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Last Updated: May 2024


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Uk gambling support organisations

Gambling Addiction Support in the United Kingdom

It has been estimated that around 2.2 million UK gamblers either have a gambling addiction or are at risk. After facing a 16.2% increase in demand for gambling addiction support, the NHS now has seven specialist for gambling support clinics across the UK. If you are experiencing problems with gambling activities, you can opt to self-exclude for a period by registering with GamStop or downloading apps such as GamBan to block access to gambling sites and apps. In addition, you can also contact the organisations listed below.


Gamcare logoGamCare has been offering gambling support for over 25 years. Operating the National Gambling Helpline, these specialists offer treatment for anyone experiencing gambling issues. They also offer tips and information promoting safe gambling. You can also read our review of the GamCare casinos.

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Gamblers Anonymous UK

Gamblers anonymous logoA community where ex-gamblers and players with gambling issues share their experiences to help each other recover from their gambling problems. There are several meetings held on various days throughout the week.

Contact Information:


GambleAware logoGambleAware offers confidential support to anyone experiencing gambling issues. GambleAware is in partnership with several other expert organisations and the NHS and its services can be accessed by anyone in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Gordon Moody

Gordon Moody logoGordon Moody is a charity offering advice, support and treatment to help you overcome gambling problems. Gordon Moody offers a variety of services including residential treatment, retreat programmes combining short residential stays with at-home counselling sessions as well as crypto trading addiction support.

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US Gambling Support Organizations

Gambling Addiction Support in the US

In the US, around 1% of adult players have experienced gambling issues. Each state in the US has its own gambling addiction help organisations. However, you can get access to nationwide support from the entities below.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Ncpg logoThe National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has advocated for safe gambling for over 50 years. From increasing awareness to overseeing the national helpline network. the NCPG provides support across all states.

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1800 gambler logoOperating for over 20 years, this organisation has provided gambling addiction support to over 15,000 people. Although it is based in West Virginia, the Problem Gambling Help Network of WV does offer its services outside the state.

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If you don't have a 304/681 area code, you can call on 304-344-2883 instead.

Gambling Addiction Support in The Netherlands

Problem gambling is a major issue in the Netherlands, particularly among young adults with 23% of the 45,787 registered in the Netherlands’ self-exclusion scheme being under 25. The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) regulates gambling in the commonwealth under the Remote Gambling Act and protects problem gamblers within the Netherlands. 


The Central Register of Exclusion from Gambling (CRUKS) is a national self-exclusion register serving all of the Netherlands. If you no longer feel in control of your gaming behaviour you can register here and you will be heavily or even completely restricted from playing with any licenced gaming provider across the nation for at least six months.


WhatsApp: 06 598 183 31

Live Chat:

Phone: 08002400022


Loket Kansspel

Loket Kanssel offers anonymous help and guidance related to gambling problems for free. It is the central support point for any problem gambling issues, offering direct support themselves or referral to other support organisations in your area. Available 24/7 for players and their families facing.


WhatsApp: 06 598 183 31

Phone: 08002400022

Ready For Change

Based in Rotterdam, Read Far Change specialised in all addictions, including problem gambling, offering both short-term, effective treatments.


Phone: 088 73 23 942

Email: [email protected]


A true specialist in this field, Hervitas offers a 3-week plan of day treatment administered by seasoned professionals, within a group of similarly affected people. This plan consists of 5 steps which even include aftercare subsequent meetings, should these be necessary.


Phone: 030 – 21 02 641

Email: [email protected]

Gambling Addiction Support in Germany

Problem gambling in Germany is without a doubt on the rise with the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) estimating that over 1.3 million people are affected in some form as of 2024. Problematic gaming behaviour has also risen with approximately 0.7% being addicted to gambling in some form. Most notably the figure is as high as 8% among those aged 18-70.

The State Office for Gambling Addiction

The State Office for Gambling Addiction has set up 24 specialised centres across Bavaria to contribute to 22 pre-existing addiction counselling centres to advise individuals and their relatives concerning problem gambling. Similar centres exist across the country with resources to help determine where best to seek advice and assistance.

The gambling addiction hotline 

Operated by the Federal Centre for Health Education, this hotline serves as the first point of contact for those suffering from gambling problems. Offering confidential information, education and knowledge of existing local resources to players, relatives and their interested parties, the service is free and will provide the best advice on a variety of help available in each German locality.

Free phone: +49 (0)800 1 37 27 00

Gambling Addiction Support in Sweden

Around 4% of Sweden’s population is in some way affected by way of gambling addiction. This totals around 130,000 individuals who share a household with someone experiencing gambling problems. Sweden’s main issue in this regard is the high turnover of problem gamblers with approximately three-quarters of this population being replaced over the course of the year, making the proportion of those affected long-term far greater. 

Stödlinjen (The Swedish National Gambling Helpline)

The Swedish National Gambling Helpline serves all of Sweden by providing information, advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling. Their advice is based on research and knowledge from a great deal of data concerning what has helped and what hasn’t helped others in the past. The helpline counsellors are highly professional, well-trained and experienced. 


Live Chat:

Phone: 020-81 91 00

The Public Health Agency of Sweden

The public health agency in Sweden has pledged to implement numerous efforts to strengthen and develop the provisions to prevent problem gambling. These initiatives focus on increasing the knowledge and awareness accrued regarding gambling and its consequences. 

The main findings the public health agency is focused on disseminating is The Swedish Longitudinal Gambling Study (Swelogs) but they provide many contact options for any queries you may have about gambling addiction and the supports available in your locality.


Phone: +46 (0)10-205 20 00

Email: [email protected]