The Spirit of Giving: Online Casino Tournaments for Christmas

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Holiday seasons allow casino operators to join in and celebrate with their players. We love browsing the choice of tournaments, so we look forward to the upcoming Christmas season. If you’re also into tournaments, you’ll be thrilled to find these Christmas special events!

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Christmas Tournaments’ Festive Appeal

Christmas casino tournaments bring the festivity right to your gambling table. It gathers players from all over the world in one friendly yet competitive event. The community spirit of the holiday season tournaments is always exciting.

Christmas Tournament Varieties

Casinos feature different tournaments for special holiday seasons, depending on the operator.

Tournament TypeDetails
Free RollFree Roll tournaments allow players to join without any entry fee. 
The most common Free Roll tournaments are for poker and slots. Due to its free entry, Free Roll events tend to be very popular.
Guaranteed TournamentsGuaranteed tournaments give joining players a promised prize regardless of the number of participants. Online casinos commonly allow many players to join the table simultaneously. The catch is that the fewer players on one table, the bigger your chance to win the prize. 
Sit ’N GoThe Sit ‘N Go tournament comes with a limited number of seats. As soon as the seats are filled, the game will start. The operator won’t choose an exact date on when the tournament will take place. The tournament proceeds as long as the minimum number of players is fulfilled. 
Scheduled TournamentsUnlike Sit ‘N Go tournaments, scheduled tournaments will announce an exact date on which they’ll occur. Players interested in joining must register beforehand. 
Slots Catering primarily to slot enthusiasts, slot tournaments allow players to compete with others. All joining players will then compete to get the highest position on a leaderboard by playing online slots before the tournament period is over. 
BlackjackPlayers aiming to join a blackjack tournament must pay the buy-in fee to enter. All participants obtain an equal number of starting chips and then play an assigned number of blackjack hands. At the end of the rounds, a winner will be chosen based on the amount of chips left. 
PokerMost poker tournaments are time-based and differ depending on the operator. Compared to the others, poker tends to be a marathon that requires a long playing session. Like the rest, the player with the highest credit at the end of the tournament wins. 
Roulette You’ll still play against the house in an online roulette tournament. However, you’ll be alongside other online players and compete with them to build the biggest pot. Depending on the type of tournament, there might be an entry fee.
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Attractive Prizes and Bonuses

Casinos’ seasonal tournament prizes differ from one to another, but commonly, this is what you usually get for winning. 

  • Cash prizes: As players mainly compete for the pot, they’ll win a share of the main prize. The amount of cash differs from tournament to tournament. The player’s final rank will also determine the amount they’ll win. 

Some contests might have a winner-takes-all system, so only the player with the highest rank takes the pot home. 

  • Complementary prizes: Some casinos have freebies for grabs, especially if they have or work with land-based establishments. We’ve seen free tickets to special events, hotel stays, and meals

  • Seasonal rewards: Casinos offer special casino bonuses as special holiday events only come occasionally. These rewards are related to the events, for example, a free ticket for another seasonal event. It’s essential to check the details of the tournament you’re looking to join. 

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Blackjack and Poker Christmas Championships

We noticed online casino tournaments during the holiday seasons don’t change much from the regular ones. If you’re wondering what the most noticeable difference is, it’s the festivity theme. You’ll also find other prizes that regular tournaments don’t offer. 

According to the professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, here’s what you must do in poker tournaments: 

  • Patience can be a blessing in the long run. The middle stage will be the actual start of the poker. Going too strong in the beginning could backfire. 

  • Understanding your hand's potential will help you make strategies. 

For blackjack, we’ve been taking some advice from Stanford Wong, the world renowned pro blackjack player

  • Play aggressively. Blackjack requires you to advance to the next round to win. Playing safe might snatch the chance of going forward. 

  • When you’re in the lead, take things safely. Don’t try to bet big, as you might lose your position. 

How to Participate in Christmas Casino Tournaments

If you’ve already found the casino offering Christmas casino tournaments you’d like to participate in, here’s what you can do

  1. Register an account.

  2. Make a deposit, as all online casinos won’t allow players to join tournaments if they haven’t made one. 

  3. Find the tournament page and read the tournament requirements. 

  4. If you and your account are eligible to participate, opt-in. 

  5. Wait until the tournament begins, and enjoy!

Safely Play Your Favourite Tournament

As Christmas nears, you’ll notice online casinos show changes in their decorations. If you’re unsure if you can participate in the Christmas tournament, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. 

These Christmas casino tournaments are among the most fun ways to enjoy the holiday. Although there aren’t many changes in the tournament procedures, we’ve found many unique offerings. Holiday special events are worth checking, so we recommend you try one yourself! 

Don’t worry too much, and believe in your elf this Christmas! Christmas is always a Claus for celebration, so aim for Santa’s biggest prize and play responsibly. 

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