Why is Yggdrasil’s Price Drop so Cool?

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Yggdrasil is one of the most trusted and favored names in the slot gaming industry, thanks to its large collection of games and innovative approach to game design. 

As a leading game design company, Yggdrasil often introduces offers and incentives that you can leverage to get more winnings out of your slot gaming experience. 

Price drops remain one of their most widely loved and popular offerings. And here’s all you need to know about it! 

What are Price Drops in Yggdrasil?

Price drops are in-game offerings made by Yggdrasil to reduce the real and perceived costs of betting real money in their slot games. It takes different forms but always results in giving you a relative advantage over playing without any price drops. 

Yggdrasil’s ongoing price drops may appear as lower bet amounts, increased free spins, or even free entry to promotional tournaments. In all of these instances, it costs less or almost nothing to play, participate, or enter a Yggdrasil slot or event. 

Types of Yggdrasil Price Drops

Here are a few different ways you can grab the advantage of Yggdrasil’s cool price drops. 

Enjoy Lower Minimum Bets

Yggdrasil’s slot games are all in category of minimum betting amounts casinos. These minimum figures are the least amount of real money you should deposit if you wish to play the slot. Yggdrasil’s price drops may lower these betting amounts further so that it costs you less to play while standing a chance to win the same, attractive rewards. 

Additional Free Spins

Most slot games run on a limited number of free spin availability for every round or hand you play. With Yggdrasil’s price drops, even the number of available free spins may increase on every round. Additional free spins allow you to go for more rounds without betting additional money. In effect, this benefit saves you the betting money while still keeping you in the game for winnings. 

Increase in Bonus Rounds

All of Yggdrasil’s slot games feature special bonus rounds that offer multipliers to your bets or enhancements to your rewards. However, players struggling with losing streaks may often experience a drought of bonus crowds. Yggdrasil’s price drops may boost the frequency of bonus cards and symbols. So, you enjoy a higher chance of bouncing back even if you've had continuous losing spins in the last few rounds. 

Free Even Entry

Yggdrasil’s platforms include a lot of promotional tournaments and special events that bring additional excitement and the potential for greater winnings. However, most of these events require you to purchase in-game coins or tokens as a ticket to entry. Ongoing price drops offered by Yggdrasil include lower prices for these coins/tokens or even zero-cost entry in many events. These offerings allow you to participate at zero cost and take advantage of the bonus rewards or additional coins that serve as payouts when you win the event. 

Lower Prices for Credits and Coins

Besides event participation coins, the Yggdrasil platform also includes credits and coins you can buy to try out new games or special features. Normally, these credits are available as purchase packages that cost real money. However, price drops allow you to purchase as many credits as you desire at dirt-cheap prices leading to a more fun and wholesome gaming experience. 

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