The multi-billion-dollar online gambling industry is a competitive business. Online casinos and software providers are joining together with an aim to create the most sophisticated and unique gaming experience on the internet. Now you can choose from a list of the top Exclusive Online Casinos of 2020 that have implemented the latest technologies and innovations from the world of online gambling.

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Below you will find a list of what we would call “exclusive casinos”. If you wish to go ahead and play straight away, then you can follow the links by clicking on the “Play Now” button. If you wish to know more about what makes the casinos so unique then keep on reading and we will explain it to you. Please note that this list and definition is entirely subjective to the author. Of course, this article is written to help players on their way on finding the best online casino for them.

By Gamblers for Gamblers

Now you may ask yourself, what makes an exclusive casino so exclusive when there are so many different ones out there? Here at CasinoTopsOnline we have concocted a special formula on how we would rank an exclusive casino as, you guessed it, exclusive. With such a broad and abstract term it might be hard for players to define their own meaning to the term. Please allow us to make your life easier, dear gambler; for we are gamblers ourselves. That’s why it is only possible for this list to be compiled and explained by gamblers for gamblers. 

Casinos that boast a unique and modern design

Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, or so they say. But sometimes some online casinos are just aesthetically more pleasing that the others and that is a fact. Nobody is going to have a good time playing at an outdated casino that hasn’t updated their framework since the early 2000’s. We’re looking for modern and easy to navigate online casinos here, the ones that make you come back for because they’re just that good.

Within the past year we have seen a boost in newly established casinos and one by one they have blown us away. But we are here to talk about quality over quantity. And having said that we can agree that casinos that use the element of gamification and perfectly research UX in their design, standout among the wilderness of online casinos.

Gamifi-what-now? Gamification: the art of using indulging video game-like features within an online casino. These features can be used in various ways, like using unique avatars that the player can use to portray their online persona or follow a story-rich quest to fulfil rewarding achievements. It’s only recently that several online casinos have started using it and it is no wonder that these casinos have become favourites among players. Perhaps the most notable online casino that is well experienced in the art of gamification is HighRoller Casino. This bad boy of website takes the player on a journey through a digital metropolis while creating a beautiful and quirky digital avatar of the gambler.


Rizk9.7/10.0 Over 1.280Yes
888 Casino9.4/10.0Over 920Yes
Jackpot Village8.7/10.0Over 580Yes
Leovegas8.5/10.0Over 1.000Yes

Exclusive VIP Programs 

Not every casino would provide players with a VIP package and not every player is looking to make use of a VIP package. Within this scenario it is kind of a give and take. The player will of course spend more on at the online casino when they sign up to become a VIP player but in turn the player gets what they pay for. A VIP bonus or package can come in many different forms, some better than the other. We’ll give you a summary of the most commonly occurring VIP benefits when signing up to a program:

  • A dedicated customer support team specialised in handling VIP and high roller players. 
  • Exclusive offers like extra deposit bonuses, free spins and a nice gift on your birthday
  • Being able to play at VIP-only casino slots and live games
  • Speaking of live games, you might even get dedicated live dealer who greets you when you decide to play live casino games. 
  • VIP promotions that occur more frequently than for normal players. 
  • Increased bet limits or lower wagering requirements.
  • A weekly or monthly newsletter catered to your needs and play style.
  • Being able to participate in draws and lotteries for VIP players.

If you are a player that demands the casino to go the extra mile for you, because you’re awesome and you deserve to be pampered once in a while then go ahead and make use of it. Nobody is going to hold is against you that you have standards after all. Exclusive online casinos are for exclusive online gamblers, after all. 

High-end bonuses for high-end players

High welcome bonuses usually come with a high deposit requirement to make use of them. This is another reason that exclusive casinos need high rolling players to make the most out of what is being offered. For example, when we look at the welcome bonus being offered by Casimba, then a €/£6500 + 150 free spins bonus looks too good to be true.

This is why you will have to read the reviews that we offer on how a welcome package is build up. With casinos like these, you will have to deposit a high amount to actually get the high amount being offered by Casimba. In the easiest terms, let’s explain it like this: A 200% bonus up to a €100 means that a player will have to deposit a €100 first before then can get the €100 from the casino.

That is also exactly how it works with the high roller casino bonuses. You get what you give and if you are the kind of player that goes the extra mile then it is totally worth it.

Claim exclusive casino bonuses

Exclusive casino bonuses are not offered to the public. They are designed for the most loyal casino customers and trusted online casino portals like CasinoTopsOnline.com. We are doing our best to design and negotiate top exclusive promotions with all reputable, safe and secure online casino brands

Our aim is not only to offer exclusive casino bonuses, but also to offer them in an exclusive format. You’ll find that all of our special offers are designed to suit everyone. Whether it’s a High Roller special bonus or No Deposit Required Free Spins or Cash, we have something for everyone. 

Only CasinoTopsOnline.com visitors can take advantage of these great offers not available anywhere else!

Please note that some exclusive bonuses have expiration date and they cannot be claimed after the campaign has expired.
While they can’t offer a hotel room or free drinks to anyone the world class online casinos we review offer regular casinos bonuses for most days of the week, free-to-play tournaments and even high-value competitions where it is possible to win fully paid overseas vacations!

These top casinos will also have customer service representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. They are experts in all aspects of their casino brands, from how to change your password to what the biggest casino bonuses are that you can claim that day.