Money Cart Series Hits Again with Money Cart 4 by Relax Gaming

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What is Money Cart 4?

Money Cart 4 is a leading slot title by Relax Gaming Casinos that is designed to serve those markets that prohibit the purchase of bonuses. 

The game appears suspiciously similar to other Relax Gaming titles like Money Train at first. But a closer inspection reveals the innovative format and slot style this game embodies.

The game features one of the highest volatility ratings compared to regular Relax Gaming slots. So, you can net winnings that amount to 15,000x the original bet. 

Money Cart 4 does not include traditional winning combinations like pay ways or lines. But it compensates heavily by relying on a grid that only holds bonus symbols. Landing three bonus cards will generate the bonus round, where players can indulge in exciting spins that promise high, matchless rewards. 

The RTP for Money Cart 4

One of the first things seasoned players check out in slots is the Return-to-Player (RTP) rates. It's a ratio (usually expressed in percentage) of estimated average payouts that the game offers about betting amounts placed in the game. 

Put simply, a higher RTP rating implies a higher chance of you winning back generous portions of the bet you placed. 

The original Money Cart boasted an RTP rate of about 98%, which made a ton of new players flock to the new title. However, Money Cart 4 features a toned-down RTP of 96%. But this lower RTP does not imply lower earnings because the game operates primarily on bonus cards. 

So, an RTP of 96% provides a considerable probability of winning back substantial rewards, especially when you hit the right bonuses. 

Free Spins, Triggers, and Bonuses

Money Cart 4 returned the fan-favorite free spin feature but with a higher frequency than before. So, users experiencing some bad luck have a higher chance of landing free slot spins for an added advantage. 

Money Cart 4's free spin frequency currently rests about once every ten spins. So, there's a 10% chance of winning additional free spins on every regular spin you make. 

Unique cards and features also add to the winnings and matches allowed in the game. The 'Sniper' card can generate twice the value of symbols appearing next to it. The 'Payer' bonus will expose a hidden symbol and include its value on every other card that appears on the grid. 

Unique features like 'Collector' lets you accumulate the values of all the visible cards on the reel and consolidate them on the 'Collector' card. 

All these special symbols and bonuses add to the allure and winning probability of Money Cart 4. 

Closing Note

Users who struggle with generating special features in games like Money Train will love the higher frequency of unique cards and bonuses in Money Cart 4. With 15,000x volatility and newly improved visuals, Money Cart 4 is a must-play for anyone who enjoys Relax Gaming's exciting slots. 

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