences, which come from Malta, the UK and Sweden. You can access games from around 100 providers, which makes Casimba quite the appealing platform from the very start. With various supported payment methods and a welcoming website design, we highly recommend this platform.

  • Huge range of game developers;
  • Great welcome bonus;
  • High-quality gambling licences.

Visit Casimba Casino now.

Betway casino accepts MoneyGram

You can always guarantee that if all else fails, Betway will be there to provide support. Fortunately, where Moneygram is concerned, Betway does. However, that’s not all it’s suitable for. The site provides a very high level of fairness and security, exceptional customer support agents and a variety of possible payment methods. Betway is also accessible as a mobile casino, which makes it possible to take all of this on the go with you.

  • Well-known casino brand;
  • High level of trustworthiness;
  • Exceptional customer support.

Become a player at Betway Casino.

BGO casino accepts MoneyGram

The BGO Casino site has been operational since 2012, and it has heavy advertising in the UK. That’s not surprising, considering that it provides unlimited withdrawals for you to benefit from. Additionally, the site provides a great range of games to access, supports various payment methods and even incorporates daily slot tournaments to engage in. BGO is also known for its high levels of security and great bonuses, which include a welcome offer of up to 500 free spins.

  • Great choice of progressive jackpots;
  • No withdrawal limits;
  • Excellent reputation.

Enjoy what BGO Casino has to offer.

Dunder casino accepts MoneyGram

What could be better than accessing an online casino and obtaining a 100% welcome bonus when you make your first deposit? There’s not so much that would make things better, except Dunder Casino really does improve on this. Featuring games from around 35 developers, possessing three top-quality gambling licences and being operated by MT SecureTrade Limited, it’s got so much going for it.

  • Great choice of live dealer games;
  • More than 1,000 games in the lobby;
  • No withdrawal limits imposed.

Access Moneygram deposits at Dunder Casino.

Playluck casino accepts MoneyGram

As it happens, the playluck casino site was only established in 2020, so it operates as a new platform. The site is owned and operated by infinite visions srl, and it holds gambling licences from Malta and the United Kingdom. Over 60 developers provide their games to the casino, and you can deposit in about 30 different ways. It also features a strong choice of live dealer games for you to enjoy, whilst offering a high-quality website design.

  • Huge choice of casino games;
  • Up to €500 in welcome bonus funds;
  • Great customer support features.

Become the next player at Playluck Casino.

How to deposit at Moneygram casino sites

While Moneygram does provide quite the alternative to cards and bank transfers, it remains as an easy option to utilise. There’s no registration required for using Moneygram. Instead, you can simply visit an outlet and send the cash to your chosen online casino site. Of course, you can also send the money simply by using the Moneygram website, although you’ll need the casino’s Moneygram details for both options.

If you’re using the online website, you need to have a bank account or card that you can have the money transferred from. In this instance, Moneygram simply works as the deposit’s middleman. If you’re depositing with cash, just visit a location providing Moneygram transfers and request to send it to the casino using the details provided. You’ll also need a form of identification as well. In both depositing circumstances, you need to give a reference number to the online casino.

Fees to use Moneygram to play online

The fees that are attached to Moneygram totally depend upon how much money you’re sending and where you’re sending the money to as well. However, the fees are generally lower if you’re utilising a bank account for doing the deposit. Paying with a credit or debit card will see the fees standing slightly higher. You can calculate the specific fees for your probable transfer by using the Moneygram on-site calculator.

Moneygram withdrawal speed

While deposits through Moneygram are much more common at online casinos, withdrawals can sometimes be done with this method, too. as with making a deposit, the process is generally an easy one to go through. Of course, you need to be aware of withdrawal fees for this method, and it usually takes a platform around 48 hours to process this. After that time period, you can pick up the money or see it in your bank account relatively quickly.

Special casino bonuses using Moneygram

It’s not uncommon to locate online casino sites providing bonuses, including those for newcomers and those focusing on regular players. Sometimes, you can even find platforms offering no deposit bonuses, too. These are not specifically tailored towards Moneygram users in most cases, though. Therefore, you can receive exactly the same promotions as if you were depositing through credit card or any other payment method.

Trustworthiness of Moneygram online casinos

Moneygram not only offers a safe payment method for you to utilise, but it also ensures that the casinos you’re playing at are secure, too. this is especially true if you select one of the casinos that we recommend that support this payment method. It has been used by many people at online gaming sites already, and it keeps your own details away from the online casino, whilst providing a safe transfer for your funds.

License and address of Moneygram

The Moneygram brand has its primary headquarters in dallas, texas, usa. however, it also has offices based in other locations around the world, including london, sao paulo, vancouver and brussels.

Moneygram is authorised and licensed to do business in all 50 US states and territories, and it holds a license from the New York State Department of Financial Services. Alongside this, it is licensed by various other official companies around the world to operate within their countries.

Using Moneygram to gamble

If you do choose to make use of Moneygram for gambling purposes, then you’ll find it to be a useful route to take. The high levels of security that you get with it, the simplicity of using it and the fact that it’s a very versatile payment method all add to its appeal. Of course, the fees that you need to pay when depositing and withdrawing through Moneygram do prove to be quite an unwelcoming downside. However, on the whole, it’s a nice payment method to make use of for gambling.

Moneygram casino FAQ


Moneygram is usable at a variety of online casinos, and this can be used through the online website or via visiting a Moneygram outlet.


Unfortunately, Moneygram is never a free of charge service to use for transactions. The cost of using it to deposit and withdraw will differ depending upon the amount being transferred and the location it is going to.


While many countries accept and support Moneygram in general, when it comes to depositing at online casinos, you’ll find that the United States of America is the only country that can take advantage of it.