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disclaimer Due to their fast-paced nature, slots are categorised as a high risk gambling product. It is recommended to play with caution.
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Should You Play Crash Single?

Crash Single is a crash-type game, these games have a multiplier that begins as you start your game and continues to go up until you crash at a random value. How players win is by cashing out before crashing your rocket. The game multiplier always begins at 1.00x and can also crash at this value. Your winnings will be calculated by multiplying your entered bet by the multiplier value you cashed out at.

At the beginning of the game. Players can set the gem to auto-play mode and also an auto cash-out, setting an automatic cash-out value. The maximum bet rate is €100 and the minimum bet rate is €0.50. The min. value for a valid cash out is 1.01x multiplier. What’s the maximum win per bet? It’s a hefty 20,000x to your entered minimum bet. Players can grab big prizes for small side quest games like Crash Single.

Special Features in Crash Single

Players basically have a limitless multiplier that starts at 1.00x until their crash. Your main goal? Score the points without getting greedy, the game doesn’t offer bonuses for players to pickup.

The RTP of Crash Single

Darwin Gaming follows the industry average and offers a standard 97.00% RTP for players. Players are very likely to get something out of the game whether it’s a big pool or small.

Getting the Most Out Crash Single

For a crash-type game, there aren’t many techniques you can make use of to maximize your winnings. Players should be most careful of overbetting/ getting stuck on this game when it’s all in the hands of the RNG gods. 

Players can make use of the auto-play and auto cash-out modes to keep themselves in check and only make small bets for this purely entertainment-fueled game. We mean it, it’s fun, but you’ll find many other games that have a larger prize pool and aren’t reliant on you having a glorious hand dealt by the gods. And as always, remember to gamble responsible

Personal Opinion on Crash Single

It’s a fun game for side-quest strolling or exploring what the games in the casino can offer you but our opinion? Don’t get stuck on this one. Other casino games have much more potential with a larger winners pool to get your hands on. 

It’s a great game if you’ve got a little cash to spare after an adventure in the casinos to win back a little of your balance. With Crash Single optimized for mobile gameplay as every Darwin Gaming game is, you can easily enjoy some side-quest wins here on this side of the casino. 

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