Bitcoin Casinos

If you've been paying attention to the news recently, you may have seen Bitcoin is mentioned on a regular basis. It’s as if you cannot go a day without someone boasting to you about how much their Bitcoin is worth. Only in recent years has this famous crypto-currency has made its way into the online gambling scene; with anything from poker websites, to sports betting, to online casino websites accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method

For those who are not familiar with Bitcoin, it's a crypto-currency that exists purely on the internet, created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has no ties to banking institutions or governments and can easily be moved around the world within seconds - hence its convenience when it’s being used at online casinos. 

If you're one of the many online gamblers who chases down Bitcoin whenever possible, you'll know that it's no longer easy getting your hands on this famed currency. In fact, Bitcoin is so pricey, that for the mere man in the street, purchasing a whole Bitcoin is almost impossible. You can, however, mine or purchase small portions of a Bitcoin via various sites. Having your winnings paid out in Bitcoin seems nowadays a much more of an economical option than real cash since there are only so many BTC in circulation. 

Online casino users are welcome to put their Bitcoin to good use at well-established online casinos listed below. Make deposits and get started with Bitcoin gambling with your Bitcoin to cash in on big rewards that these casinos offer. You may even find a specialised casino bonus for Bitcoin users when signing up for the first time. The online casinos that we advertise on this page are tested and reviewed thoroughly by some of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts on our team, to make sure you have the safest experience possible. 

  • Fees

    Fees depend on merchant and blocks

  • Deposit

    30 - 45 minutes

  • Cashout

    30 - 45 minutes

  • Overall rating


Online casinos that accept Bitcoin

How to get started with Bitcoin Casinos

Sometimes online casinos have the option to pay or cash out in Bitcoin, giving the player more freedom and anonymity. However, if you are seriously looking into Bitcoin gambling, you would much rather want an online casino that specialises in offering online Bitcoin as one of your payment options.. Online casinos that are experienced in what they are doing always offer the players a handy guide on how to deposit and play with their Bitcoin.

This means you won't need to scour the internet looking for third party guides on how to get the deed done. Any well-established and friendly Bitcoin casino will gladly help you on your way as swiftly as the blockchain allows. Here at CasinoTopsOnline, we think Bitcoin casinos are very cool. The reasons?

  • Bitcoin casinos are always packed with cool features;
  • The bonuses are higher than usual;
  • There are several Bitcoin jackpots to win;
  • The bureaucracy when it comes to KYC is hassle-free;
  • Bitcoin transactions are quick, easy, and secure.

How to Deposit at online casinos using BTC

For every gambler, it is important that depositing their funds into their new account can be done instantly without roadblocks or limitations. Once you have your crypto wallet up and running, or if you are already in possession of one, you are pretty much ready to get started with any bitcoin casino games.

Get Bitcoins: The first step in gambling with Bitcoin is having BTC in your wallet. So if you haven’t topped up your wallet yet, head over to your preferred cryptocurrency trading and purchasing platform to fund your wallet.

Deposit at any online casino that accepts BTC: Pick any of our recommended Bitcoin casinos and head over to the cashier section after finalising your account. Select BTC as your preferred deposit method and copy the address of the casino’s wallet destination. Now log into your own wallet and create a new transaction. Enter the casino’s details as the receiver of the transaction and hit “send”. You have now topped up your casino account using Bitcoin. 

How to withdraw your winnings with BTC?

Depositing your funds is the first important step of any online casino, but once you win big you want to be in possession of your winnings as soon as possible. This is where the convenience and Bitcoin come in. Not only do many withdrawals with Bitcoin come uncapped, which means you can withdraw massive jackpot wins in one transaction, the transaction is also lightning fast. Instead of waiting several business days, you will be able to claim your winnings within an hour. 

Keep in mind that when withdrawing your funds, you can only use the same method you have used to deposit the funds in the first place. This means that if you deposited through Bitcoin, you can only cash out in Bitcoin.

Are these online casinos safe and legit?

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, then you might have an uninformed view of the websites that accept Bitcoins in general. Given its anonymous nature, this is for some a blessing and for some, it is a reason to doubt the legitimacy of online gambling establishments. After all, if something goes wrong, then how do you get your money back when all transactions are untraceable by name?

With Bitcoin Casinos being a relatively new phenomenon within the gambling industry, we do not recommend that you go off the beaten path. When looking to gamble at any online casino in general, it is important that you look for a valid licence within the footer of the website. These licences are usually granted by gambling regulatory bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao Government, or the UK Gambling Commission, just to name a few.

Every legit online casino is required to state its licence number and date of issue, as well as a link to the digital copy of the licence where the public can view it. If you have come across an online casino that does not provide this information, it is best that you steer clear of this brand, as it will likely cause you more grief than joy, no matter how promising their offers might seem. Here are the steps to start using Bitcoin in online casinos:

  1. Purchase Bitcoin on a website;
  2. Visit one of the online casinos in our list;
  3. Create an account with your real data;
  4. Select Bitcoin as a payment method;
  5. Follow the instructions and start playing.

What Casino Games can I play with bitcoins?

It may be that because a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses don't accept Bitcoin that you feel you might not be able to play normally at an online casino using Bitcoin. Luckily, you couldn't be farther from the truth! All Bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of casino, sports, and live casino games that you can play and bet on. Most game providers which you can find on a site will be able to support payments with Bitcoin, or the casino itself will convert the money for them to facilitate this. You will be able to play on mobile devices as well as your computer, too, as a lot of people buy bitcoins on their phone. It's only natural that they might want to play on their mobile, too!

This may also be something on your mind if you're new to bitcoin gambling - but the transition should be extremely smooth. With almost all casinos that accept Bitcoin having a huge range of games, it's very likely you'll be able to find something that suits you. In most cases you'll be able to find the exact same game you played in another casino but instead you'll be able to play it on bitcoin gambling sites without any change in the experience for you - except for the ease of being able to pay and play and deposit in no time at all!

Most BTC-enabled games will have all sorts of cool themes to try out, if you're not able to play the game you're used to, however. Love history, or fantasy, scifi, or your favourite movie to be on your game? Luckily all of those are options when you play. Although a few games will be unavailable when playing using Bitcoin, you won't suffer from a lack of choice. Given that you can get welcome bonuses in bitcoin instead of traditional currency, this only sweetens the deal!

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin at online casinos?

Bitcoin itself carries many benefits, which easily match with the needs of the online gambler. The main plus of gambling online with Bitcoin is that there are no currency conversion fees. You don't lose any money when converting to your own currency, if you have to, and makes things nice and quick and easy. In addition to that, the anonymity gives you some extra security. This means that if you want to keep your personal banking details extra safe to maintain online privacy, you can do so by using this method.

On top of that, transactions are not subjected to banking hours and processing times. Any deposit and withdrawal you request will be queued in the blockchain and handled as swiftly as the system can handle it. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to up to an hour, which is much more favourable than the 3 to 5 business days bank transactions are subjected to after being released from the casino website. However, it mostly takes around ten minutes.

Bitcoin Casinos for US Gamblers

The topic of online gambling is undergoing a revolution within the United States as we speak. While many states still do not have solid legislation in place and still prohibit online gambling through the Federal Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it is only individual states that have passed their own gambling reform bills that currently allow gambling online, which are: New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada. More states are set to follow, but as of now, players are mostly restricted by the laws of their state, not the blockchain itself. 

For players who are allowed to gamble in their state, BTC seems to be the payment method of preference. This is because US gamblers love the anonymity of Bitcoin as well as the fact that many US-facing online casinos offer the option to deposit and withdraw through BTC. They also shield their gambling activity from banks and employers, giving them the feeling of security and privacy they need.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Online casinos that have Bitcoin as their foundation often offer great bonuses in BTC. Well-established operators like Bitstarz will give new players the opportunity to claim a welcome bonus in Bitcoin instead EUR, CAD or USD. Depending on the fluctuation of BTC, this might play out in your favour, so keep an eye out on the current trend!

A Checklist for Bitcoin Casinos

Before you venture into the Bitcoin gambling landscape, it is imperative that you do some research on your own in order to establish if the casino is legit or not. To help you on your way, below we have compiled a guide of several steps you can take in order to make sure you are gambling at a legit and safe Bitcoin casino. If you want to ensure that you're playing at a safe (and real) Bitcoin casino, follow the steps and lookout for the following signs.

  1. Always read casino reviews. This is the first and most important step before signing up at any online casino. Google the casino you intend to join or simply take a look through our extensive list of top-notch and safe online casino reviews.If there's very little or no word on how online casino functions, it is safer to steer clear and sign up at a well-known site with a solid reputation. As always, the number one rule is 'better safe than sorry'. If you have your doubts about an online casino, don't sign up and definitely don't make a deposit.
  2. Look out for fake casino games. While tricky to spot, fake online casino games are a tell-tale sign that a casino is up to no good. The games may look and sound much like the original, but you'll soon spot a glitch or an error that you wouldn't find while playing a legitimate game. For this reason, most fake Bitcoin casinos won't let you play their games for before signing up for fear that you'll spot the problem before making your first deposit. Always ensure that the games you play are 100% legitimate for a fair chance to be a winner. When playing a fake version of any online casino game, your bets won't count and your chances of winning are slim to none.
  3. Payouts are a problem. Fake Bitcoin casinos are notorious for taking money from their customers, allowing them to play fake casino games, and potentially even win. This is where the real problem comes into play. After taking money from their customers, fake Bitcoin casinos will offer either very slow and short payment or no payment at all. A huge plus for legitimate Bitcoin casinos is that withdrawals are practically instant. Without any fees, banking institutes, or red tape to work around, Bitcoin offers a quick and easy way to withdraw winnings. Fake Bitcoin casinos will rob you of this experience.
  4. Zero customer service or responses. It's important that no matter which online casino you join, you should have access to well-trained customer service representatives to help you whenever you need it. Whether to answer queries regarding deposits, withdrawals, promotions, or gameplay, you have the right to speak to a customer service agent at the establishment that takes your money. Fake Bitcoin casinos may provide you with an email address, but you will receive little or no response from any so-called customer service agent. These sites are often created and run by one or two individuals who intend to do nothing but rake in Bitcoin from users they've duped into making a deposit.

How fast are Bitcoin withdrawals?

Yes - depositing and withdrawing money to and from your Bitcoin wallet is much quicker than other payment methods. Depositing your money will take more or less the same amount of time, but withdrawing becomes significantly faster through your Bitcoin wallet. As there are no bank processing times, no currency conversions, it's all processed through the blockchain, this takes almost no time at all. The only time it may be slightly delayed is if there is a backlog of withdrawals through the system. In that case it may take up to an hour to receive your money, but this is still much quicker than other payment methods.

Can I get a welcome bonus in Bitcoin casinos?

Yes, some sites offer a special welcome bonus in Bitcoin! You can either choose whether to get it in regular currency or in the form of a bitcoin (or more!). They also offer a number of deposit bonuses which allow you to keep getting more bitcoin as a reward when you make deposits in future, not just when signing up. Most of the online bitcoin casinos which offer this will also be specialised in accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency for playing, too, so you know you will be in safe hands! 

Do I need a Bitcoin wallet to play at a Bitcoin casino?

No, if you want to use the services of a Bitcoin casino they also tend to offer other payment methods or games which don't use Bitcoin, too. However if you want to withdraw in Bitcoin you will need to deposit in Bitcoin first, as your withdrawal and deposit methods must be the same. To do this you will need to first install the bitcoin wallet app and then begin using it by adding funds to it from your bank account. This will give you a number of Bitcoin equivalent to the money that you deposited, at the current exchange rate. You can then begin the processing of making a transaction to top up your Casino wallet.