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Although PoLi might be one of the lesser-known banking methods among online casino players, players based in New Zealand and Australia will be delighted to make use PoLi. Unfortunately, PoLi is not available for players outside of these two countries, yet rest assured, these people can make use of equivalent banking methods like Neteller, Skrill and PayPal. Being a payment solution that is connected to your bank account, PoLi offers super fast and secure transactions for both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings. 

Deposits through PoLi go seamlessly and without hassle. Although it might be hard to find online casinos that offer PoLi as a banking method, it is well worth using the option if it is offered. Deposits can be made instantly, though in some cases it might take up to several hours. What makes PoLi so attractive is that there are absolutely no fees attached to placing a deposit. Simply enter the cashier section at the online casino and select PoLi as your deposit method and you are ready to start playing. Same goes for withdrawing the money you have won at an online casino. Again, it does not cost any fees to withdraw your funds and the transaction will be completed instantly. 

To make the life of our players easier, we have compiled a list of online casinos that accept New Zealand and Australian players. 

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Online Casinos that accept PoLi

How to use POLi at online casinos

The origin of this brand name is “Pay Online”.  POLi is an online payment method which allows consumers to pay for goods and services provided by participating merchants and organisations. It is not itself a bank but activates a link directly to the consumer’s bank account through their internet banking facility, and effects instant payment at no charge to the consumer. The facility, however, is presently limited to consumers who have bank accounts in Australia and New Zealand, and to transactions only in the currencies of those countries, plus £, $ and €. However, POLi is now expanding into a growing number of other countries, notably India, UK and Europe!

While POLi can be used to purchase all sorts of consumer goods, including air tickets, it is particularly popular with users of online casinos and bookies in order to deposit money instantly into their gaming accounts, and some casinos offer a bonus for using POLi.


How to deposit at an online casino using POLi

To make a deposit into your casino account using POLi, the user will go through the following simple process:

  1. Select the POLi option as the Method of Payment into a gaming account;
  2. Select the Bank which holds the user’s account. This must be a participating bank;
  3. Enter the login details for the user’s bank account – log-in id and password;
  4. Enter the details of the purchase. Most of the fields may be pre-populated;
  5. Confirm the transaction.

The POLi system will then issue a confirmation to both parties that the transaction has been successfully completed, and the transfer of funds takes place immediately. This means you can start playing your favourite slots machines and table games right away.

Before using POLi to deposit funds into an online gaming account, a user must first install the POLi Web Browser. Most online casinos will provide a link for the download on their web pages, as well as a list of participating banks for reference. Connection between the merchant and POLi, and between POLi and the bank, is secured by standard industry SSL technology.

Advantages of using POLi

The advantages offered by POLi over many other payment methods include: POLi payment security

  • Credit or debit cards are not required. In any case these can incur high fees;
  • No need to register, and no remembering of passwords other than the bank login;
  • Funds are credited instantly to casino accounts for immediate use;
  • The payment procedure is simple and quick;
  • Some online casinos offer bonuses for using POLi for deposits;
  • Pre-populating transaction details fields reduces the chance of errors;
  • Users’ bank details go no further than the POLi servers, not to online casino servers;
  • Neither POLi nor the casinos charge the user for using POLi.

Disadvantages of using POLi 

Some disadvantages with the POLi method of payment are:

  • POLi can only be used for deposits into gaming accounts, not withdrawals or payouts;
  • Not all casinos participate in the POLi system;
  • POLi is offered in a limited number of countries, though they are expanding;
  • POLi is offered in a limited number of currencies, AU$, NZ$, US$, UK£ and EU€, ZAR;
  • Not all banks in the available countries participate in the POLi system;
  • Once made, payments cannot be reversed. Errors have to be pursued by other means.

Fees for using POLi at online casinos

POLi does NOT charge a fee for making any payment, and since the user does not need to register for the service, no registration fee applies. Also, there is no fee for the installation or use of any software.

Merchants and other providers of services, like casinos and bookies, pay 1% of the transaction value, with a cap at about $3. Since this is a very small charge in comparison with most other payment methods, like credit cards, the payee is able to reward the user with discounts or bonuses for using POLi.

Deposit and Withdrawal times using POLi

With POLi, deposit times are instantaneous on the confirmation. The user can, therefore, make immediate use of the online casino account into which the funds were paid. It should be noted that there may be minimum or maximum limits to the amount that can be deposited.

POLi does not cater for withdrawals or payouts from a casino account. The user would need to choose a different payout method, and then be subject to the cashout times associated with that method.

The security of using POLi at an online casino

POLi themselves regard security as their “number one priority”, and they strive to match or even exceed the levels of security demanded and offered by the banks with which they deal. They claim never to capture any of their users’ sensitive data, and they perform regular reviews and tests to meet all modern standards of security. 

Their software ensures that the user interacts directly with the bank, by “checking the site’s thumbprints and SSL certificates.” Many of the online casino sites recommend the use of POLi for deposit payments and are confident that the transactions meet the highest and best practice safety and security standards.

Support for using POLi

POLi offers on its website a list of FAQs, but this list seems a little inadequate, constructed not from users’ concerns but from their own requirements, with little depth to the answers. In addition, there is no indication of when the FAQs were last updated, which would be useful since POLi seems to be continuously extending its reach and upgrading its technical strength. Their website provides no clear statement of technical requirements for users, particularly in the area of mobile devices, and any need to download software.

They recommend users contact first the online casino first  in order to resolve disputes, but they have an Australian support team available from 08:30 to 17:00 AEST, Monday to Friday, contactable at +61 3 8601 5900 or by email at helpdesk@polipayments.com. There is also a New Zealand support team contactable at +64 9 363 6721, or through email at info@merco.co.nz.


POLi is a well-established payment method in a limited but growing arena, with a loyal following and securely serving its clientele with “millions of transactions a year”.

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