Best PeoPay Casino Sites in 2024

Best PeoPay Casino Sites in 2024

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Giuseppe Faraone
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The PeoPay mobile application is linked to the Bank Pekao, which operates in Poland. Through it, you can make bank transfers to online casinos and transfer money to other users.

The PeoPay mobile application is linked to the Bank Pekao, which operates in Poland. Through it, you can make bank transfers to online casinos and transfer money to other users. It’s a quick and safe way to access your account, any cards that you possess through Bank Pekao, loans and savings, and it’s all done from your mobile phone. 

As of the moment, around 2.7 million people use the PeoPay app. It offers a convenient and effective casino payment method that is always at hand. Downloading and installing the PeoPay mobile app is a simple process to undertake. It is available for both Android and Apple users to utilise, being a free app to download.

Because it is accessible to people in Poland with Bank Pekao accounts, it is also usable at a variety of online casinos for real money in Europe.

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How to Use PeoPay to Gamble

Should you be a Bank Pekao account holder, or if you’re intending to open such an account, you can utilise the PeoPay app to gamble. Here are some details on how to go about doing this successfully.

Set Up a PeoPay Account

  1. If you don’t already have a Bank Pekao account, make sure you open one online or in a physical branch.
  2. Download the PeoPay app from the Google Play or Apple Store to your device.
  3. Setup your password and any other security that you require on the app.
  4. Request a physical payment card via the app, if you would prefer to use such instead of a bank transfer.

Fund Your Casino Account

  1. Go to the casino you want to join and register for an account.
  2. Select the bank transfer option from the deposit payment methods on the cashier page.
  3. Choose Bank Pekao from the drop-down menu and input an amount to transfer.
  4. Insert any details relating to the bank account that it requests and confirm the transaction via the PeoPay app.

How to Make a Withdrawal

  1. Return to the casino’s casher page and choose to ‘Withdraw’.
  2. Once again, select a bank transfer as your preferred payment method.
  3. Input an amount to withdraw and any bank account details requested.
  4. Check all details of the payment and complete it. Confirmation should be provided via the app.

Payment method benefits

Benefits of PeoPay for Online Gambling

There is a number of top-quality online casinos supporting bank transfer deposits from within Poland. Take a look at the benefits that using PeoPay for this process brings to you.


There is no need to visit a land-based Bank Pekao branch in order to complete the bank transfer payment to a casino. Instead, you can simply process such through the PeoPay mobile app. 

Once you have entered the appropriate details via the casino cashier, you just need to confirm the transaction via your PeoPay app to complete it. This means that you have everything you need to-hand for making online casino deposits.


The fact that a deposit to a casino has to be confirmed via the PeoPay application adds to the general security that bank transfers provide. That, in turn, contributes to the security levels of the top safe casinos offering their sites to Polish players. 

You’ll also find that your money is transferred from your account in encrypted format. This means that it is protected against any third-party hacks or invasions.

Instant Deposits

Adding money to your chosen casino account is something that PeoPay provides the possibility of doing instantly. Whenever you make instant deposits, you can get to playing the casino games straight away as well. 

Bank transfers aren’t often known as the most speedy payment methods for many options, so the fact that PeoPay enforces quick deposits makes it much more appealing. This doesn’t count for withdrawals using PeoPay unfortunately, but that is the case with many withdrawal methods.

Potential for Using PeoPay Cards

When you download the PeoPay app, you can also request to receive a payment card for your bank account. As a result, you don’t specifically have to use a bank transfer to deposit and withdraw from your chosen online casino site. 

Instead, you can make an online casino credit card deposit from the same bank account. The cards can also be used in your everyday life for purchasing items, be that online or offline.

Choose the right casino

Choose a Casino That Accepts PeoPay

If you’re satisfied with the benefits that PeoPay provides to its users, then you can set about locating a casino supporting transactions through it. Here are a few things to remember when selecting a PeoPay casino to join.

Check Into the Withdrawal Speed

Depositing by the PeoPay option is instant, so there’s little issue with that. Yet when it comes to making a withdrawal, there will be processing timeframes to consider. Check into the withdrawal speed that a casino operates to, as the processing period can lengthen or shorten the whole payout system significantly. Some casinos have a maximum of 24 hours in this area, while others can go on for two or three days.

Read Customer Reviews

If you’re not sure about joining an online casino, you can always guarantee that customer reviews will provide a good insight into them. This isn’t online casino reviews created by experts, like we offer, but actual reviews constructed by casino players. 

Whether they’ve had a good experience or a bad experience with an online casino, you can expect these gamers to tell it like it is. This way, you can look past the external appearance of a site and get down to how it actually operates.

Read Terms and Conditions

We get it – nobody likes reading the small print of anything. Yet sometimes it can contain the most important information to understand. That much remains true when it comes to online casinos as well. 

Within the T&Cs you can discover how long withdrawals take, what payment methods are accepted and their limitations, the conditions surrounding promotions, and much more. Let’s face it, the more you know about an online casino platform, the better off you are.

Details of this method

Details of PeoPay

If you want to learn more about this casino payment method, then you can find extra details on it here.

PeoPay Licence

The PeoPay application is a part of the Bank Pekao, which is in itself owned by Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna. This has its office in Warsaw, Poland, and it is entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs at the District Court. It is the bank that is the financial institution, and this that holds the official licence to operate as such.

PeoPay Availability

If you reside in Poland you hold a Bank Pekao account, you can download the PeoPay app and set up mobile banking through it.

Support With PeoPay

If you ever need any assistance while using the PeoPay app, then there are links to acquire this through the app itself. Otherwise, you can visit the official PeoPay section of the Bank Pekao website. There, you will also find a Contact Form that you can fill out to request help from the support team.

Report a Problem With PeoPay

For help beyond using the contact form noted, you can reach out to the Bank Pekao customer support team instead. This is possible to do online, via telephone, in written format or by visiting one of the various bank branches in Poland.

Similar payment methods

Similar Payment Methods

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PeoPay offers you the opportunity to manage your Bank Pekao account from within a mobile app. Everything comes together there, ensuring you get to use a convenient, fast and effective payment method for funding your online casino account.

It also offers the chance to withdraw from such platforms, and it can be put to use at a variety of online casinos, either as a bank transfer or card payment method.


Read up further on the PeoPay banking option with these FAQs below.

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