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Best Casinos for High Rollers

High roller players have their eye on the prize, and they're keen on big bets to get there. Yet, this thrill of losing or winning is what keeps VIPs coming back for more, as most of them have experienced both scenarios at least several times over the course of their betting careers. High roller games aren't just found in highbrow establishments in Las Vegas - they can have all the thrill of playing at an online casino too!

Players with high limits placing high wagers are also at risk of losing large sums of money. This is always the first rule to keep in mind if you want to keep the game safe, fun and fair. Knowing when to quit while you’re ahead might sometimes be the best option.

Choosing a top high roller casinos

Choosing The Best High Roller Casino Online

Any casino worth its salt will treat its VIPs with kid gloves - whether that comes in the form of special bonuses designed for players with a bigger bankroll, or a specialised support program to give exclusive help and guidance. However, when you're on the lookout for a new casino to play at, here are a few things to pay attention to in order to make sure you get the service you're after:

  • Good customer service - This is especially important for high roller players, as this could mean you have a dedicated customer support representative to talk to when you have particular issues, 24/7.
  • Good casino software - Are the games produced by well-known providers? If so, then you should have a good experience when playing, especially when you have high stakes games.
  • Secure site - Does it use the proper encryption protocols? Does the online casino save your data securely? If so, then they can be trusted with your larger bankroll.
  • High limits - Does the casino offer higher limits to better suit high roller and VIP players? If so, then they are more worth your investment and time.
  • Licence - If the casino has a licence from a reputable and established licencing body such as the MGA or the UKGC, then we'd recommend them.

Best Games for High Rollers

If you're looking for a higher stakes game, you can play anywhere you like - but sometimes you’ll want something designed especially for those with a larger bankroll. Generally, the best games that can be tailored for high roller players include:

  • Table games like roulette;
  • Table card games like poker, or baccarat;
  • High roller slots;
  • Unique games with extra multipliers;
  • Live dealer casino games.

Classic high roller table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat stakes can be set around $1,000 and $200,000 per play, making for a chance of enormous wins. When opting to play with large sums of money, live dealers will give you the best online casino experience possible. There are also usually VIP tables, especially reserved for high rollers.

These one-of-a-kind live dealer rooms are reserved for players who want the casino to go the extra mile for them. They are, after all, paying for such an experience by betting such high stakes. It is only fair for a good online casino to treat them like royalty. If you are thinking about becoming a VIP, then check out our recommended exclusive online casinos.

Best high roller online casino games

Table Games

With table games being many players’ games of choice, it's no surprise that they also offer specific high roller categories. There are some forms of double-up, especially in card games such as blackjack or baccarat.

Meanwhile, in roulette, instead of a double up, you will increase your bets from $100 all the way to $1,000. This will give you a break even where you make back your money as well as earn a small profit. With high roller roulette you can either play on video roulette or a live roulette game. Live roulette is presented by a live dealer online, meaning you can interact with them just as if you were in a brick and mortar casino.


If you're a high roller when it comes to table games, like poker or baccarat, then a tournament format will work for you. Although many players in high stakes games prefer to be physically there, the tournament format on many online casino sites is perfect for playing with others of a similar skill level. With online poker being just as viable for poker players as a game in a land-based casino, it can make for amazing winnings without the need to travel, sometimes for long distances. High roller players can get the same thrill without the hassle.

Lighting Roulette for High Rollers

Lightning Roulette might not be something that casual casino gamblers are familiar with, but the real high rollers out there already know that lightning roulette is great value and great fun.

Originally developed and published by the prestigious software provider Evolution Gaming, this has been a hugely popular spin on roulette for a good reason. Lightning Roulette is much like the standard roulette games, but with some bells and whistles that make it more interesting for a high limit style of playing.

Multipliers are applied to certain numbers between every round, making for an exciting twist on your bets - will your number have a 100x multiplier on it? Only in Lightning Roulette is that possible!

Players will have the normal roulette betting line-up available to them. But here is where it gets interesting for high rollers. Aside from the standard line-up, players will have the option to bet on their lucky numbers in addition to their already chosen numbers. The implementation of these so-called lucky numbers add an extra dimension and thrill to the overall strategy of roulette. This means that a huge amount of cash can suddenly fall into your lap when playing Lightning Roulette. This explains why high rollers love this game so much.

High Roller Slots

The high limit games are the favourites among high rollers as they offer the potential for some massive wins. High roller slots games stakes may vary from $20 up to $5000 per spin. As wins on slot games can be mandated by the size of the stake you make, the winnings can be huge! With high roller slots, players are not constrained by the traditional limits imposed upon them by most casino slots, and can play to a budget more befitting their bank roll.

Live dealer games for high roller

Live Casino for High Rollers

Although online games are all well and good, sometimes high rollers want to play a game at a casino online which makes it feel like they are really there. Live dealer games can scratch that itch, with live gambling producing a great experience for anyone used to high quality games.

Many live casino operators provide high roller games specifically for players who want to bet with more. A more specialised experience for high roller players in these games means they will understand your needs, giving you better limits, a more personalised game experience, and potentially much higher wins.

Bonuses for High Rollers

It goes without saying that online casino games in an industry worth some $150 billion USD have a huge potential for bonuses - especially for high rollers. The online casinos listed on this page are the biggest names in the online gambling industry and they can afford to pay out huge wins to lucky high rolling players every day.

As a VIP member of an online casino, you’ll enjoy a rich and enjoyable gaming experience that is personalized for your lifestyle. At CasinoTopsOnline, we work closely with the best high roller online casinos to ensure you get the best possible red carpet treatment you truly deserve. Here we’ll look at both the games and loyalty schemes offered by the top-rated high roller casinos.

Almost all online casinos offer sign up bonuses for new customers. For high rollers the most popular casino bonuses are cashback and deposit match bonuses. If you’re looking to play with a bonus first take a look at our casino bonuses guide. We also offer some of the best high roller bonuses available nowhere else.

When you play with a bonus you have a big balance meaning that you can comfortably risk a few big spins. Note that some online casinos have a maximum allowed bet when playing with a bonus. Always make sure you read the full bonus terms and conditions.

High roller bonuses

Best High Roller Casinos This Month



High Roller Bonus

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We know that as a High Roller you are a different breed of casino player with unique needs and different aspirations. You can peruse our comprehensive selection of the Best High Roller Bonuses, from our trusted High Roller online casinos. We have hand-picked a selection of High Roller bonuses which we feel can match your intensity and appetite for big bets.

Please refer to the terms & conditions of each bonus before joining an online casino and don't forget to use the special bonus codes. Good luck!

Highroller VIP programmes

VIP Programmes for High Rollers

Some casinos will offer VIP programmes which benefit high rollers. This is a system whereby the more you play, the more you are given rewards! Some casinos will offer special bonuses for VIP players, meaning that they get more free spins, better bonuses, or a higher match bonus that better suits their bankroll. Some of the benefits you can also potentially get from a programme like this are:

  • High roller bonuses - Some bonuses will be of a higher value, or be special and unique, to suit the higher amount being played. High roller players really benefit from this as they get a better return on their money.
  • Leaderboard prizes - Leaderboard tournaments tend to have better bonuses the further you progress - making these great for high rollers to take part in!
  • Dedicated customer support - Many casinos offer premium customer support to their VIP players. This makes resolving any issues, or changing anything on your account, far easier and more efficient than otherwise.
  • VIP manager - Some casinos go one step further than dedicated customer support, and instead give you a personal contact to talk to at the casino - nothing could be more convenient than that!
  • Higher limits - VIP players and high rollers get higher limits for deposits and withdrawals. This means there's no fuss when it comes to taking out your winnings.

Most of the casinos we have listed on our page have great programmes for high rollers, and these programmes give you extra value when playing. After all, when playing larger hands or making larger bets, getting even better rewards for your risk is much appreciated!

High Roller Casinos Around the World

High Roller Casinos FAQs

Have some more questions about high roller casinos and what they offer? We know many do - so we prepared a collection of the most asked questions below:

Do all casinos offer high roller bonuses?

No, not all casinos offer these bonuses for high rollers. If you're looking for high roller bonuses specifically, be sure to check out our lists here. If you're loyal to a casino already, you might be able to check if they have a loyalty scheme, leaderboard offers, or great cashback offers which would fit for your more intense gameplay.

Is there a minimum spend for high rollers?

Yes, usually each casino will have a minimum amount that each player has to wager in order to become a high roller. This will vary between casinos, so make sure to check their terms and conditions before taking advantage of any high roller offers.

Are there benefits to being a high roller?

Yes - usually a casino likes to reward its loyal patrons and so it gives bigger bonuses, more cashback, or has special games catering to people who like to play and bet with more.

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