Not Recommended & Blacklisted Casinos

The internet is littered with online casinos and choosing the right one for you can be a pretty daunting task. Here at CasinoTopsOnline, we consider ourselves experts in the online casino sphere and we’re committed to bringing you the very best that the industry has to offer.

While many online casinos are legitimate and have the players’ interests at heart, a number of them are known for their malpractices and it is our duty to bring these online casinos to light. 

The casinos on this page should be avoided at all costs due to their proven inability to satisfy their players’ needs. Issues can range from withholding player winnings, to false advertising as well as misleading players through very vague terms and conditions. 

On this page you will learn

- Which online casinos have the worst reputation.
- Ways to spot a dodgy online casino.
- About which online casinos that received the most player complaints.

Still now sure where to play? So, the following is a list of blacklisted casinos that should be avoided at all costs. Keep in mind not to register on these casinos because you could have some problems in receiving payments or depositing money:

You Should Trust on These

Common Bad Practises By Online Casinos

Which are the common bad practise of bad online casinos? Let's have a look at them.

Withholding Player Winnings

The underlying reason why players join casino sites to is try to make a profit and what could be more frustrating and unfair than having winnings being withheld? As deposited funds are instantly taken from players accounts, players expect the same when making a profit. Some online casinos delay paying their players their winnings and while this may be acceptable in certain circumstances, it can cause a great deal of frustration and anger. 

Some online casinos tell their players outright that they won’t be able to transfer their winnings for a number of reasons, but the most prominent one is always an infringement of their terms and conditions, especially when relating to winnings from bonuses. 

False Advertising

False advertising can take many forms, but the one which is most commonly used is through bonuses and promotions. The terms and conditions of every bonus should be clear and not misleading by using a lot of technical jargon, with the intention of misleading players. Some bonus terms and conditions cannot be found anywhere and others are so vague that players are unaware whether the bonus is applicable to them. 

Terms and conditions of a bonus or promotion should clearly state:

  • What the promotion is all about
  • The expiry date
  • The wagering requirements
  • Maximum bet 
  • Any capped winnings
  • Which countries it applies to

Bad Customer Support & Gaming Experience

Players need to feel secure and reassured that when they encounter a problem, they have a support team ready to assist. Online casinos that end up in our blacklist tend to have one too many complaints regarding their customer support experiences, mainly because they ignore their players when they need them most. 

Unreliable software when playing casino games is another red flag that players must be wary of. There are countless player reviews which describe how their game got hijacked by technical difficulties and any funds won during that gaming activity were never reimbursed. 

While we understand that players can go through a losing streak, unusually long losing streaks are unheard of art a legitimate online casino and it could very well be that a random number generator is not calibrated properly. We’re very aware of what odds of winning each game has and anything beyond the norm is a clear red flag which is then reported to the authorities and regulatory bodies. 

The Process Behind Our Blacklistings

Blacklisting online casinos is not a fun job, but it has to be done. The process behind it is meticulous and time consuming, but we believe all players should have a pleasant gaming experience. Players who are new to online casino will be deterred from ever joining another casino if their first experience is an adverse one, which is why we’ve compiled a list of blacklisted casinos. 

An isolated incident is not going to land an online casino on the blacklist, as these happen from time to time and it’s essential to give the benefit of the doubt. But if it’s a series of incidents that are continuous and consistent, than we have no choice but to add these casinos to our blacklist. 

Player Complaints

We take every player complaint seriously, whether it was a comment left on one of our casino reviews, or a complaint left on a third party site when doing our research. Nevertheless, we follow up on these negative comments and follow up on them when we notice that the same issue is being raised by a number of players. Many complaints are withdrawal related issues, where online casinos withhold big winnings from players or make withdrawing extremely difficult by making their players supply documents, upon documents for verification until they punch themselves out. This is a classic case of fraud and it’s a surefire way of landing in our blacklist. 

Testing Online Casinos

Here at CasinoTopsOnline, we take matters in our hands, especially when player complaints are flooding through. We do this to ensure we experience the same issues other players are having. This is essential in order to give a true and fair view of the online casino in question and to verify the claims made by players. In some cases, we even reach out to the online casinos and ask for clarification about the matter at hand. We will never be affiliated with an online casino that deceives players in any shape or form. 

Examples Of Scams 

Dodgy online casinos are constantly looking for new ways to scam their players. It’s deceiving and dishonest on many levels and we’re trying our best to protect players in any way we can. The following is a list of scams that online casinos are known to use:

Slow Withdrawal Processing

One of the most common ways in which online casinos tend to scam players is by delaying withdrawals and by asking for too many verification documents. While every online casino will ask for verification documents, scammers tend to refuse the documents supplied or delay the process as long as possible until the player eventually gives up. 

Very High Wagering Requirements

We can’t stress enough how important it is to read over the terms and conditions of every bonus or promotion. The quality of a promotion has nothing to do with the amount of bonus money awarded to new players, but the amount of times the bonus money needs to be rolled over before it’s eligible for a withdrawal. Most wagering requirements range from 30 to 40 times, however, sketchy online casinos will have wagering requirements of 60 times and over, making it close to impossible to meet the rollover requirements. Be wary of extremely high rollover requirements. 

Vague & Random Updates To The Terms and Conditions

Online casinos have the power to update their terms and conditions when they please, however, the dodgy online casinos will update their terms and conditions without notice and in a way that favours them. 

In other cases, the general terms and conditions will include lots of technical jargon that disheartens players and excludes important information about a range of topics, including withdrawal timeframes and bonus information, to name a few. 

Pirated Games

Many online casinos across the board have been caught using pirated games in order to tweak the algorithm of the game, changing the winning percentages greatly to favour the online casino. Pirated games are more susceptible to hacks, which causes all sorts of complications, including lost funds. The online casino will then come up with all sorts of excuses that the hack was beyond their control and will ‘work tirelessly’ to recover what was lost.