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Should You Play Beef Up The Bonus?

Beef Up the Bonus, at first glance, appears to be a generic slot game that features basic tumbles and matching symbols. But a closer look reveals that the game comes packed with interesting features and a unique blend of thrill and excitement. 

So, anyone wishing to move on from their overused games should give this title a try. It doesn’t take long to learn. And the payout mechanism is simple to understand for new and old players alike. 

Special Features in Beef Up The Bonus

Beef Up the Bonus captures the Wild West's unique spirit regarding visuals and imagery. The bull motifs and unique symbols all work together to create an unmatched experience. 

The 5000x bet option is an additional feature that offers the chance of pushing up your winnings sky-high. A jackpot with this bet would result in a $10 bet paying off $50,000 in a single round. 

The Horseshoe scatters are also another distinctive feature of this game. Locating four or five of these Horseshoes will give you access to additional free spins that can lead to bigger winnings. 

Note on the RTP of Beef Up The Bonus

Gaming data suggests that Beef Up’s RTP is about 96.01 – 96.02%. This figure suggests that the game’s RTP remains slightly above the slot gaming industry’s average of about 95-96%

So, you enjoy the same chances of winning out with this game compared to any other slot game. Alternatively, the additional 0.1-0.2% reveals that you may get access to marginally higher payouts with Beef Up the Bonus. 

Getting the Most out of Beef Up The Bonus

Here are some best practices that Beef Up the Bonus players and veterans agree upon:

  • Try to hit at least three Horseshoe scatters during the game. A minimum of three scatters will give you access to three more free spins bonuses on the same round. 

  • Look out for the Link & Win special symbol. Beef Up's Link & Win feature offers additional benefits that range from free spins to bet enhancements that go up to 50 times the original bet. 

  • Visit the Paytable and learn each symbol’s significance and value. This awareness will allow you to grab more value out of each play and every individual round. 

Personal Opinion on Beef Up The Bonus

I’ve played Beef Up the Bonus for over a year now and enjoyed the benefits of its special features while also experiencing the downsides of its average RTP. 

The game provides enough visual stimulation, monetary wins, and game mechanics to keep you engaged for long sessions. So, I'd surely recommend it to players who enjoy animal-themed or Wild West-themed slot games.

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