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Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Reviewed by Dr Aaron Weiner

Psychologist and Addiction Specialist Aaron Weiner, PhD, ABPP is a licensed, board-certified psychologist and addiction specialist with experience in hospital administration, public health, and youth drug prevention.  Dr. Weiner is the President of the Society of Addiction Psychology, serves on the Science Advisory Board of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and is a member of the Physician Speakers Bureau for the National Safety Council. Note: Dr. Weiner has reviewed the informational content of this page for accuracy.  App and website... Read More

Note: Dr. Weiner has reviewed the informational content of this page for accuracy.  App and website recommendations are based solely on the opinions of the author.

Uk gambling support organisations

Gambling Addiction Support in the United Kingdom

It has been estimated that around 2.2 million UK gamblers either have a gambling addiction or are at risk. After facing a 16.2% increase in demand for gambling addiction support, the NHS now has seven specialist for gambling support clinics across the UK. If you are experiencing problems with gambling activities, you can opt to self-exclude for a period by registering with GamStop or downloading apps such as GamBan to block access to gambling sites and apps. In addition, you can also contact the organisations listed below.


Gamcare logoGamCare has been offering gambling support for over 25 years. Operating the National Gambling Helpline, these specialists offer treatment for anyone experiencing gambling issues. They also offer tips and information promoting safe gambling. You can also read our review of the GamCare casinos.

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Gamblers Anonymous UK

Gamblers anonymous logoA community where ex-gamblers and players with gambling issues share their experiences to help each other recover from their gambling problems. There are several meetings held on various days throughout the week.

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Begambleaware logoBeGambleAware offers confidential support to anyone experiencing gambling issues. BeGambleAware is in partnership with several other expert organisations and the NHS and its services can be accessed by anyone in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Gordon Moody

Gordon Moody logoGordon Moody is a charity offering advice, support and treatment to help you overcome gambling problems. Gordon Moody offers a variety of services including residential treatment, retreat programmes combining short residential stays with at-home counselling sessions as well as crypto trading addiction support.

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US Gambling Support Organizations

Gambling Addiction Support in the US

In the US, around 1% of adult players have experienced gambling issues. Each state in the US has its own gambling addiction help organisations. However, you can get access to nationwide support from the entities below.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Ncpg logoThe National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has advocated for safe gambling for over 50 years. From increasing awareness to overseeing the national helpline network. the NCPG provides support across all states.

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1800 gambler logoOperating for over 20 years, this organisation has provided gambling addiction support to over 15,000 people. Although it is based in West Virginia, the Problem Gambling Help Network of WV does offer its services outside the state.

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If you don't have a 304/681 area code, you can call on 304-344-2883 instead.